Twilight of the Golden Witch – Part V

Part V of the summaries for Twilight of the Golden Witch.  Here, the Battle for the Golden Land officially begins it would seem.

Golden Land
– Kanon and Shannon stand watch over the gate. The pirate goats are on the boat and Kanon is uneasy. He draws his blade but Shannon tells him to stand down.
– Some goats approach with Erika. She delivers an ultimatum for surrender. They allow her to enter the Golden Land garden where she is eyed by everyone. Everyone is either worried or angry. Beato introduces herself to Erika. Erika introduces herself as a representative of those who hold the MetaLibrary.
– Erika says they request that the game board Beato uses is to be turned over to them, saying they find it interesting. Erika says they plan to open it to the public, and everyone has the right to see the contents of her tale.
– Erika says they will attack and take it by force should they refuse. Beato asks if they are willing to destroy the game in the process. Erika says they intend to preserve the game board.
– Erika says this fight is one sided. The Golden Land defenders cannot win. She says if they surrender, they will be allowed to love and continue their parts as pieces for eternity. She gives them some time to think.
– After a while, Beato sighs, and says that the game really ended when her fight with Battler ended. All that has been happening recently are games being repeated by outside forces. She says they are all tired of the game. She laments how people have killed and died over and over in these games.
– Narrator says Beato is of course not revealing to Erika what their true intentions for the catbox, specifically for Ange, are. Erika says that they have forces numbering in the thousands outside ready to attack. Beato says that Lambda has a bunch of friends working with her.
– Beato tells Erika about Lambda’s questionable intentions and her supposed fanclub. This is of course to divert Erika’s attention from the fact that Lambda abd Battler have left already.
– In the garden, the people argue. Some are in favor of surrendering, others to continue resisting. They wonder whether Lambda is trustworthy and if Battler can succeed. The sisters make fun of Sakutaro for being a lion that’s afraid. Dlanor says the academy proof that Erika brought does guarantee that their surrender will be respected. Lion and Will of course do not deny the fact that they could still be executed. Maria starts being creepy again. Kinzo insists honor demands that they fight. He mocks Gohda for being afraid. Zepar and Furfur are still being a pair of idiots.
– Beato says that she personally wishes the fight would end so they can leave the board. Beati continues to act and deflect the subject at hand, perhaps stalling, and Erika is a bit confused. Beato continues to ramble on. Erika agrees she prefers to do this without a fight.
– Beato suggests they can give an answer when everyone is calmer, and when they can get Lambda’s opinion on the matter. She asks (?) that they pull the ships back. Erika agrees to give them time to decide for a later time, but says they don’t have a lot of time to do it.
– Beato draws a line on the sand while Erika decides to wait until they decide. She asks the siestas to bring Erika a chair and umbrella.
– Back the garden, Beato pats herself on the back for her acting and stalling. The members are still discussing among themselves what they intend to do.
– Erika explains to her goat attendants what she and Beato have discussed. She tells one of them to go back to the fleet and back to Bern to tell her what has happened, perhaps to create a new plan.
– Behind some bushes the Siestas are… hatching a plan. They request permission to assassinate the goat but Beato tells them to stand down. The goat passes Shannon and Kanon and gets back on board. The Siestas stand by to watch over Erika.
– Back at the garden everyone is still talking about their options. Beato to herself asks Battler not to worry, they will protect the Golden Land.

The Battle of the Golden Land

– Battler, Ange and Lambda arrive. Lambda tells them not to expect to win in a fight with Bern. She adds that as parts of the board it doesn’t matter if they get the key of the board is gone or they die. Ange says they did not come to fight.
– They talk a bit and Lambda notices someone coming. They hide. Bern’s cats are around. They joke how the cats may be looking for “lost children.” Ange tells them they need to be serious about this. Lambda asks if they really want a happy ending and the two say they will find the happiest one they can get.
– The three jump in the kakera sea that connects throughout the metalibrary. Around them Bern’s cast keep a lookout.

Golden Land
– At this point 100 ships surround the Golden Land with 100,000 goats ready to die for the opened catbox. Erika is having tea. Ronove offers her some more tea.

