December 14, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep11: There Is No Turning Back

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And today the brother and sister have breached the point of no return.  The deed is done and… being done at least twice a day from what I gather.  Behold carnal pleasure and all that.  I just assume they know what they’re doing or at least some of it, so maybe I can assume that for the most part the entire taboo issue of their relationship has sunk in and that they are willing to accept the outcomes of their choices.

And for god’s sake use a condom Haru!

She's not peeing, that's for sure.

The sight of her sister dominating his mind, Haru can’t even focus on his so-called girlfriend enough without seeing Sora in her head and her lust for her brother.  Most of the first half has him completely mentally dominated by her sister as he inches ever closer to the point of no return.  Nao and that girl who’s name escapes me have begun to notice the change in Haru’s personality and have become suspicious of what’s troubling him.  His torment continues until one day when Sora gets sick and, while taking care of her, that it’s time to be honest with his own feelings and cross the line he’s been denying for oh so many years.

And yes they go at it like rabbits.  Years of sexual repression would do that I suppose.  Nao and that girl have begun to notice that something potentially taboo is in the works until they decide to just go to their house and see what’s wrong.  What’s wrong, however, feels just right for them.

Research about your relationship is important too!

The great thing about this episode is that Haru, despite being troubled by all of it, isn’t completely dominated by his libido.  As the above screenshot shows, he’s thinking (or trying to) with his head and not his dick.  He seems to fully understand the situation he and his sister are faced and tries to comprehend and prepare for the results and ramifications of their chosen path.  He might feel the need to thrust his manhood into his sister whenever they have the chance, but he knows that simply being together isn’t going to get them through: he’s trying to understand the situation they are in and trying to find ways to keep things together despite the social taboo.

In effect it gives him some much needed maturity and personality as a male lead faced with a very socially unacceptable prospect that is needed when dealing with issues like this.  It’s fairly easy for him to becoming some sort of a perverted sex monster and have the entire show devolve into borderline sexfest, but this is a story above all else, a story about two siblings lost in romantic love that society frowns upon.  A lead who knows things well enough is needed, and that is what we’re getting from Haru.

If you are to cross the line, then you better be prepared.

Sora on the other hand has shown that she’s realized that she cannot be the needy sister to Haru anymore if she wants to stand equal with him as his lover and not his sister.  We could assume that it’s also tied to the previous arcs, and how we’ve seen her observing the other girls and how they’ve done and changed themselves in order to be with Haru.  She says in a previous PV that it’s all a dream, but if indeed they are dreams then they are dreams where she has learned a lot about how one changes for the better.  She knows she needs to become a better person for Haru’s sake, even more so because they’d be engaging in a relationship society at large abhors at.  Respect to Sora for that.

So like Haru, she’s not completely engulfed by the flames of passionate lust, but also thinking and realizing things for herself, that being “in love” doesn’t solve all of live’s problems.  They have the added burden of being siblings, and she needs to work hard too to make it work.

How can you ever say no to that face?

As for incest itself… well I’m not here to judge nor pass judgment on anyone’s behalf.  Like in Koi Kaze one cannot really understand and go through the story of two (genetically) star-crossed lovers trying to live their lives as best they can with judgmental mindsets.  One still has to respect the amount of effort they’re trying to put into their illicit relationship, whether you agree with it or not.  Again I’m mostly neutral to this entire issue because, really, it’s not my place to say what is love and what is not, and what is real and what is not.  In the end everything that exists or does not exist lies between them, a subjective nature we cannot really know absolutely.

... Yeah I think we can fit two more in here.

And now that they’ve been busted… well we don’t really know what those two really think about the whole thing, or whether they’ll even tell anyone or keep it a secret.  It’s a cliffhanger if I’ve ever seen one.  Would probably be prudent on Haru’s part to pull out of his sister before he even tries to explain what the hell is going on, but hey at least it wasn’t like in Nao’s arc where he continued thrusting away when Sora saw them.  Since next week is the conclusion, I guess we’ll see how this incestuous relationship will fare with its exposure.


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