Twilight of the Golden Witch – Part III

This is part 3 of the summaries.  Here will detail Ange’s battle for survival and the epic awesomeness of the people who have come to help.

The Battle for Survival

– Ange is screaming and running to the guesthouse looking for her brother.  Since she hasn’t seen their bodies, she thinks they’re still alive.  She runs into the rain looking for them.
– She hears who she thinks is Battler beyond a fence.  She heads for the toolshed and finds them.  She calls to them but they can’t seem to hear or see her.  It’s like the difference between the TV and the viewer.
– Battler is raging on wtf is happening.  Maria calls this a witch’s act.  George is asking for calm.  They have to figure out what is going on.
– George says they don’t know who is doing this on the island.  Battler says that none of them really know if those people died.  If they are the only ones on the island, then maybe someone is faking death.  George presumes that there are at least 2 killers.
– They presume that Nanjo’s autopsies would be correct.  They remember the bodies he checked.  Battler insinuates that George is suspecting that their parents might be part of the plot.  Maria claims her mother is dead, so the criminal must be one of the other four.  She’s being creepy again and Battler tells her to stfu.
– Maria questions Battler who checked his parents.  Battler says they should be dead as they were covered in blood.  She thinks he’s lying.  Maria insists that he is lying and that his parents are alive and killed.  She repeats the theory of the metaworld solution.  Maria flat out accuses him of being an accomplice.
– George tells them to stop it.  Maria calls this sheepin wolves’ clothing, a family of killers.  Battler denies everything and gets angry.
– George and Maria are shocked.  They now know the truth.
– Ange witnesses this with utter disbelief.  Battler goes to his parents, who raise guns at Maria and George.  They shoot Maria and George in the head.
– Ange is aghast.  Battler, Kyrie and Rudolph laugh and gloat.  Ange feels like puking.  She tries to run away from the horrid laughter of her family.  Goats appear around her.  The goats surround her and taunt her with accusations that her family are the killers in an effort to break her.
– The narrator explains the Eva killer theory and why the goats aren’t talking about it.  It assumed as the truth, but now she is forced to question it.  Narrator postulates that Ange was purposely not brought to the council to spare her involvement in this conspiracy.  Narrator explains future speculations by the public of what Battler’s family is or were, about criminal syndicates and notorious business practices.  Narrator presents how the public adopts the Battler’s Family conspiracy instead of the Eva theory.
– Ange suddenly sees a flash of white distorting the goats.  She starts to
see the goats as forms similar to the classmates who bullied her.  They same the same thing as the first goats and mock her (like in Ep4).  The goats gossip about her and her family.  The mockery pushes Ange down.
– All of a sudden, a slash comes out of nowhere and cuts the goats.  A voice calls to Ange to follow.  It looked like the cat.  She runs after the cat as the goats go after her.  She is cautious but she has no choice but to run.  They run and run and are eventually cornered.
– A goat approaches, opens it’s grotesque mouth and tries to go after Ange while chanting the accusations of the Battler Family Conspiracy.
– A BLUE SWORD APPEARS AND GUTS THE GOAT.  In blue, the figure says that it is possible to create a theory that excludes Battler’s family.  In blue the goats reply that it is impossible for the crime to be done by anyone other than Battler’s family.
– A RED SWORD APPEARS AND GUTS MORE GOATS.  In red it says that it is possible to construct a theory that does not involve Battler’s family.  In blue it adds that it is possible to have the George family as killers theory.
– THE RED AND BLUE OF THE UNKNOWN INTRUDER SLASH DOWN THE GOATS.  The goats replyin blue that the George Family killer theory is impossible.  It is impossible for George to kill Shannon.  Itis impossible for him to be the criminal.
– The intruder replies in red that it is possible (for George Family).  It is listed as the rule that the criminals are murderers.  However, it is not limited to just one person.  George could have been a criminal outside the island and, even if not guilty of murder on the island, doesn’t need to kill anyone on the island to be a criminal. (WTF?)
– The goats get slashed around.  Ange begins to realize she has a guardian who is battling the goats with red and blue.
– She looks up and sees the figure.  ERIKA IS FIGHTING THE GOATS WITH A RED AND BLUE SCYTHE.