– Bern is pissed that Battler and Lambda are nowhere to be found. She cannot comprehend as to why Lambda may have chosen to help them. She demands a phone. She phones Lambda’s friends and cannot get a line through.
– Narrator presents the key in a domed room-like structure inside the metalibrary. It is being guarded by some cats. Eva-Beatrice is also there. She tells the cats they can go since she will guard the key. The cats are hesitant.
– Eva-Beatrice calls red webs and traps the cats. The cats come together to try and attack her but are crushed by the webs.

– The people in the hotel are getting anxious to see the opening of the diary.

– Featherine sits atop the hall watching the goats below discuss with themselves. A black cat appears and whispers into her ear.
– The three are still making their way to the key, hiding in the shadows as they go. They reach a bookcase for the letter K, assuming a clue to the key would be there. Ange weaves something around and seems to point towards a direction.

Golden Land
– Everyone’s having a rather heated discussion. Of course at this point they’re just acting in order to stall for time. Erika is still enjoying her tea and having a good chat with Ronove.
– Kyrie and Eva says everyone’s getting sort of tired with all the acting and in-fighting. She suggests that some people probably should actually get ready to fight. Gohda volunteers.
– Erika suddenly stands up. She says she is a detective and she can memorize what she sees and hears. She goes to the garden and talks to Gohda.
– She asks him about his intentions about wanting to fight and his statements about doing so. He is nervous. She says previously he was in the surrender camp but now he seems to have changed his mind. Genji says he has changed his opinion in this discussion. Erika says only Gohda has abruptly changed his opinion. She wants to know why he has suddenly decided to fight.
– She begins to question the validity of their discussion. Beato says they are serious. Erika asks if perhaps they are stalling for time, maybe to wait for Lambda’s reinforcements. She also asks why Lambda and Battler’s opinions aren’t thrown into the discussion, considering they are both absent.
– Everyone’s speechless. Erika candidly expresses her conclusion and sits down. The jig is up.
– IN UNISON, THE SEVEN SISTERS AND THE SIESTAS OBLITERATE ERIKA AND THE CHAIR SHE’S SITTING ON. In reality, it is a something like an afterimage or a doppleganger. Erika appears behind the chair. She summons her blue scythe and clears the area around her. She demands an answer. Beato says their decision should be obvious by now.
– Erika orders the fleet to prepare for attack. Erika and Beato face off.

– Bern finishes speaking and puts down the phone, learning that none of Lambda’s friends have seen her today. She is puzzled. She has started to suspect Lambda. She learns that neither Lambda no Battler is in the Golden Land. She goes trollface, throws the phone away and snaps. She recalls all her cats and rages. She has realized what is happening. She orders her cats to hunt down Lambda inside the MetaLibrary. The cats squee and go off.
– Battler and Ange realize that a big green light is coming their way. They hide. Beyond their location lies the room where the key is but cats are coming their way. The cats spread around to look for intruders. Battler peeks out and says maybe they need to make a go for it. Lambda pulls him back and asks if he’s serious. Battler says they may not have a choice.
– Lambda says they will be trapped behind and in front if they go now. Ange believes the Eva-Beatrice led them here. She thinsk that Eva-Beatrice might be clearing the dome of cats instead. Battler agrees. Lambda says even if they get the key, their exist will be blocked. Battler says they will use the key to negotiate if need be.
– Lambda says it would be a miracle for them to get out. Battler says they will work the miracle.
– Lambda says they have only one hour to get the key out or it and they will be sealed. It’s a close call even with Eva-Beatrice’s help. They say as long as the chances aren’t 0%, they will try with all their might.
– They play rock paper scissor on who will delay Bern. Battler is chosen. Ange refuses and insists she should be the one to stay behind. Lambda tells them to stop wasting time. They still discuss who will delay Bern, so that Lambda can transport the other with the key. They play it again. In this game, Lambda is chosen (though you would suspect she intentionally did this). Battler says they can’t get back if Lambda stays behind.
– Lambda puts together power in a kakera and gives it to them. This kakera will allow them a one-way shift to the Golden Land. She tells them to go ahead if she doesn’t get back when the one hour time limit is up. She laments not being able to see this to the end. She tells them to go ahead and get their happy ending.
– Before they can react, she flicks her finger and disguises both of them as candy. Lambda reveals herself to the cats and is engulfed by green light. She smiles at her attackers who bear their fangs at her and attack her.

