February 19, 2011

Wandering Son Ep5: I Wanna Be Your Romeo

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Shimura Takako sure has a thing for her characters appearing in plays within her stories, with a gender bent twist.  Aoi Hana had some characters play Wuthering Heights, and for Hourou Musuko we have them playing Romeo and Juliet.  This isn’t simply a plot gimmick of sorts, because each play is symbolic of not only how the story relates to the overall meta story, but how the characters they play represent themselves as well.

So just like the titular characters in the play they have adapted, there is indeed a sense of star-crossed relationships as I had posted on before.

I expected them to kick his ass.

Our group of friends become assigned to be the ones to refine the play into a usable form.  Over their vacations they meet up often to discuss, write, and of course have fun in the process.  It just so happens that they end up meeting one of Saorin’s… “acquaintances” who end up dropping the ball and telling everyone what Nitorin likes to do when no one’s looking.  He is a tactless idiot for sure, but one has to appreciate how his friends just took this in stride, didn’t judge him for it, and Sarashina ended up being mighty fascinated with it.

Saorin’s more hidden agenda comes to light of course, having wanted to write the story specifically so that she and Nitorin could play the leads, especially with her mood swings and almost impulsive desires to alter the story to her liking.  After Mako gets chosen at random to play Romeo, Saorin’s explosiveness gets center attention again.

Would you tap that?

I think it’s time to talk about the other characters for a change.

Mako is pretty much considered as Nitorin’s best friend.  Best male friend anyway.  It’s a close kinship of sorts considering that both of them share not only a hobby of cross dressing but something that way as well be considered a way of life for both of them.  He is ultimately the most supportive of the group aside from Yoshino, but then again it’s also due to how none of the others really know what he does.  From a male perspective, only Mako really understands what he’s going through because he’s also going through the exact same thing.  From a sense of kinship it became a close friendship, and it’s very much a joy to watch these two deal with their problems.

Sarashina is batshit insane, the loud and spontaneous member of the group, and we love her for it.  You could argue that the entire group of friends would be sort of quiet and dull without her, I’d say this isn’t the case, but they’d definitely be less lively without her.  She makes a nice counter-balance to Saorin’s persistent moody and depressive demeanor.  Unlike Nitorin and Mako, she cross dresses for kicks and giggles, and not because it’s a part of her identity.  I find her to be very much like Sasa, with her always smiling and always happy approach to life.  Much like Sasa, she is one of the things that keeps this group of friends together.

Not as planned!

The glasses guy who exposes Nitorin and pesters Saorin like a stalker is Fumiya (I doubt anyone remembers his name lol), and there’s a lot of things interesting and infuriating about his character.  I would so much like to call him a one track mind.  He is solely focused on getting Saorin’s attention, dislikes Nitorin for this, and tactlessly mentions his hobby to everyone present.  It’s almost ironic how he claims distaste for Nitorin’s hobby, but has no qualms about trying some of it out in front of the mirror.  He is pretty much a hypocrite in that regard.  I almost doubt his capacity for empathy and understanding for others, a sad turn of events for someone who is presumably Christian.  As a manga reader, at the current point of the manga I could in fact still maintain this impression of him.  You could in fact consider him a stand in for a hypocritical society judging others yet blind to themselves, but that is a discussion for another day.

Emotional support.

Saorin’s emotional outbursts after Mako getting the role instead of Nitorin puts everything in jeopardy, however her willingness to see it to its conclusion and most of all demand that Mako stick with it and not give Nitorin the role speaks a lot about her character.  In a sense she despises pity, equating Mako’s suggestion of surrendering the role to Nitorin as pity on her behalf since she wanted him to play the role in the first place.  Secondly is how she does acknowledge that the world does not revolve around her and Nitorin, and to demand so would be arrogant.  At this point she does understand that sometimes, what will be will be, and throwing tantrums everywhere all the time solves nothing, and gets others involved in the process.  There is, actually, a sense of maturity in that hot head of hers.  Once again a credit to the writing and Nanri Yuuka’s talent.

Romeo and Juliet.

I didn’t get a look at the preview since my video player crashed at the credits, but IIRC the next episode should reach the start of their school festival, and to which we will see the fruits of their (ok maybe mostly Saorin’s) labor.


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  1. Alice said,

    Saori definitely acknowledges that the world does not revolve around Nitori and Takatsuki but I saw this from a few different levels. She does not want it to be about those two because she wants it to be Nitori and Her, at the same time she is saying to Mako the same thing because she needs him to accept his responsibility in his role in the play and she knows it is what he needs to hear. That said, even if she believes it, you can hear the contempt in her voice just dripping off her words. Until I read your post it did not occur to me how perfectly her seiyuu captured that anger, exactly as I heard it in my mind while reading the manga.

    This next portion of story with Takatsuki and Saori and Nitori all estranged from one another is one of my least favorite portions, even if I find the relationship with Anna to be interesting. Still, I am totally okay if it leads to a climax for the show of Shuu going to school in the seifuku.

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