"Any logic is possible for Furudo Erika"

Ange and Eva-Beatrice vs. Goats
– Erika begins goat massacre. She introduces herself as Furudo Erika, detective. The goats back off in fear. She demands that one of the goats face her.
– Red webs appear and surround the area. Eva-Beatrice appears to challenge those who deny her as the criminal. Eva lays claim to being the criminal and owner of the gold. She lays claim to the catbox.
– With a wave of her wand she crushes the goats into a meat pie. She and Erika exchange greetings.
– Eva-Beatrice says she is here to help Ange because she thinks of her as daughter. She says she will alwys be on Ange’s side. Eva-Beatrice leaves.
– Erika explains her status as the witch of truth. Ange remembers how she wanted to know the truth, and how maybe Erika can give this to her. Erika says they are both truth seekers. Ange asks for information.
– Erika asks why Ange is so willing to ask for the truth and willing to believe her. Ange tells Erika what Battler has shown in this game. She says she doesn’t believe what Battler showed her. Erika tells her of the need to see through the lies and deceit by understanding.
– Ange tries to figure out why Battler would show this. Ange rages why she is the only one Battler won’t show the truth to.
– Erika says it is best to reach the truth yourself. Ange rages at why they won’t seem to let her get it.
– Ange feels transported back to the skyscraper where she first met Bern. Bern tells her if she is capable of reaching this truth. She says that sometimes the truth you finally get might do something different to you than you initially believed. She says Ange doesn’t have the right to request the truth. She begins to ask herself if she really possesses the resolution to accept the truth, no matter what it may be.
– She begins to feel the contradiction, that perhaps by asking for the truth there is still no one who will come back alive. Ange again wonders if she is willing to accept it. Bern asks if she is resolved to accept it. Bern sees the resolve in her eyes.
– Bern repeats how Ange is the Beatrice of 1998 and Bern is her guardian. Ange is the witch of truth similar to Erika. Ange begins to realize that she rejects the truth while at the same time demanding it.
– Ange toys with the idea of admitting that indeed, her family is dead. Bern says she will support Ange’s quest for truth. They will discuss it over tea.

MetaWorld Hall
– Battler and Beato cheer for a wonderful game that Bern made. Zepar and Furfur put up the game board for the other people to see. Everyone observes and comments. The attendees discuss the game amongst themselves. Bern asks for some good tea.
– Bern praises Beato who takes it like sarcasm. Battler tells Bern it was interesting to play that game. He says it would be nice to play another game with her in the future, albeit a more challenging one.
– Bern says she begins to understand the difference between her and Beato, regarding the idea of an eternal endless game. An endless game is endless torture. She remembers a bit of her past.
– Battler tries to comprehend what she says and asks if this brings back memories of a previous experience. Bern says she a different person from what she was before.
– Battler says they are sort of friends now, as competitors. They became friends in the middle of an opposing struggle between them as players. They decide to have some plum tea. Battler considered the game a fair game.
– Bern giggles and says that her game is not yet over. She puts down her tea. Battler looks confused.

Featherine’s Study
– Ange wakes up to Bern who is pouring tea. Bern calls on Featherine. They are in her study. Bern says this is where she will look for her truth apart from Battler’s presentation. Ange shows Featherine the key Battler gave her and asks what it is really for.
– Featherine asks Bern to explain. She doesn’t want to. She says the key is the embodiment of the one final decision to make regarding the story and its acceptance. It will open the door to what she has chosen. Battler gave Ange the freedom to make her choice.
– Ange remembers the suffering she experienced after the incident that claimed the lives of everyone. Every time she asks Battler about it he refuses to answer her directly. Bern agrees that Battler is being evasive.
– Featherine and Bern explain how Battler was a player before and Beato was the GM, and how both fought each other to reach the truth. Ange says she is the player and Battler the GM now.
– Featherine suggests that Ange may have been playing without understanding anything. Bern says Battler is sly to conceal this from his sister. Ange realizes she was being passive all this time, relying solely on Battler, without thinking for herself. Battler’s intention was for her to figure it out herself, and use that key to do this.
– She now thinks she understands Battler’s goal. The key she believes now was meant by Battler for her to open the door against the deception she is shown. The key will open the truth within herself. Featherine says she will show her now. Ange’s sight begins to distort.

– Ange waks up in Hachijou’s sofa, who now just arrives. She thinks that Featherine and Hachijou are one and the same. Ange calls her Featherine, and Amakusa is confused.
– Hachijou shows her a book with a keyhole. The book is currently locked. Eva’s name is inscribed on the cover. Amakusa thinks this is Eva’s secret diary. Hachijou says this is the diary Eva hid in her hospital room before she died. Narrator explains how this book was found but was locked, and how witch hunters are unable to open it without destroying the pages. Amakusa asks if it is possible to remove the hinges.
– Ange wonders if this might contain Eva’s account of the events on the island. Hachijou says no one knows where the key is. Ange looks for the key Battler gave her and begins to freak that it isn’t around her neck. She then realizes that she doesn’t have the key in the human world.

