August 31, 2010

HotD Ep9: Bloodlust

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Some people lose themselves in fear, too afraid to act or move in their catatonic state and thus the zombies have a free meal.  Others take advantage of the situation and enact their own grandiose schemes for the future, as evidenced by Shido’s attempt to manipulate the minds the terrified lesser minds.  There are others who, despite the odds, try to make sense of the situation and try to struggle on the desire to survive and live another day.  Most of everyone else falls under this.

There will also be others who become intoxicated in the maddening allure of power and control.  The violence they unleash on their weaker enemies takes control of them and inside, with every swing and every shot, they realize the need to feed the bloodlust brewing inside.

This would be Saeko.

He's doing it on purpose.

This is Takashi’s second separation from the group and Saeko’s first.  While the others have been rescued from their predicament, these two have to find another route towards Saya’s house, which is likely one of the few safe havens left in the city.  Their travels take them to a auto shop where they commandeer a amphibious vehicle and seek temporary refuge on the river sandbar which, as the pic above shows, puts him and Saeko on a rather questionable predicament.

It doesn’t take too long for them to try and fight their way to a temple where they plan to seek shelter for the night, and it’s here that Saeko’s problems become readily apparent.

Strike a pose!

Upon seeing little child zombies, she suddenly realizes the directions her own humanity has gone to.  She suddenly loses the will to fight and the will to dismember zombies with a wooden sword, and this forces Takeshi to take her and find safe havens in old temple.  Here she goes into a little ball and tells him her story.  The story of her “true nature” that she thinks does not give her the right to be a “normal girl”.

The monster inside her.

Interpret this as you want.

Getting lost in madness is something more people probably understand than they are willing to admit.  Power has always been intoxicating and controlling as the old cliches and sayings say.  Saeko admits to how she is no different, as she recalls to Takeshi the first time she realized this when she beat a man who assaulted her to within an inch of her life.  Self-defense is one thing, but goading them into assaulting just so you could exercise the deadly force that you possess is another.  She comes clean with her bloodlust and calls herself a monster for enjoying it.  Unlike Takeshi she’s been like this for a while, and this is the darkness inside her.  This is the monster she lets loose when the need to do so becomes uncontrollable.

But doesn’t everyone have something like that?  A dark secret in their souls that they are ashamed to speak of, yet are forced to let loose when the caged animal cannot be contained?

This is her madness.

All it takes to get her back to her senses is the Boob Grab of Destiny (BGD).  The male equivalent would probably be the Junk Grab of Destiny (JGD) but that isn’t the point right now.  While over the top, Takeshi’s speech to her probably was not.  We can say that he understands the madness that fuels her drive to fight and live.  It’s very easy to get completely lost in the madness of this crazy new world, but it’s much harder to admit it and take control when the need to arises.  Takeshi tells her that he will stay beside her despite the madness and the insanity she displays as the zombies converge, and he will help keep her in check in all this fighting so as to keep her “herself”, to not become like the monsters that now infest the planet like a pandemic.

Himura would be proud.

I find it odd that the sword she got in the temple that she used to quite easily dispatch of the zombies in their way is gone at the end.  They probably left it there, but everyone agrees that she would be far more awesome than she already is with it.  Whether or not she’ll get a new one viewers are likely to hope for, but at the rate the series is going I have an idea of where and when the season is going to end.

If it ends there, suffice to say that a second season is very possible.  This is a ridiculously popular series after all and I wouldn’t be surprised.


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  1. physics0223 said,

    They did it so bad.

    I mean … Takashi is a lucky guy.

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