Twilight of the Golden Witch Colored Text

This here will be the colored text for Episode of Umineko.  Refer to the sidebar for links to the summaries.

Purple Text

– Gohda: the dining room was locked.
– Kumasawa: the room was checked by me.
– Gohda: the room was opened with the master key.
– Kumasawa: Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolph, Kyrie, Rosa and Genji are the 6 total blood-stained bodies inside.
– Krauss: all the members gathered in the dining room.
– Shannon: the child confirmed the sure death of the child’s parents.
– Kanon: he and Nanjo confirmed Genji to be dead.
– Nanjo: I am not mistaken with the autopsy.
– Maria: all the victims died instantly.
– Krauss: all the windows in the dining room were locked and no secret room exists.
– Battler: no suspicious people were found inside the dinign room.
– George: no one was hiding in the dining room.
– Krauss: no one could have hidden.
– Natsuhi: Genji’s key was destroyed.

– Gohda: madame’s room was locked.
– Shannon: I used the key to open the door.
– Kanon: found Krauss and Natsuhi collapsed inside.
– Battler: Nanjo checked the pulses and both were declared to have died instantly.
– Nanjo: confirmed them both dead.  I am correct on their instant deaths.
– Jessica: all the windows and the door were locked and no secret room exists.
– Shannon: all the servants are always together.
– Kanon: the servants can confirm each other’s alibis.
– Maria: we sealed the room with tape on the outside.
– Jessica: until the police arrive, no one can enter or leave.
– Battler: we sealed the dining room in the same way.
– Nanjo: we sealed the mansion and all the members took shelter in the guest house.
– Nanjo: examined the dead body and confirmed that she is dead.
– Gohda: they do not all have alibis.

– Jessica: I went out with all the members and looked for Shannon
– George: I must recognize the fact that she (Shannon) has died….

– Jessica: it is impossible for George to kill Shannon.
– Battler: it is possible for everyone else to kill Shannon except for George.
– Gohda: Shannon’s master key was destroyed.

– Nanjo: Kumasawa and Gohda died instantly.
– Jessica: Gohda and Kumasawa are dead.
– Battler: none of the remaining members have alibis.
– Jessica: the 4 family members and Nanjo could not have killed Gohda and Kumasawa.
– George: the guesthouse was perfectly checked.
– Battler: there can be no more master keys because the last two keys are with the two victims who died.

Jessica: he is dead.
– George:  he died instantly.
– Maria: the door was perfectly set.
– Jessica: neither Maria, Battler, George or me could have killed Nanjo.
– George: it would have been impossible to kill Nanjo in the guesthouse.
– Battler: there is no sign that Nanjo left the guesthouse.

– George: she died instantly.
– Maria: it is unquestionable that she cannot be alive.
– Battler: it is impossible that George, Battler or Maria could have killed her.
– Maria: it is impossible that the 3 of them could have killed Jessica.
– George: it is impossible for Maria to kill someone.
– Maria: George cannot kill an adult.  He can however kill a child.

Red Text

– Bern: only game managers could tamper with the lock, otherwise you need a key to open the locks. You can however lock it from the inside without using a key.
– Bern: no other key aside from a master key exists. There are a total of 5 master keys. 5 servants have one. The servants always keep their keys with them, and you cannot take the keys secretly, only they can use it.

– Bern: the windows are barred with iron bars, so entering and leaving through the windows is impossible.  Therefore, the only the front door and back door need to be sealed.
– Bern: the criminal of the first evening surely killed 6 people.
– Bern: the room was immediately sealed by everyone.  The criminal could not have escaped at that moment.  The seals of the dining room, Natsuhi’s room and the mansion cannot be broken.
– Bern: Kanon disappeared for all eternity the moment Shannon was killed. He is to be considered killed.  Kanon’s key is destroyed.

– Bern: (I have a bit of a problem with this line) the story direction (ト書き) is not part of the dialogue, and is therefore not a lie. (I’m not sure what her point is with his, I presume she’s saying that all actions that are not simply said by the characters that occur are real and treated as such.)
– Lambda: the available information guarantees the possibility of identifying the criminal.

– Erika: it is possible to construct a theory that does not involve Battler’s family.
– Erika: it is possible (for George Family). It is listed as the rule that the criminals are murderers. However, it is not limited to just one person. George could have been a criminal outside the island and, even if not guilty of murder on the island, doesn’t need to kill anyone on the island to be a criminal.

– Featherine: Eva’s diary contains the “One Truth”.  It records the truth of Rokenjima from October 4 and 5, 1986.

– Erika: Erika did not not accidentally such as suicide or sickness because she was killed by Battler.
– Erika: she did not bie from suffocation or drowning.
– Battler: Battler died by stabbing. He was stabbed at the back with a lethal weapon. Erika stabbed battler in the back with a knife.
– Beato: the room is a complete secret room, and that you cannot use the windows to leave because you can only leave through the door,
– Beato: all of the blue (Ange’s) is denied by the red truth. The closed room cannot be broken by the presented methods.
– Beato: it is useless. This closed room cannot be opened. The closed room is perfect. However, she is able to kill inside the closed room.

– Bern: Ange will be the first to see the record of the truth when the seal is broken.
– Hachijou: the truth is recorded in the diary.


– Bern: Battler is dead.
– Bern: the red truth declares Battler dead.
– Bern: such an existence (the miracle) is impossible.
– Bern: she (Beato) has been declared dead.
– Bern: the red truth is absolute. The red truth cannot be overturned by anyone.
– Bern: Ushiromiya Jessica is dead. Ushiromiya Krauss is dead. Ushiromiya Natsuhi is dead.

Blue Text

– Beato: the criminal locked themselves from the inside and hid in Natsuhi’s room.  When everyone left, the criminal checked and escaped.

– Erika: it is possible to create a theory that excludes Battler’s family.
– Goats: it is impossible for the crime to be done by anyone other than Battler’s family.
– Erika: it is possible to have the George family as killers theory.
– Goats: the George Family killer theory is impossible. It is impossible for George to kill Shannon. It is impossible for him to be the criminal.

– Battler: Erika Furudo died by aan accidental manner such as sickness and and suicide, but not murder.
– Battler: Erika was murdered by a poison gas from a gap in the door and she then died of suffocation or drowning.
– Erika: Battler died accidentally such as suicide or sickness.
– Erika: it is possible to restore a chain after being destroyed. It is possible to restore the door after destruction. It is possible to restore the wall after destruction.
– Ange: the room is a perfect closed room, and that she (Beato) cannot touch her from the outside. You shut me inside this closed room. There is a trick to being confined in this closed room. You had me confined in the room to die of hunger. This planned method was the “murder in a closed room” you created.
– Battler: the chain is long enough to be opened or closed from the outside.

Murder Game Rule Set
– The criminal is the murderer.
– The criminal may tell lies.
– The criminal may have been lying before murdering.
– Those who are not criminals can only tell the truth.
– One who is not the criminal is not cooperating with the criminal.
– The criminal commits murders by their own hands.
– The criminal cannot die.
– The criminal is one of the characters.
– The Purple and Red text are identical in value. However, the criminal may lie with the purple text.


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