LambdaDelta vs. Bernkastel
– Flashes of different colors arise when Bern arrives at the scene. Candies explode everywhere. The candy explodes into bullet-like projectiles and attack the cats, ripping them apart. Bern evades. Lambda and Bern stand face to face.
– Bern calls her an old friend, but would relish in tearing Lambda apart. She orders the cats to attack. The cats combine into one and try to devour Lambda. The two sweet talk each other as they fight.
– Lambda fires off multiple shots as the cats engulf her. The shots explode and collapse into the giant cat forming a singularity, black hole type thing in the palm of Lambda’s hand. The cats are crushed into nothing. Bern stands alone.
– Bern freaks at Lambda and screams. The giant comet the fireworks eject gathers up Bern and stuffs itself into the black hole, swallowing her.
– The fight seems to end. The black hole condenses into candy. She apologizes to Bern as she picks up the candy to eat.
– A voice comes telling her that Bern doesn’t taste well. Behind Lambda stands Bern who managed to evade the black hole. They, uh, declare their love and friendship again. They exclaim how happy they are. Both go trollface and giggle and lunge at each other.

Golden Land Battle
– The fleet breaks through the barrier. The goats surge into the gate and around the Golden Land perimeter. Erika orders a full scale assault. The adults grab their guns, the metacharacters arm their blades. Beato leads the defense. The witches and servants unleash their powers.

– Wave after wave of goats continue to assault despite the ones that get cut down, trampling the fallen underneath. Erika taunts them saying that their sandcastle will be brought down by the torrent of truth. In reaction, Beato summons up giant gun towers, raining shrapnel on the goats.
– Virgilia unleashes Smothered Mate from the top of the tower, spearing down more goats. The adults likewise stand their ground, gunning down hapless goats as Kinzo relishes in the underdog battle.
– Erika scythes up and cuts down one of the giant towers. She says her scythe of truths will cut down anything magic they deem to use. She jumps into the air and disappears, the Siestas unable to detect her on radar. The Siestas fire of their gold beams to try and shoot her down.
– Erika continues to evade and in the lull, cuts down the other tower. With the towers down the goats continue their assault. She says she will have all their heads hung on spears (reference to olden times when the victors would behead their enemies and mount them on sticks as a warning to others).

– Battler and Ange arrive at the dome where Eva-Beatrice has just cleaned it out. Five minutes more or less have passed since Eva started clearing and the seal countdown started. Behind them they see flashes of the fight between Bern and Lambda. Battler tells Ange to go back when they get the ley. He will go help Lambda. Ange refuses. He says he might be the power to tip the balance in that fight, no matter how little power he may have.
– He says she must deliver the key to the Golden Land and return. He says this is not longer her world nor her fight. She remembers her decision to live and never look back.
– Battler says when she gets there, Beato will show her two doors to choose from of where she makes her final decision about the truth of Rokkenjima. Each door leads to two different possible futures. When she exist through the doors, the door to the catbox with them inside will be closed forever. They will be victorious when she finally leaves.
– He intends to go help Lambda. Ange decides to accept that they will win. He tells her to believe in them because they believe in her.
– Just then a large explosion rocks the area. The fight isn’t progressing well and it’s only a matter of time before Bern realizes what is really happening. There is one last circle to the seal.

LambdaDelta vs. Bernkastel
– Bern has apparently defeated Lambda. She orders the cats to start collecting the remains. Bern eats a last cookie fragment saying Lambda will be one with her.
– However upon ingesting the cookie fireworks and candy explode from Bern’s mouth and stomach. She starts vomiting excessively. Lambda appears from the fragment. The fireworks obliterate through Bern’s body. Bern is furious as she vomits in pain. She is still alive anyway. They mock each other lovingly and still go at it. They clash again. Scene change.

