September 10, 2010

K-On! S2 Ep23: Tying Up Loose Ends

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really mind at all if there’s no performance or no music at all in the final episode.  Their school festival performance was a rock it to the shit display as it is and it’s enough of a fitting end for HTT’s high school incarnation.

This episode was really a big and long “tying up loose ends” episode that is one of the very real and important things that mark the end of one phase of life and the start of the next.  I doubt anyone would have wanted to leave high school without settling things and making sure you’re prepared to move on.  This includes of course doing the things you have left to do (like whatever that chocolate bread was), cleaning your room for the next batch of students, etc.

The best of course was their decision to make a tape of all their songs that they can leave behind for the next group of zany K-On!-ers.  It actually makes it feel like, knowing how the episodes begin and how the halftimes are, seeing the tape now makes it feel like we’re witnessing a recording/recollection of 5 girls and their life in a band rather than actively watching them as they go.  In retrospect, it’s like we’ve stumbled on their tape in the room and we listened to it, all the while hearing their story as 3 years of high school being told like a story.

In a way I think the inclusion of the tape was a brilliant symbolic touch, and anyone would immediately connect it with the start and halftime tapes.  Perhaps we’re no longer active viewers in the lives of 5 girls going through high school, but passive listeners listening to their story as they’ve already moved on.

This is their chronicle and we’re merely looking at a mirror to past events.


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