Twilight of the Golden Witch: The Murder Game

(Test in parenthesis are my own analysis and tips)

The Choices:

1. Reread the Story
2. Display the Rules
3. Confirm Purple Text
4. Hints
5. Choose the Criminal

Hint 1
– Beato raises the issue of how to even infer which purple is the criminallying and which is valid truth. Battler and Lambda admit that you have to be discerning in what to believe. Battler says flip over the board. Analyze the purple from the POV of the criminal and see what how he would lie and with what.

Hint 2
– Beato raises the issue of the POVs of the regular characters. Battler repeats the statement that the criminal cannot die or be dead. Beato asks if the purplt text about death are reliable, especially with Nanjo. They think of the possibility of Nanjo being part of it and lying with the purple. They realize that if the criminal can lie, then there is no guarantee that the purple confirms that any of the people are dead.

Hint 3
– Beato realizes that with Bern’s red, the only lies are in the speech, and all presented events that were seen can be considered true. The differentiation of truth from lies exist within the words spoken by the characters. They first try to validate what is evident in the presented events.

Hint 4
– Beato notices something in the seventh death involving Nanjo. Battler sees something with Jessica’s death. Both can be considered confirmed dead with the story’s direction and not necessarily requiring a purple to confirm. They realize that both Jessica and Nanjo and really dead. THEREFORE, NEITHER JESSICA OR NANJO CAN BE THE CRIMINAL. THEREFORE, THEIR PURPLE TEXT ARE VALID. The two go back through the purple of Nanjo and Jessica.

(Consider Nanjo. His purple before he died confirms the deaths of people, and because he is not the criminal, his purple is considered true and the people he autopsied are dead. By logical extension, because said people are dead, the dead he has confirmed cannot be the criminals because the criminal cannot be dead according to the rules. Further extrapolation will then reveal that because non-murderers will always tell the truth, the purple truth stated by the ones he has autopsied must therefore be true. Notice however that he does not confirm in purple the deaths of Rosa, Hideyoshi, Eva, Rudolph and Kyrie. Consider now Shannon, who DOES state that the child confirmed Kyrie and Rudolph to be dead, but it does not validated whether the child confirmation was CORRECT.)

(At this point, we consider that the purple text of innocent people are true.)

Hint 5
– They confirm that Nanjo and Jessica spoke truth. They also realize my previous assessment of the rules, and therefore conclude that the dead people he confirmed cannot be criminals, namely Krauss, Natsuhi, Shannon, Gohda, Kumasawa. These people, as well as Nanjo and Jessica, are excluded from the list of suspects. They add Kanon to this due to the red given by Bern and validated by the rules.
– Lambda is surprised they managed to remove 8 people this fast.

Hint 6
– They also add Genji to this list. 9 people down. They begin to investigate the purples of the confirmed innocent suspects. They also realize that the purples regarding the first 6 victims does not exactly define them as dead but only bloodied.
– Battler says that neither he, Maria nor George managed to confirm their parents dead, although they notice that Shannon in purple says that “the child” confirmed the death of the child’s parents. They realize, with Lambda’s help, my previous assessment of that autopsy that they don’t know if the child’s autopsy was correct.
– They also realize that they cannot eliminate the last three survivors as suspects.

Hint 7
– Battler realizes that none of the master keys could have been used because none of the servants are criminals and only they could have used their keys. They wonder how then the criminal got access. They analyze the possibility of a secret trick.

Hint 8
– Beato postulates that the criminal may be part of the unconfirmed deaths in the dining room, locking the room and faking death and leaving afterwards. They wonder how to lock the rooms from the outside.
– She mistakenly assumes the six first victims are innocent and Battler corrects her.

Hint 9
– They analyze Natsuhi’s room. All the members went to the room together after wondering what took them so long. Whoever it is, they think the criminal must have hidden in the room apart from everyone else, but people returned to the drawing room after seeing the scene. The red truth of definitely killing 6 people baffles them.
– They realize that when Bern said the red regarding the criminal having killed 6 people by that time, this (?) includes Krauss and Natsuhi.