Kinzo and Krauss vs. Erika
– More goats rampage through. The sisters and the Inquisitors (Will, Dlanor and crew) cut down wave upon wave of goats. The witches are pouring all their power into gutting goats. The humans gold their ground and fire away. Erika is irate at the pace of the battle. Erika confronts Kinzo. She says the old man should be dead before 1986.
– ERIKA DRIVES HER SCYTHE INTO KINZO. In spite of this, Kinzo maintains his grin. Kinzo declares himself immortal. KINZO LANDS WHITE PUNCHES INTO ERIKA’S GUT. Cue epic Kinzo laughter. Kinzo goes down.
– Krauss says he will step in for Kinzo. Erika calls him a money waster. Krauss says Erika’s shoelaces are undone. She looks down. KRAUSS LANDS A PUNCH INTO ERIKA’S JAW. Krauss says he may not be much of a businessman, but his fists have not forgotten his stint as a college boxer. Erika snaps and tries to escape.

Jessica and Kanon vs. Goat Wave
– The goats say Kanon is nothing but a fantasy of Jessica. Jessica of course does not take this suggestion lightly and remembers her time with Kanon in the festival and on Rokkenjima where they bonded, etc. Because she is badass, Jessica’s eyes go gray and starts opening cans of whoopass. Kanon arrives to assist just in time.
– Jessica and Kanon go back to back (at least that’s how it should be goddammit) and start their melee. He complements her on her technique and her resilience. She blushes mildly and says they need to do this. He unleashes his red blade. GOAT MASSACRE ENSUES.

George and Shannon vs. Goat Wave
– Goats declare Shannon a fantasy of an introverted George. The goat lands a punch into George’s face. Because he is badass, he is unfazed. He reacts calmly to their taunts. The goat who punched feels pain like punching a wall. The goat begins to get afraid. George says he was that kind of man before, but for Shannon’s sake he has changed. He grabs the goat’s arm and starts crushing it.
– Because one must never insult someone else’s woman, George decides to show the goats how timid he really is. FISTS AND KICKS RAIN DOWN ON GOATS.
– A goat tries to grab Shannon but his hand melts instantly. She says her love for him is pure, and she will defend their love to the end. The goat begins to melt at her words. She unleashes a barrier and the goats obliterate themselves. (I also suspect they are back to back, because that’s how it should be goddammit.)

Maria and Rosa vs. Erika
– Maria says her magic will destroy the goats who interfere with her happiness. Rosa jumps down to defend her daughter. Despite their troubled relationship, they say they do love each other.
– Erika says the two of them are always fighting. Maria says she should not doubt her. Creepy Maria laugh. Erika declares that Rosa does not love Maria.
– Erika suddenly finds herself struck down to the ground. She finds a gun barrel in her mouth. A SHOT IS FIRED OBLITERATING HER HEAD. That is of course only an dopple.
– She evades but sees a really pissed off Rosa tailing her. ROSA DRIVES HER FOUNTAIN PEN INTO ERIKA’S EYE. Again a dopple. Erika barely escapes this time. Epic Rosa handily caps all of Erika’s images. Erika escapes outside Rosa’s attack range. Erika is stunned at this turn of events. Rosa fires more shots and Erika evades. Erika is in shock and disbelief at the maddening power the Ushiromiya’s are displaying.

Kyrie AND Rudolph vs. Erika
– While evading Rosa Erika barely dodges a (pair of?) shot that nearly grazes her. KYRIE AND RUDOLPH FIND IT MILDLY REGRETTABLE THAT THEY MISSED. Rudolph says too bad. Erika is starting to get cornered. Erika evades more shots and tries to get out of everyone’s effective gun range.

Dlanor vs. Erika (oh the irony)
– As she barely escapes from the humans, she barely blocks a red sword attack. A SILENT DLANOR APPROACHES. Erka mocks Dlanor. Dlanor calmly tells her that she is a wocked person who finds delight in destroying the hearts and minds of people. Dlanor begins to glow and Erika feels the killing intent from one who was once her “friend”.Dlanor  says she will free Erika from this world as her friend.
– DLANOR TROLLFACE. She slashes at Erika like a berserker. She can barely block let alone dodge. Dlanor says she wants Erika to rest in peace. She slashes a big one at Erika who promptly disappears.
– Erika appears back at her ships, irate, drops her scythe and orders the ships to fire their cannons. Erika raeg. Hundreds of shots launch at the Golden Land.

