November 18, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep7: Young and Doing It

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In most countries there probably has something that’s the legal equivalent of a woman raping a guy.  Here in the Philippines AFAIK there’s no law stating that a woman can rape a man, and the law for an act like this without consent seems to be punished differently, so it might really be different depending on the country.  In Japan… well I can’t speak for it, considering for episode 7 it’s an underage girl mounting an underage boy of all things.  The shotacon description might be apt, but then again kids and teenagers seem to be doing it even younger these days.

Apparently there was consent in this episode.  Sort of.

Pettanko always wins.

The branch point for this arc seems to be “that” scene of the first true troll.  This time we actually get to see what happened then, that she was really just asking Haru to measure her so she can get her new uniform to attend school.  Really now was there any other way to see this scene other than the truth? [/sarcasm]

The resident big chested girl is the center of Haru’s attention this arc, with a past and a lingering guilt that felt a bit more urgent and a bit more personal than the conflicts of previous arcs.  Sex as a tool of pleasure to rid oneself of pain is portrayed a lot on TV, only it’s a bit more surprising in this show because these two are probably barely in their teens, if they ever were.  Nao looked pretty big for her age, and no I’m not talking about her height, so I may peg her at around 13 or 14 at the most, and that’s stretching it right there.  That would mean that Haru was… 12?  Dear god there really might be a time when we’ll need to put condoms in the lunch boxes of our children when they enter grade school.

He was probably to young to understand.

I was initially under the impression that this guilt that Nao feels, of pretty much downright raping Haru when they were but kids, would be the central conflict of the story.  If it were, it would have made for a very compelling and personal center to the story.  Even if Haru did forgive and like what she did to him, it still doesn’t erase the fact that she used him to escape the pain she felt seeing her parents argue that day.  While Haru eventually admitted after all these years that he was consenting to the entire thing, she still wanted to have her way with him, and such a guilt usually doesn;t go away overnight.

I guess I was wrong, but based on Sora’s typing at the end, the problem might be closer to home than we had thought.


Sora knows more than she’s willing to say.  As the ED shows, she probably saw the entire thing unfold between Haru and Nao, thus the reason why she grew to really dislike her.  I must say though that as to my understanding, the ending scene of her typing over and over the same set of words about Nao doesn’t exactly say “hate” but more of “annoyed at” or “irritating”.  Hate may be too strong a word to describe what she thinks of her, but her annoyance and irritation of Nao is pretty clear as day.  It’s the repeated typing that’s kind of disturbing really, and as much as I hate to think of it, I personally would like the show to steer away any violent and chaotic resolutions to such problems.  Maybe that’s just her way of expressing herself, even if it’s creepy.  I think we can give her the benefit of the doubt.

One show concluding itself with eviscerated peritoneums and decapitations is more than enough.


I think my favorite scene of the episode might be when Sora decided to sew her buttons instead.  Looking at it, she actually removed all the buttons herself that Nao sewed on for them, since Haru went through all the trouble of getting Nao’shelp since neither of them could probably sew to save their lives.  She pricked her fingers doing it, but she wanted to learn how to sew so she could do the sewing for them herself.  Perhaps she really wanted to be useful and not have to rely on Haru for everything.  Perhaps she wanted to show him that she is able to not only care for herself but also for Haru too.  For both of them.

It could be seen as her attempt to be more matured, capable and self-sufficient so Haru would see her in a better light, rather than simply a needy sister.

She must really dislike her a LOT.

The central issue of the arc seems to have shifted away from Nao’s guilt, now forgiven, to the strained relationship between her and Sora.  The ED and OP also hinted that they may have also been friends before, but Sora’s witnessing of the event has changed that completely.


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  1. Wilfriback said,

    “It could be seen as her attempt to be more matured, capable and self-sufficient so Haru would see her in a better light, rather than simply a needy sister.”
    Haru helps when she shows to be in a need, when she doesn’t he treats her as normal sister. That point is true if you look at the previous arcs.

    The main issue which contradicts her attempts to be “more mature” fails because she is trying to show it to Haru, thus getting his attention. Haru never complains she isn’t self-suficient or sort of.

    About Nao, her texts says “Hate” while you describe as “irritated at”, my opinion is that she is just with “envy” because Nao stole his brother’s “purezza” and probably thinks he has a trauma or complex which affects their life.

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