(What does this mean? Consider that there are ideally 8 people dead by the time Bern mentions this red truth. However only the criminal can kill, and if he has killed 6 people, there seems to exist the possibility that only 6/8 people are dead by that time. I assume the possibility that perhaps 2 people from the 8 might actually be alive! One, or both, of these persons may be the criminal.)

(Consider as well that they didn’t seal the dining room immediately. It may be that whoever faked death managed to get out without limits.)

Hint 10
– Battler and Beato realize that indeed, perhaps 2 of the 8 people may be alive to satisfy the 6 people red text. They theorize that the killer only killed 5 people in the dining room before proceeding to Natsuhi’s room. They then wonder how someone could be hiding in her room.

Hint 11
– Battler theorizes that there might be a second criminal in the story. The first one might have been the one who killed Natsuhi and Krauss by hiding in the room. They think is might be either Battler, George or Maria who killed the rest.

(At this point I find it odd they don’t consider that the second criminal might be one of the eight.)

Hint 12
– For Shannon’s murder, they exclude George because he could not have killed her. They think it is either Maria or Battler. They cannot yet discount someone else. They find difficulty in determining who a possible second criminal could be.

Hint 13
– For Gohda and Kumasawa, they are limited by the statement that the four remaining family and Nanjo could not have killed those two. They believe that this proves that there must be someone else who killed these two, suggesting that a second criminal must exist.
– Both gain a lot of confidence.

Hint 14
– They begin to investigate the final murders and wonder about the child who performed an autopsy. They still think it is either Battler, George or Maria.
– They reasses the previous idea because the three final survivors could not have killed the last victims alone. They now consider that there may be three criminals. They also reasses the first 5 unsure victims for a possible third criminal.

Hint 15
– For Jessica, The three final survivors could not have killed her. They asses George’s purple that Maria could not have killed anyone. They also asses Maria’s purple that George could not have killed an adult, but he can kill a child. These two are considered in conflict like the chicken and egg problem. These two might be innocent.

Hint 16
– They attempt to verify Maria. They presume that Rosa would be part of this, and that Rosa would have been the killer up to Natsuhi and Maria would succeed after. However, Maria would not have been able to kill the guesthouse survivors and Shannon. He reasons that if none of the other first victims is part of it, perhaps a 4th person is part of the plot. They reason that if Maria is the criminal, there must be more conspirators to compensate for Maria’s limitations.
– In this case, the first killer is an adult that killed the first two events. The second adult kills in the guesthouse. This might be impossible because a second adult besides Rosa would be needed, and a child could not have killed in the first two events. They also reason that the child who did the autopsy could not exist because it goes beyond the limit.
– Maria is unlikely.

Hint 17
– They verify George. If it is George, then Eva and Hideyoshi could be in on it. This gives 2 adults and one child. They however remember that George could not have killed Shannon. They remove George as a suspect.

(Let me clarify. The current assumption is that there are three possible criminals. One for the mansion events, one for the guesthouse and maybe one outside. They have reasoned that the mansion and guesthouse killers are adults because the children are excluded by the purple. The outside killer could be a child or one of the previous adults. However Maria is again limited by this and the fact that no viable second adult could be considered. George is also limited because he did not kill Shannon.)

Hint 18
– By purple exclusion, because George is innocent then his statement that Maria could not have killed anyone stands true. Therefore Maria is also innocent they conclude. They now try to identify the final people.

Hint 19
– They now believe it is at least 2 people. A single killer is impossible. They recall the impossibility of locking from the outside without the master keys. They now believe that the child who autopsied their parents must be lying to cover up for them, and is an accomplice. Beato now thinks that the first adult criminal locked themselves in Natsuhi’s room. The second adult killed in the guesthouse. The child assisted them.

Hint 20
– Beato is convinced that the criminals are one family unit. They find it disturbing.

Hint 21
– Battler is now convinced that his incarnation in the game is the child who lied on the autopsy. They now have their answer.

(Yeah. The two adults are obvious now. You know who they are.)

Make your choice.

Move on the Part III



  1. askura said,

    Hint 21 really does give a massive hint lol

  2. Sean said,

    Link at the bottom of the page is mistyped. it’s missing a “t” in witch

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