November 14, 2011

Last Exile – Fam The Silver Wing – Ep5: Head of State

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As long as the people exist, as long as their beloved leader exists, a nation will keep on going, or so they say.  The lands of Turan are gone but it’s people live on in the wilderness, and it’s leader lives among sky pirates on a wandering battleship.  So then as long as Millia keeps on believing that Turan has a future, as long as the Turan people live to see that future, Turan will exist again on day.  Until that time of course she has to set up her government in Exile (pun and irony intended) by hook or by… maid costume.


Fam and Giselle are already hard at work to fulfill their promise to capture 15 ships and create a fleet of their own for Millia.  The princess herself is trying to figure out a way to keep the spirit, and thus nation, of Turan going even if it means creating a nation in exile.  Fam and Giselle plan out their conquest of two new ships using little more than trickery and preparedness as Millia plans out how to set up her government in exile.  For Fam and Giselle it’s simple: trick the Ades squadron leader to go back home, have the skeletal crew come with him due to his inflated ego, and autopilot the ships back to the Sylvius.  Millia’s plan entails a little more moe exercise and… a maid costume, as uh stated above.

Fam and Giselle’s plan works, Millia’s not so much.  So when she ends up barricading the kitchen and the crew gladly (more or less) give in to her demands, the exiled government of Turan is born, housed in a few rooms and a shower.

One would expect Fam’s spontaneity would bite her in the rear one day, but in this episode her luck (?) continues, aided of course by her go-getter attitude and Giselle’s brilliant memory.  In the process of course most of the mind work and the talking is done by Giselle and the muscle goes to Fam, but that’s what makes them a really good team.  They compliment each other perfectly as a pair of attracted opposites using their strengths to cancel their weaknesses.  They’ve proven to be able to steal ships from the outside, now they’ve proven they can do it from the inside.  Deception, stealth and all that.  They were a great piloting pair, but they also make a good piloting one.

There will come a time that Fam’s good luck streak will have to reach it’s limit though, but so far she’s on a roll.  Reality should ideally make it’s move on her some day, and Tatiana’s complete outmaneuvering of her was the first sign that she has a lot to learn.

Millia’s sheltered lifestyle is probably partly to blame for her unconventional approach to convincing the male dominated crew to give her some ship space to set up her domain.  She’s fully serious now, if only to make a symbolic declaration that Turan continues to exist.  Her seriousness includes dressing in a manner that would be considered too embarrassing for more regular folk, so it probably doesn’t dawn on her that most girls wouldn’t be caught dead on a maid uniform, at least in our (the viewer’s) day and age.  Probably acceptable behavior in their era.

This doesn’t diminish her intentions for her people and her nation though.  Silliness aside, she didn’t do it with the excessive amounts of sugar coated moe that most attempts in such attire would have demanded.  She had a very serious air and intent with her, just too bad that being in that get up makes it kind of difficult to take her seriously.  In the end she succeeds in claiming a small section on the Sylvius as extended domain of the Kingdom of Turan.  It’s pretty obvious that Tatiana and the crew gladly gave her the space, and even a good dinner with it to boot, but you can’t say she didn’t try to earn it.  If you perhaps just imagine that she wasn’t wearing a damned maid outfit when she made the speech to the ship, you’d see a very determined princess behind the frills.

Just like the original crew, there’s a reason (albeit hidden) that the ship is just flying around seemingly doing nothing.  And just like the original series, we don’t know it yet.  This is a brave new world for the ship’s crew so it’d be strange and pointless for the crew to just be flying around on what amounts to be one of the most high tech and powerful ships in the known planet.  Alex Rowe and much of the original crew had a purpose as they flew around in search of Exile.  Now that they’re back in the land of their ancestors, I surmise that they fly around not only to survey the world around them, but to also get a first hand view of the conflicts in their ancestral planet and to find out where the newly returned prodigal children stand.  The purpose of securing ships for the Sylvius and by extension Turan seems to serve more than a simple military one, but they are tools of war, so combat is inevitable.

There is the question of whether the newly returned exiles have their own land or nation to call their own, and I believe that they probably do, and the crew of the Sylvius have realized that this is a war torn planet like their old one, and one that necessitates that they defend themselves once again.

Fam has the dream of the Grand Race like Claus before her did, and the next episode looks like a race of some sort that she will be part of, and perhaps show off her skills that Tatiana says needs more work.  It’s probably not the Grand one she’s been searching for, and it looks like it could also be a politically charged one with the potential involvement of Ades and other nations as well.


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