Featherine’s Study
– Ange shifts back to the metaworld. Here, however, the diary is gone. Ange thinks Battler is hiding the book from her. Bern and Featherine suggest that perhaps Battler isn’t actually hiding the book from her. Bern asks Ange to remember the rule that states that all the clues must be accessible. They ask her to remember if she’s seen it before.
– Ange recalls the seeing a locked book at the chapel when Battler gave her the key. Bern says that perhaps it contains the truth they seek.
– In red Featherine states that Eva’s diary contains the “One Truth”. It records the truth of Rokenjima from October 4 and 5, 1986.

MetaWorld Hall
– People are still discussing her game. Battler asks if Erika and Ange are coming. She says they should be here in a moment. Beato and Battler look forward to meeting Erika again. They say it’s impressive she found a way to give another angle tot he murder that excludes Battler’s family.
– Lambda is surprised Bern would release Ange so easily. She feels disappointed at Bern.
– Genji tells them that Ange has returned. Beato and Battler greet her. Ange says that she was given tea at Bern’s place while she waited. Ange is rather quiet and passive.
– He decides not not bug her. Beato says perhaps she feels bad because Bern’s tea wasn’t very good. Ange asks to speak with Battler alone. He asks Beato to respect their privacy.
– Ange claims she understands Battler and how he was cheating her. She says this was all a farce from him. She demands the truth yet again. She refuses all this sugar-coated events and says that he’s lying to her. Everyone else looks at them stunned.
– Battler says that the truth is sealed in the box and that she cannot open it. He says all he wanted was for her to remember the good times she had with her family. Ange continues to throw a fit.
– Ange says she thanks Eva for all she’s done, but now she wants to know the truth. She wants to see Eva’s diary. Eva refuses but Ange says the red had declared the diary to be true.
– Beato asks who used the red. Lambda and Bern confirm that Featherine had confirmed it in red. Ange continues to throw a fit and changes to her adult form as golden butterflies appear. She says she will fight Beato for the truth. Ange warps in Eva-Beatrice. Eva-Beatrice says she will reveal everything and warps in a bottle containing the kakera. She smashes it and disappears with Bern.
– Battler and Beato realize it is the kakera they’re in, and the kakera begins to collapse. Everyone looks outside and sees the world change. The kakera fragments begin to shake as the seven sisters of purgatory ready themselves for combat,
– Goats appear from the fragments. The siestas prepare for combat as well. They are unable to detect the accurate presence of the enemies. Battler says that the goats aren’t under him nor Beato.
– Gaap and Virgilia say they may be outsiders. Battler, Dlanor and Will say these may be the wills of those in the future attempting to seize the truth by any means necessary. Beato says these are the wild and infinitely diverse imaginations of those trying to figure out what the truth of Rokkenjima is. In turn, the wills of those who speculate on the real fate of Rokkenjima are allowed entry into the kakera to get the real truth behind everything.

Escape to the Golden Land

– The hall is surrounded as the goats devour every bit of existence on their way to the hall itself. Roses included. Eva and Beato say the game board is being devoured in search of the truth. People begin to panic.
– The goats start crowding outswide the hall, their bloody red eyes staring into the catbox. They start pounding on the windows and walls.
– Cornelia and Gertrude set up the barrier to protect the windows. They cannot block all the windows and one goat manages to get the jump on Gohda and Krauss. The sisters kill the goat. Will says more goats will appear no matter how many they kill.
– Battler and Beato gather everyone up to the second floor. The goats break into the hall. Dlanor says it will take time to seal the stairs. Will tells Lion to head up the stairs. The humans make their way up the stairs.
– Gertrude and Cornelia seal the small stairs but cannot seal the large central staircase. Lambda appears and says she must observe. She leaves again.
– Gaap says Battler and Beato should come with her and see what she saw. They teleport to the sky above Rokkenjima and they sea a massive swarm of goats rampaging into the island. A sea of goats surround Rokkenjima.
– Eva Beatrice is seen leading the charge. She obliterates the various kakeras all over the island, summoning more goats.

(Consider that each kakera exists as a possible theory, and by obliterating each kakera bottle over the island, she is metaphysically combining the various theoretical realities of the events of Rokkenjima into one combines world, as well as the follers of each theory. She is essentially collapsing all possible realities into one singular state that is the catbox in this golden land, until one possible state erupts from the compression. For an example, compare it to the Time Compression state at the end of Final Fantasy VIII.)

