February 10, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke Ep5: That Meddling Kid

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I guess when you like someone you really can’t help but get in the way when you know said person likes someone else.  You, of course, want to win so you end up doing what you think is right for you and the one you want to become your significant other.  Even if it does entail more questionable and underhanded methods to achieve your goals.  I could rage about how Kento is moving and shaping things according to what he wants but hey, he has the right to do so since it’s his feelings.

It just sort of sucks for Shota and Sawako who obviously like each other but are in the midst of confusion when a 5th wheel gets in the way.

You're both drifting away.

The school festival is coming their way after midterms so, expectantly, everyone wants a class booth centering on Sawako.  After much deliberating on what type of booth it is, it becomes a Sadako Cafe with a Sadako fortune booth and whatever else they can cook up based on her… reputation, especially with the freshmen.  In this cafe they want to serve tea that Sawako grows in her little garden.  Everyone’s excited about it except for, as we see, Shota.  He’s been slowly getting distant from her, though of course she’s also to blame partly for this.

This prompts Yoshida to try and intervene thinking she had a hand in making things worse.  After going to Ryu’s brother’s wedding she tries to get him to talk with Shota about things.  He does so in his own way, which sort of results in Pin getting in the middle to tell her that Sawako’s with Kento who, after trying to dissuade Sawako from continuing her awkward relationship with Shota, tells her she’s better off with a guy like him.

Holy Crap.

Everyone who’s ever said that Shota doesn’t really understand Sawako pretty much nailed it on the head.  That’s the plain truth:  while he watches over her, he doesn’t really understand her per se.  By understanding I mean how, in his own impulsive nature, does not find time to sit down and think about what Sawako is feeling and instead goes with whatever he thinks is the correct train of thought.  We’ve seen this with the chocolates and the review sessions how he decides one thing and sticks with it, capitalized by Yano admitting that Shota doesn’t like people intruding into his personal affairs, especially now when someone clearly needs to point out his mistakes.

Pin of course manages one of those lines that suggests the degree of wisdom he possesses under that idiotic guise:  he plainly puts it into Shota’s face that he does not, and thus challenging him to try and do so.  To try and actually understand her and not just stick to whatever preconceived conclusions he has about her.

It's our little secret.

Sawako on the other hand… well… she’s already a very immature girl emotionally and socially speaking, so it’s very easy for her to be lead around by people, even if these people mean well.  Being a very earnest person all she wants is the acceptance of others, so she does things to this end.  I don’t think she’s simply gullible, but she wants approval.  When it comes down to Shota though she’s as indecisive as any teenage girl in love, with the added complication of not really being able to pick up on social cues other people can easily see.

It just so happens that with Kento’s intrusions it’s becoming a bit more difficult for her to be honest with what she thinks is right based on her feelings.  She’s become trusting of Kento and has sort of become her male confidant; a role that was previously held by Shota.  With Shota unable to maintain a stable relationship with her, Kento has all the space to advise her, even if his advise is questionable.

Must have been a rather short life.

Okay so now I probably should lay off the more derogatory comments I have for Kento.  Yes indeed this is his prerogative if this is what he wants to do to make Sawako fall for him, and because I operate under the general impression that he knows at least some of the goings on between the two leads, his intentions are again cast into doubt with the way she’s been trying to get closer to Sawako.  However his previous conversation with Shota does suggest that he’s been testing the waters regarding the two of them, and due to Shota’s evasiveness, it would seem Kento is convinced Shota doesn’t see her “that way”, which opens the gates for him to go and make his move.  In that sense Shota shares a lot of the blame in this developing triangle, that if he made his real feelings clear at least to the other guy, he’d at least know what you intend to do.

As it stands Kento thinks Shota has no intentions to date Sawako, which he sees as a go signal for him to make his move.  Of course now that Shota has been put on the hot seat with Pin and Ryu’s words, he has to act lest he lose Sawako to him.

Well he's not really that bad a guy.

The episode ends with Shota’s arrival, so the next episode begins with the much awaited confrontation between the two.  It’s anyone’s guess how Sawako will react when she sees for the first time how two men will fight over the girl they like.  Her reaction though I expect to be partially hilarious.


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