November 26, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep8: Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

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If you’re going to do it in the middle of your living room, I think it’s best to make absolutely sure that there’s no one else in the house who’s:

1.  A clingy sister who gets off while thinking about you.

2.  Completely fucking hates your girlfriend.

3.  Isn’t likely going to want to jump in and join the two of you.

Sadly these things didn’t pass through Haru’s horny manhood, which leads him to have his loins busted by Sora who promptly throws Nao out of the house.  While we didn’t see the conclusion of their carnal relations, we got some pretty good character development in the process.

He's slow.

Haruka and Nao’s relationship slowly progresses as they reconnect their broken past friendship.  It seems now that Nao’s past guilt of effectively becoming a statutory rapist has been put aside and forgiven, allowing her to not only move on with her life but continue it with Haru by her side.  Fear and guilt are a very big things to carry with you, and it seems that these are crosses she no longer has to carry with her.  She can return to her happy past disposition that she had nearly lost after thinking she had just used Haru as her escapist toy.

She stands to lose the last person she still cares for.

It’s pretty easy to just go ahead and blame Sora for being a selfish, jealous and ultra possessive sister, but we still have to see her in relationship to her experiences and feelings.  For one, we can’t deny that Nao still did use her Haru for own ends to escape the pain she feels with her parents fighting all the time, so Sora has every right to be angry at her for what she deemed as Nao simply using her brother as some sex toy for her own pleasure.  Sora might be mistaken since Haru did admit that it was consensual on his part, but all Sora really knows is that Nao forced herself on her brother, and from here erupts her own possessive feelings about Haru.

We also have to consider just how Sora’s personality and overall belief system has progressed after their parents death.  Her possessiveness stems from her own fear of losing the ones she loved, one being her parents and now that of Haru.  There is some legitimacy to her fear that Nao is planning to take Haru away, the last living person she’s loved and cared for the last few years, but this is because of how extreme her cognitive framework has been structured post-trauma.  She probably has issues similar to PTSD, and we really need to understand that simply calling it as we see it and telling her to suck it up and deal with it is totally unfair.

As for Nao… I think she’s suffered enough.  While leaving the house half naked after being thrown out and learning that Sora saw them, she’s still suffering for her guilt.  Again even if was technically consensual, she still took advantage of him, and now that she knows how Sora feels about this the guilt still gnaws at her soul.

But since Haru has pretty much forgiven her, it is time that she forgave herself.  Perhaps this is also tied into Sora also forgiving her since they were friends back then, Nao really can’t move on with her life until she forgives herself as well.  Maybe she can after Sora does, and Ryouhei does emphasize just how much of a personality change she went through after that summer years ago.

She’s suffered enough IMO.

You must learn to forgive yourself.

This arc has been considered something of a spring board for Sora’s arc.  It might seem appropriate because it sheds a lot more light as to the core of Sora’s relative jealousy and possessiveness that we haven’t really seen in previous arcs.  The only problem is that I really wouldn’t want that story to start on too much of a sour note.  For all the characterization the episode achieved, it still paints Sora as a highly problematic and slightly messed up person psychologically.  I can understand why, but it opens up with the main heroine being a very troubled person that can garner a lot of easy hate.  While a core arc with a very important and central problem might be good, it might not bode well for the show to use a basis where it’s easy to throw around hate for the character.

So much bounciness around and he wants the pettanko?

Next week is the Nao arc finale, which signals the start of the core arc, the arc that will of course spark the controversies of its taboo content.


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