February 18, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke S2 Ep7: It Should Have Been Obvious

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It should have been obvious, but it wasn’t, and that’s really the issue with Sawako here.  For all intents and purposes this was the low point of the manga for me, but the manga chapter didn’t annoy me as much as this episode because the episode cut out a bit of Sawako’s interior monologue that, for me, made all the difference between a simple misunderstanding and a very deep problem with Sawako’s way of thinking, a way of thinking that has been cultivated by years of rejection.

The line in question is, actually, the title of this post.  It should have been obvious, but it wasn’t to her.

Then who's to blame?

Shota finds Kento holding Sawako’s wrist as she is crying, so it’s sort of understandable he’d lose his temper.  That little issue resolved now, a bunch of idiots come in and made jokes about the two guys supposedly hitting on Sawako.  Shota in his moment of manliness does not shy away from the issue and, in full view of everyone present, readily admits that he liked her.  Everyone of course looks dumbfounded so he repeats himself.  Thing is, feels like she cannot accept it and the true misunderstanding rears its ugly head.  Shota says her way of liking him is different from how he likes her and walks off.  She goes after him and he makes it clear exactly how he feels, and no matter how different Sawako’s concept of liking someone is, his feelings will never change.  On this moment that Sawako begins to unravel her own thought process and slowly realizes her own mistakes, her two friends come in and help her clear her mind as she cries her heart out.

Choking whe it counts!

As mentioned in the caption, despite the praise I can give to Shota for how he finally manned up and became straight with his feelings, he still choked when it counted.  Specifically, when he needed to strongly affirm his stance and try to get an answer from Sawako, he backed off and accepted a vague and indirect answer.  Was this the answer he needed?  I strongly doubt her words were a strong reply in the first place, which is why I almost pity him for settling with an answer that isn’t even an answer.  Sawako neither confirmed or denied.  In that foggy middle ground Shota for whatever reason accepted a reply where he was neither accepted nor rejected.

What exactly went through his mind at that point is anyone’s guess, but you have to wonder why he was willing to accept any answer he could get.  Perhaps he was afraid of rejection.  In the end his foundations shook when he should have held his ground, and with his own vague words, the result was Sawako as a sobbing puddle behind a school building.

The jig is up.

Yano and Yoshida’s words ring in Sawako’s ear as she tries to finally get a grip on herself and her belief system.  Yano and Yoshida said it best: years of social neglect has drilled the inferiority complex into Sawako’s mind, and now most of what we see is the direct result of Sawako projecting her own insecurities into reality.  She cannot, to some extent, make the distinction between reality before her and the subjugating world in her mind.  It is not a fantasy but her own experience, and by her own experience she projects what she experiences now as a mere extension of how her life used to be, despite that fact that her life has taken a 180 degree turn.  For all intents and purposes she finds it difficult to process the real world in a different manner.  Everything she sees is the world avoiding her or merely “putting up with her”, a belief system that would naturally piss off her two closest friends.  They were then forced to spell it out for her:  it’s all in her mind.

Such is the life of the socially outcast, and I can’t really blame her for it.  Still, she should have started to break away at her previous beliefs, and it was really only now it seems that the wrong things about the way she looks at herself and the world has started to come to her attention.

And there's no stopping until you hit the bottom.

As for Kento… well fine one cannot deny that the way he was talking to Sawako as she was breaking down was a valiant attempt at salvaging the situation, but his utter lack of tact with his brutal honesty could only make things worse for a girl who sucks at picking up social and verbal cues.  For one to say that others don’t understand Sawako, it is he in fact who understands Sawako the least, and his misguided attempts to help her only serves to further chip away at this poor girl’s shaky emotional foundations.  The road to hell is paved with good intention.  While you could argue that Sawako and Shota were already going down this rather destructive path with their inability to properly communicate, you can’t deny that Kento managed to accelerate the situation, to the point where it occurs at a time when both of them are unable ti handle the situation properly.

She needs a hug.

The distinct degree of melodrama in this section is an understandable irritation to some.  As a manga reader however, as I had stated before at the animesuki boards, this may as well be considered the low point of the series so things should start going up from here.  Given the rate of about 2 chapters per episode for the second season, I can say confidently that the watcher should stick around for at least 2-3 more episodes before they make the decision to stay or drop, because despite my initial desire to drop the manga at this point in the story before, only a few chapters more would appear one of my favorite scenes in the entire story.


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