Twilight of the Golden Witch: Tea Party and ????

This final section will have the entirety of the final Tea Party and ????

Episode 8 Tea Party

– A witch is holding her pen and writing on her manuscript. Piles of other manuscripts are scattered about.
– Featherine is looking kind of stressed. She slumps down on her work and is worried about the progress of her writing. She wonders how to write at all about the stories of humans, especially for the catbox. She talks to herself.
– She says she’ll write a bit more and end it where she thinks is okay. She decides to take a break and visit her cat.
– In her room, Bern is sewing up Lambda back together, who is complaining about how painful her suturing technique is. Bern is enjoying this.
– Erika arrives bringing some food and chopsticks. She tells her to prepare while she sews up Lambda. She tells Erika that a letter came for her. They say the letter is postmarked from heaven. Bern thinks it’s from Dlanor and says this is her reasoning. Erika jokingly invokes Van Dine 9 and says there cannot be two detectives (this is not colored text).
– Lambda is asking them to hurry up with putting her back together. Erika makes fun of her and takes her left arm. She tickles Lambda’s arm. Abject sillines ensues.
– Narrator says Lambda’s body is made of cake and sweets which is why she can survive like this. They check Dlanor’s letter.
– In the letter, Gertrude is promoted to Inquisitor level. Cornelia is made a quaestor and is currently involved in the combat sport program. Will, and the witches are surprised to read this, bought some real estate property by the mountains and is renting rooms, living off the rent in relaxation and taught badminton by Lion. For whatever reason, Lion appears with him and pinches his ass.
– I don’t really understand about the details with Dlanor since the text moves too fast and it doesn’t actually say what happened. I surmise Dlanor got promoted to a desk job but, since she pulled out her red sword, still apparently prefers to be in the field.
– The witches go have some tea. Bern says she plans to head to northern kakeras like Minami. Lambda says she’ll head west of Bern goes east. They talk about meeting in the kakera sea again. Giggles.
– End of Tea Party

???? Scenes

10 Years Later
– It is ten years after Ange decided to end her search for Rokkenjima’s truth. At a hotel there is a literary presentation in a banquet hall. Ange is presenting her new book about Sakutaro. This is the continuation of her fantasy novel series. The title is “The Treasures of the Kakera”.
– Her book series was well received and became popular. As an author Ange has used the pen name Hisashi. She used the book to spread the word of happiness and how to find it, partially based on what Maria taught her.
– Attendees give her accolades. One of the attendees asks her if she knows of the writer Hachijo. She says she knows of her but has never met her. The attendee asks if she wants to have a private meeting with her. She recalls the uproar she caused when she declared that she would not open the diary of Eva. To her, Hachijo is a writer who wrote about the supposed truths of Rokkenjima but made a series of fiction about it.
– Ange is somewhat thankful that she chose not to reveal the book, saving Rokkenjima’s catbox from the goats. She agrees to meet her next Sunday. The attendee reveals that Hachijo has a man who is assisting and editing her. Ange suddenly recalls a premonition, when she questioned how Hachijou would know such intimate details of the island and the family. Despite changing her name, she drew attention to herself due to her books. She has a suspicion.
– That Sunday she waits for Hachijo and her assistant at the coffee shop. When they arrive, she sees her pushing a young man on a wheelchair. She sees the young man and thinks that he looks so much like her brother Battler. The man is wearing a suit and has white hair. When they greet each other she feels palpitations. Ange seems convinced that this man, after all these years, is her brother.
– Hachijo greets her and takes a seat. Ange feels a great sense of relief in seeing him. She wants to jump in and hug him but restrains herself. There is something different about this man. They all order some coffee and talk.
– Touya says he’s been interested to meet the Ushiromiya Ange that they know from the stories. Ange for her part takes out a picture of their family at an amusement park. She tries to compare Battler in the picture to Touya. Seeing them copared removes any doubt she has that this is, indeed, Battler.
– She asks him flat out if he is Ushiromiya Battler. Touya, after a while, confirms it. He says that he, Hachijou Touya, is Ushiromiya Battler.
– Ange bursts out crying. She has so many questions to ask but is unable to find the words. It’s been almost 20 years since that day and she’s been hoping and waiting for all that time.
– Battler takes her hand. Ange asks him how he managed to survive the island. He tells her of the underground passage to the submarine base.
– He says he escaped on a motorboat but he cannot remember anything beyond that. The rest is vague. Hachijou explains how he had amnesia for a while after, and how she found him on a beach after he fell into the ocean.
– Ange begins to understand how the two of them never found each other even though he survived. When she became Hisashi, only Amakusa and Okonogi knew her real identity. Them coming together like this was almost a coincidence because she became a writer and was offered to meet Hachijou. She thinks this is fate.
– Hachijou says they thought to begin finding Ange after Battler began to regain his memories. Battler, as Touya, however refused at that time. He said that back then he was afraid of meeting Ange and recaling everything. He says he became Touya and wanted to live the life her knew of those ten years, and not that of Battler Ushiromiya. Eventually he became guilty for Ange’s sake.
– He says that while his memory is still spotty, he can remember details like the hair ornaments he gave her. He is afraid the memories will overcome him if they all return. He still thinks these memories are memories of another person and not his own. He did not want to accept that Battler was a part of him. He did not want to show her Battler in a wheelchair.
– Hachijou says him being paraplegic is a sequelae of his injury. Battler says even then, he believed somehow that he had to meet her, and this made me anxious and unable to sleep. He regrets not meeting her sooner. Battler cries.
– Ange calls her Touya, and thanks him for his bravery and coming to meet her. She gives him a hug. She now comes to terms with the fact that this man is Touya, and that her brother Battler is now a part of him rather then him entirely. She accepts him has her brother.
– That evening they leave the cafe. Ange says she wants to invite him somewhere and hands him a letter. She says she wants to finally close this chapter of her life once and for all.

