February 25, 2012

Blogging on hold until the end of March

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Yeah… won’t be able to finish blogging the second season of Last Exile. Lots of stuff I have to take care of before internship ends, so this place will be on hold for the next 5 weeks. Again, I plan to start again when next season rolls in.


February 6, 2012

Less than 60 days to go…

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One of the difficulties in blogging Last Exile right now is that the subs come out rather late in the week, eliminating the time I have to make the write up, that and I don’t always have the time to watch the Animax dub, which is horrid by the way. So yeah, had to skip last week and this week because of that.

Of course I have less than 60 days before I get my MD, but my body’s reaching it’s limit which makes it all the more hard than it already is. So yeah, skipping 15 and 16, hopefully even though 17 is a flashback I can start back up with that.