Golden Land Battle
– The shots plow through the land as well as the goats. The maze, the hedges, the summer villa and the gardens are in flames. The goats caught in the crossfire can only wail in pain. She orders the goats to weigh anchor on the Golden Land to rip it apart. A figure however lands on the ship.

Beatrice vs. Erika
– Beato arrives on board the flagship. Beato summons magic from her pipe to form a Nagatsurugi (Which I assume is a Tsurugi, a Japanese broadsword). Erika summons back her scythe and declares this to be the end of their battle.
– She transforms her scythe into a sword as well (yes we have a swordfight). EPIC SWORDFIGHT BEGINS. While they duke it out the ships drop anchor and start ripping through the Golden Land. Beato says she is honored to finally face Erika. The Golden Land burns in the background as the two clash.
– A rift appears in the land as the ships pull it apart. The land starts to fall into the fissure. Erika calls it a fitting background to a final duel. Beato says that the fact that they are here cannot be erased, and that Ange has arrived to take control of the future. She says that in the end, with Ange, they have succeeded.
– Swords clash. The fissure widens and the goats are sucked inside. The defenders hang on with all their might. In the end the entire land is getting sucked in. The defenders are overwhelmed. Beato says they are the true lords of the Golden Land and she will prove it with her blade. The two cross swords one more time.

The Last Stand of LambdaDelta
– Battler struggles to open the last seal on the key. Lambda and Bern are still duking it out behind them. Ange notices someone approach them. They wonder if the cats are here.
– Featherine arrives to Lambda and Bern’s battle. She asks Bern if the seals for the key are prepared. Lambda is nervous and bows to Featherine. Featherine asks her if she is lost in the hall to the party. Lambda stands down and accepts her offer. Narrator explains the sheer amount of power Featherine possesses.
– Featherine asks Bern to go get the key. Lambda does not oppose. Bern says the fight is over, too bad for Lambda. If she were to attack Bern, Featherine would be forced to retaliate too.
– Bern demands to know where Battler is. Lambda is silent. Battler and Ange now know that Bern is coming. Lambda blasts candy in front of Bern. Battler and Ange are shocked that Lambda would defy Featherine.
– Lambda asks Battler and Ange to hurry and finish, knowing that she will not win in this fight. Featherine summons a metric fuckton of magic circles around Lambda. She is surprised. Bern says perhaps Lambda is trying to stop her from getting the key.
– Lambda almost jokingly says she doesn’t know, perhaps because she’s drunk. Featherine says by attacking Bern, she also attacks her. Lambda accepts this. Featherine questions her motives, to which she says that she believes in those looking for a happy ending. As the Witch of Certainty she says such a possibility is there. Featherine asks how she can be content to watch the play continue in the way she thinks is possible.
– Lambda insists that Battler’s version is a hundred times more interesting. She says she is the supporting actress in this story, and Featherine/Bern is ranked lowest.
– Featherine finds her insistence on this kind of screenplay interesting. Bern calls Lambda a fool. Lambda intends to fight as Featherine says she will not let her get in their way.
– Lambda begins to summon a ton of energy around her. Featherine uses a time stop spell. She rejects this screenplay. She summons down the script of this scene and looks at the part where Lambda summons energy. She rewrites the entire scene. She puts a part where Lambda gets nailed on a bookshelf, her limbs get torn apart, she gets launched into the darkness and disappears. She apologizes for writing such a death scene and says she will fix it in the future.
– Time restarts. Lambda gets nailed on a bookshelf and is shocked. Lambda begins to bleed from her mouth and wounds. She asks her why she won’t just kill her outright.

