November 19, 2010

The World God Only Knows Flag 7: The Shining Star

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I think it’s too easy to just say that Kanon’s starved for attention.  She could be called selfish and histrionic, going bananas when people don’t look at her or don’t notice her, feeling like she’s sinking into the background.  There are many stars and idols who live for the spotlight, always wanting all eyes on them.  Kanon isn’t that much different, but for all different reasons.  Having lived in the shadow of her former group mates, she’s been struggling to find her time in the limelight amidst the pressures of life and her career.  She has to carry on by herself.

It’s actually pretty easy to get depressed.

Carrying on.

In those days when she was part of Citron, Kanon’s always been dreaming of being in the spotlight with her friends.  She’s always wanted to be noticed, to be seen and to be known by people.  She wanted to stop being invisible and unnoticed.  To this day, even after the group flopped she tried her best to make it to the grand stage, to make it where she and her friends could not before.  Being there validated her existence and her entire life.  She wouldn’t be complete if she wasn’t there, singing her heart out to all her fans.

And yet for all her dreaming and wanting, she’s still holding herself back.

A distinct lack of focus.

People have assigned yandere tendencies to Kanon but personally, the anime and the manga did make it clear that such mental states and powers aren’t as exaggerated as they originally were.  The spirits inside them amplify the feelings they had in the first place,manifesting as weird phenomena and exaggerated emotions.  Her violent and psychotic tendencies are fueled by her desire to finally feel noticed and accepted.  It’s good to say that she isn’t intrinsically crazy, but her fears mixed with her desire to succeed is making things crazy for just about everybody.

God at work.

As Keima pointed out, Kanon’s relative humility also puts her down at the same time.  She thinks she’s not good enough due to all those years of being put down and unrecognized by her peers during her youth.  She wants to succeed but fears the success is not enough to get her through.  It’s a natural reaction to those who had to live their lives under the shadow of someone else, always feeling the need to prove themselves as the only way to gain the acceptance of others.  Kanon pushes herself more and more, yet at the same time pushing herself down with it.  This way, success will never be enough.  She would never feel validation for all her work.

Keima said that all she needed to do was look out, to her fans, to realize just what she had accomplished.  Her self-deprecating personality also blinded her to the truth, the truth that she has succeeded in ways no one would have ever dreamed of, perhaps even herself.  To the auditorium filled with people she can hear their chants as the die hard fans want to see their idol.  With Keima she had finally realized that she had actually already reached the dream she had always wanted.

And thus the hole in her heart had healed.

Her fanclub would kill him if they saw this.

While I never really liked Kanon that much in the manga, she really grew on me in the anime because they decided to go above and beyond to give her a back story and more personality.  Rather than a being s simple capture target for Keima, her story felt more personal and intertwined with Keima’s life and daily activities.  Sure enough he was something of an emotional crutch for her to lean on, but at the same time we get to really see why, and just how much she’s changed not just from a short series of gestures, but a rather complete and wholehearted attempt from Keima to capture her.

My apathy with her VA disappeared with this episode.  She did a very good job as the arc progressed, as did Keima’s in maintaining God’s calculating control over himself and the situation.  Despite the frantic episode and the panic that would have ensued should he have failed, Shimono really brought out just how masterful Keima is with anything that requires his special skills.

The star finally shines.

With stardom in the bag, it’s time to shift towards quieter and more simple captures.  Unless we have an in-between episode, next week will be Hanazawa Kana as the bookish and quiet Shiori.


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