October 25, 2011

Last Exile -Fam The Silver Wing- Ep2: Seas of Red

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The sky is a deep shade of crystalline blue.  The sea below, a crimson red stained by the blood of people.  The horizon divides beauty and horror by a thin line as Milia sees her city burn in the background.  A new world, an old planet, the same condition of humanity still engaged in endless war for ideologies and desires.  This is the world from which humanity was exiled, but as I has said before, humanity doesn’t learn pretty well.

This is war, and war… war never changes.

Fam and Giselle are given the mission of bringing Turan’s tactical plans to their father in the capital as the threat of Ades’ armada sail across the skies behind them.  Upon their arrival the citizens of the capital are being evacuated from their homes as chaos and panic begins to sweep.  The bedridden king then begs Fam and Giselle to take his daughter to safety, offering his ring as payment for the task.  As this happens the two fleets begin their engagement and the Lasas begins its suicide run into the Ades flagship.  The run fails as the entire crew is killed by a mysterious pilot who comes face to face with Dio himself.  Liliana is captured and brought to the Ades flagship.

As Dio brings them the news Milia begs the two pilots to help her rescue her sister.  A nearly impossible infiltration doesn’t stop them, and inside they learn the truth about their world and the truth about Liliana as the Exile is called down to lay waste on the capital of the Turan nation.

It’s apparent that the two nations have been at war for some time, but we can see that unlike in the original series where the secrets of Exile had been lost to almost everyone, there are those in this land who no exactly what Exile is and what its purpose was.  The guild in the first series considered it a tool of power but didn’t fully comprehend what it was originally for.  Here however Luschinia seems fully aware of what Exile is and what it was used for.  What we don’t know right now of course is whether these people here and now are ones that have been brought back by Exile, or remnants of the human society left behind by those who had left on these celestial ships.  Luschinia’s words of revelation however proves that this is indeed their home planet, their earth, the origins of humanity and ultimately where all Exiles will return.  Dio’s presence of course suggests this, and that the Exile of the previous series may have touched down here at least once, but now we get to see a glimpse of the world that the ancestors of Claus and Lavie once left.

I honestly didn’t think that we’d get a glimpse of their home planet this early, but we did, and it’s not a pretty sight.

War, the most sinister of human conflicts, is one of the main foci of the series and the sequel continues it.  This may be the world from which humanity was exiled, but now that we it we also see that it isn’t much different from Claus’ and Lavie’s world.  Perhaps we can attribute it to… well… human nature, but you’d think that after such a long time in their exile humanity would have learned that there is no winner or loser in war, just those that have died and those left behind to pick up the pieces.  This world is, essentially, no different from the world the Claus, Lavie and their companions left behind in the original.  Dio’s presence and apparent lack of aging suggests that their Exile is fairly new to this world, and also suggesting that this human war in this world has been raging (hot or cold) even before they came.

The idea that this home world is the paradise humanity was exiled from seems to be a rather gross exaggeration.  Maybe at one point it was, but maybe humanity’s arrival back home once again sparked the flames of war.  War is a human construct, and perhaps the planet was itself peaceful before the prodigal sons of the planet came back.  A very sad idea when you think about it.  Paradise is about to be spoiled for a second time.  Humanity never learns.

Fam is a hax pilot and Giselle has a photographic memory.  At the start of the series there was some criticism that the characters are archetypes of the usual stock, an argument that is understandable since we don’t get to see much development from the characters besides the basics, but also premature because this is still the first part of the show.  To me however, when Fam looked at the ring the king gave her, expressed her doubts and her wish to sometimes just run away from it all, we managed to get a glimpse of sincerity and sensitivity from a character who initially gave the impression of straight up sassy tomboyish qualities.  Truth is we don’t know much about her so far, but that sense of longing she shows when Milia says goodbye to her father and when she starts thinking of the task at hands seems to suggest that she doesn’t really know the feeling of having a nuclear family, or perhaps had lost hers long ago.  Every character in the Last Exile universe had their own stories and pasts, and I believe that Fam would be no exception.

The kingdom lies in ruins as the lake it borders gets bathed in the blood of people and the reflection of the fires of war.   When Fam and Giselle wake up to see Milia stare blankly into the burning city beyond, we now know that the series starts where human lives end, where kingdoms fall.  Where the series will go from here, with a kingdom and it’s armies in ruins, is anyone’s guess.


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