– Featherine laughs. Ange, peeking at them, is horrified. Battler cannot believe it and tells Ange not to look. They both mourn Lambda’s death. At the same time, however, the final seal of the key disintegrates. He tries to reach for it but Bern appears and blocks him.
– Bern says she had realized partly what their plan was, even then Lambda did give them a bit of a problem. Bern laughter/
– Bern holds her cheek and feels the hit. She is bewildered. Another blow comes for her but she dodges.
– After evading she starts to feel the pain. She hasn’t felt that pain in a long time. Bern begins to rage as Battler finally reveals himself. He asks him if it is painful. BATTLER SAYS HER PAIN IS NOTHING TO THE PAIN OF HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY.
– Battler’s eyes change. He begins to attack Bern rapidly with punches. Bern evades all his punches but he relentlessly attacks anyway. In one move Battler swings his leg around. BATTLER LANDS A KICK ON BERN’S STOMACH.
– Bern gets launched to the side. The first punch was considered a miracle, but now that he has hit her again it isn’t miracle anymore. She tries to get up but vomits. Bern rages and demands that Featherine do something.
– Featherine apologizes because she was writing Lambda’s death scene. She starts writing magic seals to help Bern, who says it is time for the protagonist to fall. She says he will now become food for the cats.
– BATTLER LAUNCHES A MYRIAD OF BLOWS AND OBLITERATES ALL THE CATS THAT ATTACK HIM. Ange is awed. Bern is pissed off completely. She says her cats are useless. Featherine says he seems to be channeling the powers of the 9 endless demons.
– The cats now know that he is the protagonist. Featherine admits that Battler possesses a freedom to write and weave the story as the protagonist of the tale. Bern calls her master useless. Featherine says she accepts his position and allows the him to be the GM. Battler officially challenges Bern.
– Bern asks for a partner. Ange will be Battler’s partner. He however refuses. Featherine says that should Battler defeat Bern, she will restore the Golden Land and its inhabitants.
– On that moment Erika however arrives saying she has bad news. Erika says she has destroyed the Golden Land and everyone in it. Ange calls it a lie. Battler is speechless. Ange says that this iks a trick, since there is no proof that this is true.
– Erika presents Bern the golden heart of Beato, of which they break it with a red scythe.
– Bern and Erika says this is the truth that cannot be denied. Battler asks Ange to endure. Battler says Ange now has the choice to face this truth and find a way to live on. Inside of her, a part of Ange still wishes that perhaps there is a miracle in this tragedy. A part of her wants to live on yet still hang on to the hope that someone survived.
– Bern says that even Battler who is trying to console her is dead. As Ange weeps, Battler reminds her who she is. He looks at Bern. He says that they aren’t witches but gods of death. As a scythe wielder, Bern seems to agree. He remembers how Bern has tried to push Ange into the edge in the past.
– He declares that Ange will not be bound to them in the past. She calls Ange a oitiful human for walking towards the future backwards, staring back at the past. Their battle is going to begin.

Battler and Ange vs. Bernkastel
– Bern unleashes a beam of blue that contains all the sealed rooms Bern has known since her earliest days. The beams of blue attack Battler in unison. He jumps into the air and begins slicing down the blue beams with his red blade.
– He is faced with nearly impossible odds. Ange says this fight is impossible. He says he is destined to fight.
– Bern is ecstatic. She compliments his skill and summons even more beams, likened to a seven headed dragon. Bern says the amount of experience between them is a huge gap given his age and her years and years of life.
– Ange pleads for him to escape. Battler is calm as he fights off the beams. He tells her that if she can believe in the miracle that family may have survived, she should believe in him the same way. Erika tells Ange that the red truth had declared victory, and she should accept it. No one is coming to help them.
– Battler tells her to remember her heart when she was just 6 years old. He reminds her of the reason he brought her to this game. He reminds her of the wish she made, her wish of seeing her family alive again.
– A sudden blue beam appears towards Battler. THE BLUE BEAM SPEARS THROUGH BATTLER’S BODY. The light of Battler’s eyes begins to disappear as he slumps into the ground. BATTLER IS KILLED.

