November 28, 2010

Kuragehime Ep6: Girl’s Night Out.

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The reaction they have to the cafe and the food probably shouldn’t surprise me if they’ve lived their entire lives shut in and isolated from the rest of the world.  They live a relatively simple life from what we’ve seen, and most of what they’re seeing and eating now is new to them.  It’s a whole new world so to speak, one I think they’re learning to appreciate.

Oh and it seems they’re also learning to appreciate “Kurako” and no just calling him meat.

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Amagami SS Ep21: The Fading Facade

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Yeah, the reason why I didn’t blog this last week was that I didn’t really approve of the ending.  Rihoko got the really short of the stick in her arc.  Even though such an ending was really expected given the entire approach of the arc itself, Rihoko got nowhere as close in 4 episodes that the other girls got in their first ones.  You gotta feel bad for her.

Well anyway time for the final arc and the final girl, Ayatsuji.

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November 27, 2010

Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ep8: Angles of the Dead

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You may have noticed that my posts for this series have been late as of recent.  It’s not because the series sucks and I’m only obligated to do it.  Far from it.  It’s because, sometimes, this show is too awesome for words, and screenshots are the only things that can justify it’s bizarre glory.  That and subs appear on Saturday mornings when I tend to be really busy, so yeah.

So again, pics only post.  You may notice that the first part is a complete ode to Dawn of the Dead.

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November 26, 2010

The World God Only Knows Flag 8: Dragon-Eating Cake

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Apparently I was mistaken last week thinking Shiori would start this week.  This week’s episode instead is the Cake episode, with alterations here and there, so it sort of counts as filler at least more so than the broken game episode that was episode 4.  Nothing really happened here for me much, it was actually my least favorite part of the manga so… well there’s really nothing to say about it since it really is just filler.

At least Keima’s mom is the MILF of 2010.

Yosuga no Sora Ep8: Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

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If you’re going to do it in the middle of your living room, I think it’s best to make absolutely sure that there’s no one else in the house who’s:

1.  A clingy sister who gets off while thinking about you.

2.  Completely fucking hates your girlfriend.

3.  Isn’t likely going to want to jump in and join the two of you.

Sadly these things didn’t pass through Haru’s horny manhood, which leads him to have his loins busted by Sora who promptly throws Nao out of the house.  While we didn’t see the conclusion of their carnal relations, we got some pretty good character development in the process.

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November 20, 2010

Kuragehime Ep5: A Self-fulfilling Prophecy

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Yes, looks mean a lot especially as a first impression.  As shallow as it sounds, it’s not surprising if some big shot corporate executive is going to listen more to to a fancy and stylish lady than to one who hasn’t looked like she’s bathed in weeks.  You still need to make your statement the very moment you meet.  It’s all about starting strong and ending strong, so looking like a hobo isn’t going to work no matter how brilliant your reasoning is.

It also helps to, you know, not freak the shit out when you haven’t even done or said anything yet.  The Amars went their to protest and… well you’ve seen just how smoothly their grievances were aired.

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Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ep7: Dildobot Transhome!

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I love transformers.  I love them to death.  I cried when Optimus Prime died in the G1 movie (ohs nose spoilarz!) and it was never the same since, not necessarily bad mind you.  When I heard that Panty and Stocking would be parodying the show, I knew it would either be completely awesome or completely horrible.  Nothing in between.

Thank god it was the former.  These shots are in no particular order because I’m too sleepy to do text posts right now lol.

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November 19, 2010

The World God Only Knows Flag 7: The Shining Star

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I think it’s too easy to just say that Kanon’s starved for attention.  She could be called selfish and histrionic, going bananas when people don’t look at her or don’t notice her, feeling like she’s sinking into the background.  There are many stars and idols who live for the spotlight, always wanting all eyes on them.  Kanon isn’t that much different, but for all different reasons.  Having lived in the shadow of her former group mates, she’s been struggling to find her time in the limelight amidst the pressures of life and her career.  She has to carry on by herself.

It’s actually pretty easy to get depressed.

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November 18, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep7: Young and Doing It

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In most countries there probably has something that’s the legal equivalent of a woman raping a guy.  Here in the Philippines AFAIK there’s no law stating that a woman can rape a man, and the law for an act like this without consent seems to be punished differently, so it might really be different depending on the country.  In Japan… well I can’t speak for it, considering for episode 7 it’s an underage girl mounting an underage boy of all things.  The shotacon description might be apt, but then again kids and teenagers seem to be doing it even younger these days.

Apparently there was consent in this episode.  Sort of.

