September 16, 2010

K-On! Finale: The Music Lives Forever

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I don’t think I can really remember my graduation days, both in college and in high school.  It’s been so many a year since the day that I had to step out of those institutions, propelled to challenge even greater horizons ahead of me as I plan and planned for my future.  For the longest time I had already had my sights set on medical school so, for the most part, I saw most of high school and college as stepping stones towards this goal.  Not to say that I didn’t like those days or that I had chosen to forget them, but in retrospect it makes me remember how perhaps I never cherished those days as I could have.

If there’s anything I remember about graduating though, it’s that I likely cried after the ceremonies.  It’s always been a solemn ceremony no matter how you slice it.  It’s a big event both for those who now are to leave and for those who are to be left behind.

This is a fact that Azusa now has to face, after so long of putting it away.

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September 10, 2010

K-On! S2 Ep23: Tying Up Loose Ends

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really mind at all if there’s no performance or no music at all in the final episode.  Their school festival performance was a rock it to the shit display as it is and it’s enough of a fitting end for HTT’s high school incarnation.
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August 18, 2010

K-On: The Music Never Dies

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It’s been many, many years since I was in high school.  Many years since I was really a child.  Okay I’m not really that old yet, and in many ways I’m still childish inside, but it’s already coming to me how even the memories of almost ten years ago is becoming fuzzy in my mind.  Not to say that I’m forgetting, but looking back at those years, it really tells me how long the road in between has gotten.  I got into college, graduated, got into medical school and I’m almost about to get my MD as well.  Ten years for older generations might feel like a short span of time, for young adults like me it feels like an entire lifetime of change and advancement.

There are times when I actually felt a little jealous of the girls in K-On!, even though I’m a guy.  High school was so long ago, yet watching this series that revels in its silliness, I still get reminded of days long past.  Days that are over and will never return.  This doesn’t mean that I want to return to those days, but nostalgia is sometimes a funny thing:  It makes you want the days of old but makes you realize you can never have them again.  It makes you sad in remembrance, but makes you happiness with its fondness.

Life as always inevitably goes on, even in anime.  I never expected that these girls would be in high school their entire lives, but you never really expect that sort of self-awareness of the inevitable future.  They’ve skirted the issue before, as seniors, content in ignoring the gorilla in the room as they eat cake, sip tea and procrastinating before eventually going on to practice.

But again, life goes on.  In this finite universe, things that start must invariably end.

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