December 14, 2011

Last Exile – Fam the Silver Wing – Ep9: Like Sisters

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They say that blood is thicker than water, but true bonds are thicker than blood. I’m sure that some of us probably have adopted or foster brothers or sisters, and most of us some friends we thought of as family. So much importance is placed on blood ties that sometimes I think that we forget that blood means nothing if there aren’t any bonds that tie people together. Family is not limited to sharing genes and a house. Family is not merely a physical and genetic distinction. Family extends beyond something simply tangible but also to something more emotional and more profound. Who is to say that someone isn’t your family just because you don’t share any chromosomes? Family is all about the connection, and when that connection exists, then you are a family.

Giselle begins packing her bags since their agreement with Tatiana has been fulfilled. Fam however, who has promised to help Millia to the end, is having thoughts on about staying. Her feelings fresh in her heart and mind Giselle sort of snaps at her and fully intends to leave. Cracks between the two begin to appear as Giselle tussles with her feelings about what she wants to be and do with Fam, and Fam on her part tussles with her own reassessment of what Giselle really means to her. Millia on her part feels pangs of guilt for making Fam and Giselle fight on her behalf, and feels responsible for the trouble brewing between the two.

What happens next is a moderate amount of brooding, introspection and advice from people who have been there, done that. Dio shares his own regrets for what he failed to tell his old friend (Luciolla) when he died while Tatiana and Alister give words of advice based on their own past experiences. A shopping trip and a hockey game letter, all three of them manage to express the things they’ve been wanting to say, trivial as they may seem.

This might actually be the first time that Fam had been forced to think about what Giselle really means to her, and reassessing her own failure to communicate what she really feels. Fam spends most of the entire episode either looking for Giselle or brooding at her own failure. In the start she was left wondering perhaps what had gotten into Giselle, thinking that the two of them were in it for the long run, but had gotten a shock when she realizes Giselle doesn’t share all of her sentiments. It takes half an episode of introspection and crew advice to make her realize her own failures at communication, even towards a person she had considered a sister.

Giselle is for the most part the same. In her anxiety and fear she was forced to try and figure out why she was fighting, why she was tagging along with Fam in this conflict. Giselle had always come off as a very reserved and soft spoken individual, and this episode highlights this trait to show that it can become a fault when it becomes a hurdle between two people.  Giselle’s inability to speak her mind when it came to Fam, despite their friendship, creates a problem where there shouldn’t be.

It’s then sort of ironic that Giselle is unable to speak her mind when Fam, at least at this point, is willing to listen to her.  Fam rightly realizes that her insensitivity as a result of her spontaneous personality easily leads to misunderstandings and miscommunication.  She has made a lot of assumptions at this point, not merely when it comes to what Giselle is feeling and what Millia is trying to achieve.  She is quick on her feet and quick to decide, but there is a difference between quick thinking and being rash, and she has shown a capacity for both.  She needs to take the time and explain rather than always trying to pull everyone along with her whims.  At the very least she looks to be on the way to being more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.  Even if Giselle herself truly wants to continue flying in the same sky as Fam and help her achieve both their dreams, one cannot act on just that assumption, they must both come to that understanding together.

Vincent, gloriously confident MF that he is, makes his appearance and casually drops the name of the Anatoray-Disith alliance.  Since it is all but confirmed that Anatoray exists on Earth, it exists either as a separate nation or as a combination with Disith on the planet.  It is suggested that the Sylvius might actually be the top of the line military vessel of the nation they founded here on Earth, but since we haven’t set foot on the country yet we can only assume, and frankly I really want an official introduction to the country already.  If Alvis is pretty much confirmed to be here, then I would really like to see the state of the nation after their return from Exile.

Again we don’t get a preview for whatever reason, but hey this blog post is really late as it is so a preview is kind of useless at this point.  We can see of course that Anatoray and Disith will now increase its involvement in the conflict so expect not only the return of some of the old cast, but even bigger aerial combat.


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