October of that year (Halloween)
– Hachijou and Touya arrive at a house. The house is a home for disabled people, the elderly and abandoned children. Ange as Hisashi is trying to revive this institution. It would seem this was a project of the Ushiromiya family before.
– Hachijou says it is nice, being writers and all and how children are the weavers of the future’s tale. They hand Ange their contribution to the home. Ange herself uses her own money for the house. She has become rather rich as an author but puts most of her money here.
– The kids are having activities time inside. The house is a happy and lively place. Ange says she teaches them Maria’s magic of happiness. Here Hachijou admits she read her book series and admires it.
– Ange leads them to a room where she hands them candy bags to give to the children. She also wants them to talk to the kids. They enter into a hall that is exactly like the banquet hall on the Rokkenjima mansion.
– Ange says she wanted to recreate a memory of her past. The hall is complete, even with a portrait of Beatrice! Ange says she got the original painter to make another one.
– The kids line up for the party. A flash of light comes, and for whatever reason the entire family with servants and metacharacters arrive with her. She stands with them, and the party begins.
– Final text slide show.
– Credit roll.

I waited for you Battler
… I’m sorry. I was a bit late coming here.
Why are you sitting on a wheelchair? Here, I’ll give you a hand, so get yourself together.
As she walked, she gave her hand to Battler who was on the wheelchair. Battler… slowly took the hand, and slowly… he stood up.
Listen. All of us here have finally met again. Tonight the Golden Land will revive.
Continuous applause blessed Battler.
Everyone was there. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.
And then, Beato hugged Battler. Stronger and stronger, she hugged him so as to never part from him again.
You really… came back…
I’m back… but late, though.
… I won’t ever let you go again.
Yeah, I won’t ever let you go again either.
We’ll be together… forever.
This story is dedicated to the beloved witch Beatrice.

The End



  1. Elliot said,

    so now will poses hte hilton hotels?

  2. Miriallia said,

    Hi! 🙂
    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful and hard work during all this time~
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

  3. Renalldo said,

    I … love … you.

    Thank you for everything. I am now satisfied for the rest of the year. 😀

  4. Kiriain said,

    This story is an absolute masterpiece. It’s truly a beautiful story that started as a mystery, had a romance added to it, and finally became a story of interpreting truths. I don’t think there’s that many stories which can compare. ;_;

    Anyways, this is just what I needed. This summary won’t compare to the real thing, but it definitely is worth the time to read. This is such awesome work. Thank you for taking your time to write this and putting so much effort into this.

  5. pipol said,


    awwh., i loved Tea Party

    and i fell in love with the ???


    thanks for posting

  6. Oni said,

    Thanx for all the hard work you did this was truly a master piece now gotta wait for the anime interpretation

  7. Makato said,

    I know I am a bit late and all with a thank you but…Thank u so much for all the hard work you put into translating this I have been interested in this series since the anime to the motion graphics and finally the visual novels. You have no idea how much it brings joy to my heart knowing tht battler actually survived and is reunited with Ange, and in a way reunited with everyone from the island but most of all with Beatrice. Someone who started out as his enemy but eventually turned into the love of his life. This to me is the true true happy ending. (Sorry for the ramble but that goes to show you if you want teh good ending PICK MAGIC PPL! BELIEVE ME YOU WILL CRY AND SMILE! XD)) Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for translating a Marvelous ending to a Marvelous story!

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