– Battler says this will cause the destruction of Rokkenjima. They port back to Kinzo’s study. The servants and metacharacters are defending the mansion. Battler and Beato realize that they could escape the game board, however only Lambda and Bern have the power to enter and exit at will. However Bern is the perpetrator and Lambda will only observe.
– Kinzo says there is only one place for them to escape to: The Golden Land. Gaap says that should this game board be destroyed, the metaphysical plane of the Golden Land cannot be intruded by the goats.
– Battler calls for a retreat to the Golden Land. Beato says that with the anti-magic toxin, it will take time to transport everyone. Battler says they must defend until then. Beato says that two people alone cannot seal it, it needs three people to seal the door from the goats. They have to try.
– Beato raises her arms and the door begins to appear. Battler asks Kinzo and Gaap to defend the windows should goats manage to climb up. Kinzo grabs a rifle.
– Dlanor and Will fight off goats downstairs. Across them Virgilia and Ronove fight as well. The sisters and the siestas are fighting further down the hall. The goats are armed with guns. They mumble to themselves as they try to attack the staircase.

– A bigger goat appears. The sisters attack it but they cannot seem to pierce the skin. The bog goat declares that the sisters are mere fantasies, paperweights with no real value. The sisters fall back as the siestas unleash a big golden beam. Some goats go down but some survive.
– The survivor goats say that the siestas are merely the rabbit toys of Maria and are delusions or magic. The siestas are forced to back off.
– Ronove and Virgilia step up. Ronove creates a mass red barrier that crushes some of the goats. Survivor goats declare Ronove to be a fictitious existence based on Genji. Another big goat appears. The bog goat declares all magic characters to be fantasies of magic and are therefore fake. The anti-magic toxin of the declaration pushes the servants down.
– Ronove helps Virgilia and continues fighting goats. He punches left and right the goats that deny him. He can barely injure the big goat. Ronove begins to run out of power.
– The goats overpower Ronove who is beaten down. The goats attempt to devour him while spouting anti-magic theories.
– A red blade appears and cuts down the goats attacking Ronove. Dlanor and Will arrive to help. Zepar is surprised that a pro-mystery person like her would help.

Dlanor and Will vs. Goats
– The goats begin to back off as Will and Dlanor begin to fight. Blue blades fly everywhere. The goats demand an answer to the first three twilights from Dlanor.
– Goats attack Will who slice everything down with his blue blade. The goats cannot provide an anti-magic counter to the anti-mystery attacks of Dlanor and Will.
– Dlanor brings out the red blade and declares Knox article 1. Will dishes out Van Dine rule 12. They combine Knox and Van Dine. The goats again try to take them out. Back to back, the narrator says that a mystery involves the plentiful ideas of the reader combining. The enjoyment comes from sorting and thinking to reach the truth, and not demanding it. Dlanor and Will laugh while countering the goats.
– Dlanor dishes out Knox 3 to counter a secret passage. She dishes out Kox 8 to counter an ungiven clue. A goat declares the victims dead by homicide and the rooms became secret rooms created by the victims. Dlanor staggers a bit after this.
– Will arives with Van Dine 7 saying a corpse must exist. He jokes to Dlanor saying perhaps Knox forgot to make a rule about corpses.
– Will and Dlanor attack the massive goat but their attacks have no effect.
– The massive goat declares that Van Dine and Knox’s rules are useless, because all secret rooms are solved by one method. The goat stutters with his reasoning as Will lunges at the goat himself.
– The goat repeats that the rules are useless and grabs Will, who begins to bleed. As he bleeds Will demands the goat complete his reasoning. The goat declares that the rules are useless because Beato’s games do not apply them at all. The goat inadvertedly declares that the rules are useless because Beato’s game is a fantasy. He inadvertently denies his own logic.
– Will says goats like this who make light and fun of the mystery with shitty reasoning like that pisses him off. He headbutts the goat (fuck yes Will). He continues to bach the goat’s head in. Everyone is shocked seeing him open a can of asskicking. He gets up as the goats surround them.
– Battler arrives to help. He says he will not let the fantasy die so easily for those content to sit and watch while things are handed to them. Everyone else says they will support Battler to their fullest. He says he will not let go to waste.
– Battler envelopes the mansion in golden light to transport everyone to the Golden Land. He takes out his golden swaord and starts beating goats into golden dust. He asks for Gertrude and Cornelia’s barriers to last a while longer. The metacharacters will keep fighting until the transport spell is ready.
– He teleports back up to Beato who says she needs more time. He says he needs to find Ange and heads for the chapel.
– Ange makes it inside the chapel. She finds the diary. Only the game master should be able to open it, and she believes that the real game master is Bern.
– Battler is suddenly trapped in a blue barrier. He asks Beato to be the one to get Ange. Battler calms himself, removes the robe is wore, and speaks a challenge to an unknown person. Erika appears. Here they will have their final match in the secret room.

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  1. Ian said,

    The more I read these, the more it all makes sense, and the less I go to 4chan.

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    Thanks for your summaries, they’re awesome.

    I reckon there’s not much left?

  4. Ian said,

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