Everyone vs. Bernkastel (Fuck you Bern!)
– The blue beam exits his body and begins to surround Ange. Ange is on her knees beside her brother’s body. Bern calls checkmate.
– Ange begins to remember her wish. Of how she let go of that wish and just wanted the truth. She remembers the despair she felt. She remembers the words of how, with the power of the heart inside, you can work for your hope. Her hope that someone, perhaps Battler, might have survived.
– Power surges through Ange’s hands. Battler begins to cough. Bern is shocked. Battler slowly gets back up. BATTLER LIVES AGAIN. Ange however remains seated and looking down at the ground where Battler lay.
– Bern declares in red that Battler is dead. Ange silently says Battler is alive. Bern says that the red truth declares Battler dead. Bern insists this is impossible.
– Ange and Battler say that by sheer force of will and hope in the miracle, Battler remains alive (that and in reality, Battler WAS saved and kept alive by Hachijou, so yes he really is alive beyond 1986).
– Bern rages. Battler says that the miracle happens because people believed in it. In red she screams that such an existence (the miracle) is impossible. She launches attacks at Battler and Ange.
– BEATO APPEARS AND STABS THE BLUE CREATURE. Battler and Beato are back to back (at least that’s how it should be goddammit). Bern can hardly believe it. In red she says that she (Beato) has been declared dead. Ange mocks her red truth, to which Bern says in red that the red truth is absolute. The red truth cannot be overturned by anyone.
– Ange says that even if Bern declares the red to be true everywhere, as long as she does not believe her, the red will never be absolute for her.
– IN ONE WORD, ALL THE CHARACTERS SIMULTANEOUSLY ARRIVE IN THE METALIBRARY KEY ROOM. Family, metacharacters, servants etc. Everyone surrounds Bern. Ange says as long as her hope in their lives exist, they will always be alive.
– Erika says Ange should be a powerless witch who is tied to the past. Ange declares herself the witch successor. Maria congratulates her.
– Bern refuses to accept this. Ange says they will live on no matter how many times Bern kills them with the red. THAT, Ange says, is her power.
– Everyone begins to glow a bright gold that centers on Ange forming a huge eagle. Battler says the eagle of the Ushiromiyas will never fall.
– The eagle begins to attack. Bern desperately runs and tries to evade while hurling red blades at the defenders.
– The red blades, as follows: Ushiromiya Jessica is dead. Ushiromiya Krauss is dead. Ushiromiya Natsuhi is dead. Nothing. Ange’s golden barrier protects everyone. Bern cannot understand how the golden truth could override the red truth.
– Ange says the golden truth is the power of the heart. It allows you to transcend the red and blue truths. Battler calls checkmate. Bern refuses to submit.
– Finally cornered, the golden eagle swallows Bern as it rises up through the roof, destroying it, and comes crashing down. A black cat is thrown to the floor. Erika runs up to the corpse of her master. Bern is barely breathing. Ange thanks Beato for her help but teases her, who promptly disappears to Battler’s side and they poke fun at each other.
– Sakutaro and Mammon gather around Ange to congratulate her. Everyone comes to her and they celebrate.
– Featherine descends from her perch and congratulates their victory. She will give her her blessing. She thanks her for not killing Bern, sayinh she’d be bored without her cat. Ange says she cannot forgive her for killing Lambda. Featherine says that why not use her power to revive Lambda. Beato says Lambda should have been revived somewhere else.
– Featherine says she already brought her back. To Battler, she says he should prepare the final ceremony of the game. She says she will concede to them.
– The room goes solemn. Battler takes the key and gives it to Ange. As she takes the key, two large doors appear. She asks if there’s a hint to which door she must take. Battler says the hint was already given before. She should just choose on what she thinks is right. She says she is happy she can finally move on in this way.
– Battler tells her to choose carefully. Featherine says this will be Ange’s triumphant return to the future where she belongs. Beato gives Ange something with her left hand (the text for the left hand is colored purple…). She tells Ange to look carefully. She extends her index finger from her hand on Ange’s hand and points at the sky. Beato waves her hand around in different directions.
– Ange cannot follow her motions. Beato stops, and eventually she opens her closed right hand (the text for right hand is also in purple). Inside, she drops a candy for Ange.
– Battler asks Ange to choose now: Is this a trick, or is it magic? Ange says she now knows.
– Ange, for her future, must now choose.

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    Oh my gosh! Erika — epic. I wonder where her cloning abilities came from. I’m loving this Meta-World Battle and Lambda vs. Bern! I want to see screenies ;-; (not that I’m asking!).

    Thank you soo much for these summaries btw. I’m loving them a lot! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Sadly, once the ending is done, my life is over (end of Umineko). D:

  2. Asuka said,

    Many thanks for all those summaries!

  3. Jake said,

    Because I was bored, I decided to translate the choice screen.

    The Witch shows her empty left hand.
    That grip, facing the opposite way, HOI HOI HOI (?)
    And then, her right fist opens, there is a candy.
    Now, is this magic? A trick?

    I have no idea what HOI HOI HOI means though.

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