November 28, 2010

Kuragehime Ep6: Girl’s Night Out.

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The reaction they have to the cafe and the food probably shouldn’t surprise me if they’ve lived their entire lives shut in and isolated from the rest of the world.  They live a relatively simple life from what we’ve seen, and most of what they’re seeing and eating now is new to them.  It’s a whole new world so to speak, one I think they’re learning to appreciate.

Oh and it seems they’re also learning to appreciate “Kurako” and no just calling him meat.


Kuranosuke is a styling magician.  While it takes real skill to bring out the hidden beauty within people, I didn’t expect such a radical transformation like this.  EVERYONE looks good, damn good I should say.  He is right about Chieko though, because she’s actually pretty good on her own and being around the others post-makeover accentuates her appeal.  It’s just too bad their attitudes and reactions can’t get such a radical makeover, as eating in a cafe is something completely alien to them, but leave it to Kuranosuke to save the day.  All expenses paid by him so the sisterhood can splurge even a little.

The night wasn’t as kind to Shu though.  Waking up without his pants and thinking he just got used, he’s in a shell shocked state that was barely broken by Tsukimi.

Yeah, even women do it.

Perhaps Kuranosuke really does share some feelings of kinship with the sisterhood.  An animesukie forumer suggested that he himself might be something of an otaku too.  He’s a fashion and makeover cross dressing addict after all so yes he actually does qualify as one.  That would really point to his motivations for always hanging out with the sisterhood, being a group he is much more comfortable with than his own family or previous acquaintances.  Even if he still has to hide his sex, he feels most at home and relaxed with them than with anyone else.  He is much like them more than he realizes.

Also we can’t discount his growing attraction to Tsukimi as one of his motivations.

Hit the rape alarm!

The amount of neurotic episodes Tsukime had in this episode is at an all time low, showing just how close and comfortable she’s getting with Kuranosuke.  Despite having to cover for Kuranosuke’s slipping of tongues, she enjoyed herself for the entire episode rather than always being afraid and being worried.  Actually now that I think about it, the relative freezing of Tsukimi and the sisterhood has been lessened in time and degree of debilitation in this episode, and for that matter they were so much comfortable in public now than before.  Tsukimi in particular looked like she felt natural and confident in such a public place.  They may not really see or understand what Kuranosuke is doing, but his influence on them is clear as day.  They are no longer so much the cloistered nunnery they were before he entered their lives.

Slowly but surely.

Shu on the other hand… damn.  There was probably no sex involved but he still got molested, or whatever the female perpetrator equivalent is.  Even then, as a man traumatized towards women this is something that reopens old wounds and pretty much shut off his cerebral cortex.  He blankly stares and makes his way home.  Today we get to see the reason why he’s so bad with women, and it goes back to his father having that fling with Kuranosuke’s mother.  Any kid would be traumatized.

Miss Virgin Molester Developer Lady certainly comes off as the complete presented opposite of the Amars and Tsukimi.  Not just in attitude but in outlook, and it’s sad for post-rape Shu to have his experiences stuck in the middle of two polarizing classes of women considering he’s so inexperienced with it all.  She’s outward, aggressive, strives for what she wants and not above using her womanly wiles to get them.  Everything the Amars are not, in both the good and the bad.

Adultery is part and parcel in politics.

Next week will be the fallout of the Amars’ night out and Shu’s molestation.  One thing we should see is how just being able to hold Tsikimi’s hand managed to get him back to his old self.  It was a nice and heartwarming gesture for what it’s worth, but I’m a KuraxTsukimi shipper, so yeah.


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