Summaries of Twilight of the Golden Witch – Part II

This is part two of my summary work.  Links to related to the summaries and the colored text are on the sidebar.

First Murder Investigation

Ange’s View
– Ange witnesses 6 bodies in the room covered in blood.
– Bodies are: Rudolph, Kyrie, Hideyoshi, Eva, Genji and Rosa.
– Ange is too overwhelmed to cry. She checks the door which is locked. She unlocks it and checks the hall. She follows the cat outside the room.
– She checks the party hall which is also empty. She follows the cat to the second floor.
– At the second floor she enters a room with a key from the cat and sees blood. Natsuhi’s room. The room is messy. She finds Natsuhi and Krauss’ bodies.
– She runs to the outside to the rose garden and finds Shannon on the flowers and Jessica on the pathway. Both are dead. She flees to the guesthouse.
– Nanjo is dead in the entrance. Gohda and Kumasawa lie dead in the servant room. Thirteen bodies.

Investigation View
– Battler questions Gohda. In purple, he says the dining room is locked. He adds that the room usually isn’t locked. In purple, Kumasawa says she checked the locked room. In purple, Gohda says the room was opened by the master key. In purple, Kumasawa says Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolph, Kyrie, Rosa and Genji are the 6 total blood-stained bodies inside.
– In purple, Krauss says that all the members gathered in the dining room. The others lament the fact of the murders.
– In purple, Shannon says that the child confirmed the sure death of the child’s parents. In purple, Kanon says that he and Nanjo confirmed Genji to be dead. In purple Nanjo says he is not mistaken with the autopsy.
– In purple, Maria says that all the victims died instantly.
– In purple Krauss says that all the windows in the dining room were locked and no secret room exists. In purple Battler says that no suspicious people were found inside the dinign room.
– In purple, George says no one was hiding in the dining room. In purple Krauss says that no one could have hidden. Jessica finds this all strange and how would the murderer do this. They theorize that the person had a master key. The servants become suspects. However, anyone could have a key.
– Battler suggests a way to lock without using a master key. In red, Bern says that only game managers could tamper with the lock, otherwise you need a key toopen the locks. You can however lock it from the inside without using a key. Beato asks if some other key can be used.
– In red, Bern says that no other key aside from a master key exists. She adds that there are a total of 5 master keys. 5 servants have one. The servants always keep their keys with them, and you cannot take the keys secretly, only they can use it. Battler and Beato says it would be best to check the keys.
– Natsuhi say in purple that Genji’s key was destroyed.
– Narrator summarizes.

Second and Third Murder Investigation

(Ange’s experience is not in real time synchronicity with the investigation so some characters may already be alive or dead during the investigation view)

– Everyone else returns to the dining room. Phones do not work. They begin to wonder just what the hell is happening. Eveyrone is being cautious. Krauss and Natsuhi head for her room together, however they take a long time and calls to the room are unanswered.
– The survivors head to the room and find them dead.
– In purple Gohda says madame’s room was locked. In purple Shannon says she used the key to open the door. In purple Kanon says they found Krauss and Natsuhi collapsed inside.
– In purple, Battler says Nanjo checked the pulses and both were declared to have died instantly. In purple Nanjo says he confirmed them both dead. I am correct on their instant deaths. In purple Jessica said that all the windows and the door were locked and no secret room exists.
– The servants again suspect that someone with a master key did it.
– In purple, Shannon says that all the servants are always together. In purple, Kanon says that the servants can confirm each other’s alibis.
– Battler negins to think about secret rooms. Bern reiterates that everyone has an alibi. Beato says that with an alibi for the servants, opening the lock would be impossible.
– In purple, Maria says that they sealed the room with tape on the outside. In purple Jessica says that until the police arrive, no one can enter or leave. In purple Battler says that they sealed the dining room in the same way.
– In purple, Nanjo says that they sealed the mansion and all the members took shelter in the guest house.
– Battler asks about putting tape on the windows of the mansion. He suggests a ladder reaching up to the third floor windows.
– In red, Bern says the windows are barred with iron bars, so entering and leaving through the windows is impossible. Therefore, the only the front door and back door need to be sealed.
– Battler and Beato ponder how the muderer got in, but they couldn’t have locked the doors after since only the servants could lock from the outside. He is willing to suspect a conspiracy of the servants.
– Battler presumes that without Erika (detective authority?) there is no absolute confirmation of the life and death status of the bodies.
– In red Bern says that the criminal of the first evening surely killed 6 people.
– In blue Beato says that the criminal locked themselves from the inside and hid in Natsuhi’s room. When everyone left, the criminal checked and escaped.
– In red Bern says that the room was immediately sealed by everyone. The criminal could not have escaped at that moment. The seals of the dining room, Natsuhi’s room and the mansion cannot be broken.
– Narrator summarizes.

