About the Blogger

Yes I’ll put something up here.




  1. Elmer said,

    I wish you would already, you seem really interesting. =P

  2. KitsuneH said,

    HotD FTW! do you read the manga? or just watch the anime?

  3. Sebastian.R said,

    Hello! I recently found your blog and I find it interesting to read about your opinions och reviews on the animes you watch since I’m a big fan of animes myself. You can say that animes has made me change my view on life and other things.

    But my favourite anime/movie of all times is 5 cm per second. The story, the characters, but most of all the animation in that movie is without a doubt phenomenal and unlike any other and I really hope Makoto Shinkai is coming out with something new soon!

    I will subcribe to your blog and I hope you will keep writing about animes! 🙂

  4. askura said,

    thanks so much for your help in umineko 🙂

  5. Gratian said,

    Hello. I was wondering if you’re up for a link exchange. I’d appreciate that 🙂

  6. Whoa!! I found this by searching Umineko. I checked out the rest of your blog and yay! I am a medical student too. K I follow you from now on lol.

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