February 12, 2011

Twilight of the Golden Witch Summaries Completed!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:25 pm by meotwister5

And that as they say is that. The entirety of Twilight of the Golden Witch in a gigantic, hastily made and poorly worded summary. Thanks to everyone who commented and gave corrections and feedback to this little endeavor of mine, too me almost 6 weeks of on-off playing just to finish it but finish it I did.

So that ends 4 episodes worth of summaries with the end of ep8, despite the fact that I only managed to finish 2/4 and the other two halfway done.

Oh yes, chances are I’ll do this again if Rsukishi makes another When They Cry series.

This is Meo, tired and hungry, taking my leave.



  1. Ed said,

    Summaries fail to load. just while list. Fail…

    • meotwister5 said,

      It loads for me and everyone else. Pretty sure it’s a problem on your end.

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