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November 13, 2010

Kuragehime Ep4: These Things We Feel and The Things We Want

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Kuronosuke sure is a looker (as a male), and as a man it is something I am proud to admit.  Born rich into a powerful political clan with anything and everything at his disposal, sometimes there’s nothing more that one would want.  Even then, he’s cross-dressing on his off time, evading his family and poking into affairs he doesn’t really have to.  His altruism is a bit suspect because he seems to have his own agendas.

Then we have Tsukimi. Barely getting by as a otaku slob with her fellow escapees now being called the Amars, she is perfectly content with her life for reasons all her own.  Now we know her mother has died, yet she strives tolive on with a promise never to cry.  Jellyfish obviously has a deep connection with her mother both as a source of her joy and her sadness.

And yet as I had said before,their lives aren’t all that different at a first glance.

Clara states the obvious.

The episode confirms that her mother really has died, leaving a deep psychological and emotional trauma that has influenced her life ever since.  A promise of strength on the deathbed makes her want to live and breath strong, without crying or show any signs of weakness.  There is an irony in this for someone who wishes to be strong in memory of her mother, yet at the same time running away from the difficult things that face her.  She does not run from everything, but her desire to be passive and get away from them is evident.  There are still questions as to how her mother’s death has affected her self-esteem issues and her self-identity, but I can presume to believe it is rooted on her mother being her emotional backbone, the very person who helps maintain her identity as a person.  She was not ugly as a kid, but perhaps her mother was the one who kept her believing that she was a good and beautiful person, no matter what the world says.

With her mother having passed, she must have lost that emotional and mental backbone that kept her upright and believing.  With no one to help relieve the social pressures that diluted her world and self-image, she confines herself to her shell, only being okay to open up to others like her and no one else.  A classic defensive mechanism.

Clara did say it best:  her problem is that she over exaggerates any criticism, even the criticism she creates for herself.  This is one of the things that really puts her down, and one of the things that she must overcome to come out of her shell.

The jealous eye.

If the parallelisms between her and jellyfish hasn’t been clear before, it sure as hell is clear now.  They possess a pure aesthetic beauty that is marred and overrun by the idea that they are the stone faced killaz of the oceans.  There is truth to that as the neurotoxins of sea jellies like the Box Jelly is one of the most potent toxins on the planet, and with that fear and rejection dominates the persona people see of these delicately beautiful creatures.  As the princess of Jellies, Tsukimi has adopted the persona the public has of them, as those of feared and undesired entities no one wants nor cares about.  She has then fulfilled the vicious cycle of society’s dictated negative self-identity, a jellyfish who believes what the other creatures of the sea say about them.

You're in love, baby.

Seeing Kuranosuke be jealous was adorable and all, but you must ask “why now?” when he sees Shu hugging her.  It was only now that he probably realized he’s not just doing things for his own gain, as a challenge to his own beautification skills, but as he implied in the previous episode he sees a deeper quality within her that he cannot find in the shallow lives of others.  Perhaps the attraction implied previously, but only now does it come to the surface.  He finds some sort of beauty in the physical ugliness that Tsukimi automatically presents for her own reasons, as opposed to the physical beauty that others show which disgusts him.

I could therefore conclude that in reality, Kuranosuke searches for a beauty far beyond the one that people in his life showed.  These were the beautiful people who fought and dragged each other down to get to him, in the process bringing out the ugliness within them that completely overpowers whatever physical beauty they had in the first place.  This inner ugliness disgusts him, and so he wished to find if it is indeed possible for people to be beautiful inside and out.  For him, he thinks Tsukimi is this person.  Tsukimi’s obviously not like those other girls who giggle and drool over him and this is one of the things that probably caught his eye, as is the rest of the Amars.

This is the Prime Minister of Japan.

I wanted to ask myself why he’s doing this.  Clearly it’s not only because of the ugliness he’s seen within the hearts of others, but I think it’s also related to his own mother.  We haven’t seen too much of his own memories so far, but his mommy complex (not yet, and I hope never will be, Oedipal) is also at the root of his own motivations and desires.  He found his mother to be an ephemeral beauty, and I’m safe to assume not only physically but inside as well.  As he had come to live in the household ten years ago, thus indicating that he might really be a bastard child, his memories of his mother have become few and far between.  I surmise that his search for the complete beauty is also a search for his mother as well: a person who was beautiful both inside and out.

The world of emotional stress.

The possibilities of a love triangle are here, but I get the feeling that it’s going to be subtle and subdued compered to everything else,at least to the insanity of the Amars household.  I never would have guessed that this would be an romance, but since love tends to be at the center of most interpersonal conflicts it was only a matter of time I guess.

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