Fourth Murder Investigation

– Shannon went out to the garden and was not found.  They later find her in the garden dead.
– In purple Nanjo says he examined the dead body and confirmed that she is dead.  In purple Gohda says that they do not all have alibis.  Because they were checking the entrances of the guesthouse.
– Jessica says that it is impossible for George to kill Shannon.  In reverse in purple, Battler says it is possible for everyone else to kill Shannon except for George.  In purple, Gohda says that Shannon’s master key was destroyed.
– In red Bern says that Kanon disappeared for all eternity the moment Shannon was killed.  He is to be considered killed.  Kanon’s key is destroyed.
– Beato presumes both were killed at the same time even with no verifiable corpse.

Fifth and Sixth Murder Investigations

– Everyone starts to barricade themselves in the guesthouse. They’re all afraid. The family decides to speak with Gohda and Kumasawa in the servant’s room. They discover Gohda and Kumasawa all bloody.
– In purple Nanjo says that Kumasawa and Gohda died instantly. In purple Jessica says that Gohda and Kumasawa are dead. In purple Battler says that none of the remaining members have alibis.
– The survivors notice blood everywhere. In purple Jessica says that the 4 family members and Nanjo could not have killed Gohda and Kumasawa. In purple George says that the guesthouse was perfectly checked.
– In purple Battler says that there can be no more master keys because the last two keys are with the two victims who died.
– Narrator summarizes.

Seventh Murder Investigation

– Survivors find Nanjo dead at the guesthouse entrance.
– Jessica in purple says he is dead. George admits he would even know that, in purple, he died instantly.
– In purple Maria says that the door was perfectly set. In purple Jessica says that neither Maria, Battler, George or me could have killed Nanjo.
– In purple George says that it would have been impossible to kill Nanjo in the guesthouse. In purple Battler says that there is no sign that Nanjo left the guesthouse.
– Maria wonders WTF happened to Nanjo.

Eighth Murder Investigation

– Jessica rages and runs out to the garden. Maria, George and Battler chase her down.
– They find her dead in the pathway near the garden. In purple George said she died instantly. In purple Maria says it is unquestionable that she cannot be alive.
– In purple Battler says it is impossible that George, Battler or Maria could have killed her. In purple Maria says that it is impossible that the 3 of them could have killed Jessica. In purple George says that it is impossible for Maria to kill someone. In purple Maria says that George cannot kill an adult. He can however kill a child.
– Narrator summarizes.

– Bern says this is the end of this story. It is regarded as straightforward and to the point. Ber explains that the purple text is almost equivalent to the red in detailing a true statement, with the exception that the criminal can use the red to lie.
– Bern explains the rules that govern her games (The Rule Set).

The Rule Set
– The criminal is the murderer.
– The criminal may tell lies.
– The criminal may have been lying before murdering.
– Those who are not criminals can only tell the truth.
– One who is not the criminal is not cooperating with the criminal.
– The criminal commits murders by their own hands.
– The criminal cannot die.
– The criminal is one of the characters.
– The Purple and Red text are identical in value. However, the criminal may lie with the purple text.

– Battler, Beato and Lambda analyze the rules. They wonder about the possibility of an accomplice if the rules deny it. They realize the rules also disallow traps, murderer’s suicide and an unknown person X.
– Bern clarifies that there are 17 people by removing Kinzo. Beato finds the capacity of the criminal to lie with purple troublesome.
– In red Bern says that (I have a bit of a problem with this line) the story direction (ト書き) is not part of the dialogue, and is therefore not a lie. (I’m not sure what her point is with his, I presume she’s saying that all actions that are not simply said by the characters that occur are real and treated as such.)
– Lambda in red guarantees that the available information guarantees identifying the criminal. Battler agrees to the red text stated.
– The narrator recommends getting a pen and paper for a logic map. The narrator issues a challenge to us, the readers, to attempt this final puzzle.

Move on to the Murder Game


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  1. Shirozaki said,

    I think Bern is saying everything that happens within the story (like hiding at the guest house, Jessica storming outside, etc.) is the absolute truth and cannot be debated over.

    Nice summary though.

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