June 27, 2011

Hana-Saku Iroha Ep13: Family Ties

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In medicine it’s usually frowned upon, if not downright unethical, to treat your own family members.  Aside again from the ethical considerations you have to face, there will also be that difficulty in separating familiarity from the science of medicine.  There will be some sort of bias among other things when dealing with family as patients, especially because you have to treat them with knowledge other doctors wouldn’t know.  I imagine to some extent that dealing with family as guests at an inn would be sort of the same.  That’s the best analogy I can make for this lol.

She’s coming to Kissuiso, and now everyone panicking to hell at the idea that the manager’s daughter is coming to be a guest.  Uncle man’s bad memories of their childhood is flashing before his eyes as the rest of the staff can barely contain their worry at what they have to do to please someone they’ve only ever heard of before.  Turns out that she isn’t so much the demon they’ve pictured her to be.  She’s sort of clinging, has little to no concept of personal space, is rather demanding, but hey so are other guests.  Nako is sort of impressed by her and the rest of the staff are trying their best to please her.  Madame manager at first was reluctant to provide her services, but in the end begins to introduce touches of familiarity that only years of experience at being a manager and a mother can do.

At the end she leaves satisfied while parting some words of wisdom for Ohana.  At the shrine Ohana begins to wonder about the life she now leads as she bids “ja ne” to Ko.

For the first time in this show, we see three generations of Kissuiso women conversing not so much as staff and guest, but almost like a very typical family.  There is a lot of friction between the older two generations, something that seems to have been somewhat tempered by time.  It’s clear that these two never really saw eye to eye on a lot of things but it doesn’t mean of course that they can’t be civil.  Satsuki’s free wheeling lifestyle obviously clashes with her mother’s strict and disciplined personality, but family is family, and in the end both manage to tolerate each other.  What becomes rather abundantly clear is that for all her irresponsibilities and looseness, Satsuki isn’t as bad as many have seen her to be.  Perhaps my previous statements that the apple can fall from the tree may be a tad premature:  as the rest of the staff observe, the three of them are very similar in more ways than one.  To see them talk even for one night really exemplifies that despite personal differences and some grudges, families will always be there whether you like them to or not.

Satsuki now has a different opinion of the inn, even if her view of her family hasn’t.  It is perhaps that stubborn familiarity is what keeps  families… well familial.  This is, and will always be, the mother she had always had and had always hated, and she wouldn’t trade her for any other mother in the world.

From the looks of it, I’m not thining of putting the entire Ko and Ohana thing to rest. For reasons known only to me it seems, I see it in the way Kaoru Chujo sees it: The way you say goodbye and the words you use can mean vastly different things. Yes semantics, but because words have such different scales of meaning depending on how you use them in different circumstances (no I’m not dragging Derrida into this).

For me, I see it so far as putting Ko on hold rather than anything with finality. She has a life now in Kissuiso, a life she needs to dedicate herself to, and right now that trumps her personal issues with Ko. There are more immediate matters to attend to, given also that Ko is trying to adjust to life sans Ohana already, Kissuiso takes immediacy over Ko but that does not necessarily mean that the entire Ko issue is resolved. If anything, Ohana has shown that she has the bad habit of mixing up her problems together and trying to deal with them in one fell swoop. Now she needs to tackle her problems one at a time. I think I understand her situation more than I thought. It would be downright irresponsible to deal with Ko when she has no real answer or decision as of yet. As long ad Kissuiso hangs inside her head she can’t deal with Ko properly. She’ll have to approach things sytematically and not together chaotically.

Now she’ll handle Kissuiso. Ko, sucks to be him, will have to wait a little bit more.

I’m not saying that it’s her evasive maneuvers to not deal with the situation. Maybe before when she first started, but her declaration at the end shows that she’s not doing it to escape from her reality in Tokyo but because she made a choice. She’s no longer evading Ko because she’s no longer using Kissuiso as an excuse not to deal with the aforementioned situation. As she says so herself, this is her home now, and she will live her life here as best she can and do what she can for the inn. For all intents and purposes this is her first straight declaration that she chooses one way of life over another. She chooses to deal with the situation of her new home and leave her old life either behind her, perhaps not permanently.

Frankly I’ve always believed “ja ne” to be the casual “see you tomorrow” in English or the “ingat ka” in Filipino. It doesn’t declare the permanency of your parting.

The fact of the matter remains is that even now she’s still somewhat leading him on a leash because she has yet to put any sort of closure for either of them. Ko cannot completely move on until she clarifies everything. I want to believe she’s not as loose as to just abandon it all, because she damn well knows she hasn’t tried any sort of resolution for it. To stop here would be completely irresponsible. I don’t believe her to be the type to just leave it all behind, with no proper partings or proper closure. In fact, simply moving on for herself now without resolving those issues suggests she’s just abandoning her life in Tokyo, and by that I mean Ko, and that she doesn’t care about the life she wants to leave. That would greatly reduce my opinion of her.

If she wants to move on with her life here in Kissuiso, she has a ton of things to tie up in Tokyo. She has a lot of loose ends to tie up with Ko. Denying him an answer that would put clarity for her own heart as well as his would be detrimental to this.

Much of that, of course, is my speculation.  Time will tell if the entire Ko subplot is over or merely on hold.  Until then, looks like we’ll be enjoying swimsuits.  Yes swimsuits.  Swimsuits really temper out drama amirite?


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  1. RuSa said,

    mata / mata ne = see ya

    mata ashita = see you tomorrow

    ja ne = goodbye / bye then

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