February 24, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke Ep7: A Sense of Urgency

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It’s about damn time that Kento realized just how his “nice guy” act is screwing up everyone else’ lives.  Even if you do consider him a do gooder by some standards, the road to hell is as always paved with good intentions, and it’s good that Sawako’s friends (and one acquaintance) finally slapped some sense into him, and quite literary at that.

And now that he’s out of the picture, it’s also about time that Sawako has finally realized that in the end, sometimes all you need is to say it.  She needs to do it, and do it quickly.

Is it me or is her hair suddenly gigantic?

After the harrowing events of the previous episode, Sawako and Shota are off to do their work for the school festival, and perhaps some time as well to sort out what had just occurred.  Due to Kento’s relative lack of tact once again, rumors of him and Sawako are going around.  Sawako is still confused about what there really is between her and Shota, and Shota seems convinced he just got rejected.  With their friends naturally concerned, they do what they can for these two confused teenagers.

A bit of reverse psychology from Pin who says he should just forget about being with her, to which Shota thinks all is not lost just yet.  For Sawako, well, some of the wisest words to come out of Yano and Yoshida:  Simple words can mean the difference between anxiety and peace.  From Ryu, words that finally ring truth in Sawako’s ears:  Sometimes, you just need to say it.

He may be a dumbass, but he's a nice guy deep down.

It took yet more funky psychology from Pin to convince Shota that he’s taking the easy way out of his problems.  At this point in the story I still really have no idea if Pin’s just being blunt with what he thinks, or behind the awesomely dickish attitude is someone who truly knows how to understand people.  I’m guessing 50/50.  In any case his words have again made Shota think twice about his decisions and his almost half-hearted approach to Sawako, considering how it always seems as if he’s being serious yet unable to actually go the distance when he needs to.  What we have seen a lot of is Shota always being in the vague zone; always doing things that suggest his intentions, but never going all the way to make it clear.  The fact that he acts like that to someone who just can’t really read people only compounds the issue.

Perhaps it does sort of show that he doesn’t really understand her, because if he did, he’d realize just how confusing he’s being.  If you believe you really like the person, you either commit yourself or back off.  There is no middle ground, especially with a girl like Sawako.

She's not really angry, you know.

Sawako on the other hand is finally, albeit slowly, understanding the difference between being silent, and speaking your heart.  It’s a cliche but it’s true.  As a girl who’s lived in the shadows all her life, she has kept silent in just about everything, thinking that keeping quiet would help her get by even if she is unnoticed by everyone else.  Her inability to really speak with others and tell them what she feels she needs to say is strong proof of how she’s developed the belief that everyone, even her friends, already have a final and preconceived notion about her that’s not likely to change.  Living life under the presumptions of others, she thinks going with the flow is best because she won’t change their minds no matter what she feels.

It takes her friends and acquaintances again to make her realize that if she just spoke her mind, people’s feelings and attitudes will change.  If she spoke what she really feels, she can also change the perceptions of others.  If she could be straight and honest, then others will respond in kind.  The people around her are not aliens or anything out to get her.  They are also people, people who if you trust them, are willing to listen.

Somebody stop that man!

Going through this story arc even in the manga, I was already more than convinced of how this is one of the strongest supporting casts in a Shoujo romance story I have seen so far.  In many shows even of other genres, the friends circles and even the supposed antagonists are just usually there as foil characters for the main characters to bounce on, or as mere comic relief.  KnT’s side cast are full characters in themselves, with their own distinct personalities and quirks.  More than that, they are not mere stock sideshows for us to look at, but active participants in the events that unfold.  There are many shows where you could conclude that even if you took out some of them, the story would progress as it usually does.  Not for this one though.  Remove a single character from the lineup (even Pin, Ume, Kento and hell even Jo!) and I can guarantee you this would be a drastically different show.  It’s easy to pad your lineup with a lot of people just to make it seem busy or full of depth, but it’s another thing to breathe life into them.  That’s something KnT excels marvelously in.

And now you know.

I do hope that the preview for the next episode isn’t as possibly deceptive as it looks.  If it is true, next week may be finally that favorite scene of mine in the entire story thus far, and shaping up to be the best episode of the entire series for both seasons.  Again given the stellar track record of IG thus far, I can almost guarantee it’ll be godly, but still I’ll keep my fingers crossed.



  1. ahelo said,

    I think everyone should just leave the two alone. Their development was slowly moving already in the end of Season 1 yet when UME interferred, Kent came into the picture, PIN, in an extent Chizuru and Yano… It’s not helping as much.

    I mean how does both characters confess and get rejected????

  2. marmot said,

    As far as I know, most of the chapter named after the next episode has already been included in that episode.
    So yeah, I REALLY hope that the part of the preview you’re referring too is really going to be in the next one :]
    It’ll be great to end the next episode and they can’t really start a new one with *that* scene.

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