December 22, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Finale: Where We Are Least Alone

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It is highly probable that in the past, incest wasn’t very much a frowned upon relationship.  It does sort of depend on what degrees of blood relations qualifies as such, but in the past even the monarchies of Europe practiced intermarriages within cousins within the ruling class.  Perhaps this might go even further than that before the acceptance of a concept known as morality.  I still believe that in the dawn of humanity incest was likely prevalent when we as a species were but a few thousand strong, in order to keep the species alive.

Incest as a global taboo really became widespread when long distance communication, and thus the exchange of ideas, propagated.  We now live in a world where it is generally not accepted.  What then would become of this incestuous love between Haru and Sora as their tale comes to a close?

He tried so hard to suppress it.

Literally and physically caught with his pants down, Haru is reeling from the fallout of how the real world would react to the secret of such a taboo relationship.  Sora on the other hand is trying her best not to let it put her down, because in the end she tries not to care what society thinks as long as she continues to do what she feels is right.  Haru tries to make amends with people, especially Nao, as he fully admits how he’s been struggling with these feelings for years after Sora has for him transformed from a sister into a sexually attractive woman.  He deals with so much angst that he even tries to push Sora away to make the feelings go away, to no avail.

And in the process, both remember the story of the lake behind the shrine that would grant rebirth to anyone seeking freedom from an unfair life.  Both, separately, head towards the lake in their moments of emotional agony, to reach the destiny that lies before both of them.

Like a married couple already.

The thing that really struck me the most about the arc, with Haru in particular, is the amount of level-headed maturity he struggles to keep regarding his incestuous relationship throughout the story.  As I had mentioned before, it’s so easy to just let yourself be lost in lust and desire while forgetting about the consequences of one’s actions.  Here from the moment his feelings resurfaced he’s been struggling with both the emotional and moral choices he has to make on a daily basis, and he considers them very seriously.  It’s refreshing to see a lead who thinks with his mind and not his penis, a pothole the everyday series easily falls into.  He tries to struggle with it for both of them, knowing they have both engaged in something where there is no turning back.  He tries to carry it on his shoulders until he begins to crack.

It is a daily struggle for him, more so now that at least 2 people know the truth.

As does all of us.

It is also very easy to conclude that Sora, who doesn’t really care what others think, is lost in her love and lust.  That is really not the case.  It’s because she’s made her decision long ago regardless of what other people think. She’s decided to go along with her erotic love for her brother and has decided that she will nurture it even against the wills of society.  The only thing important to her is their love for each other, even if it is taboo and rejected by everyone else.  She does have a point:  love is only between the lover and the loved, and in all honesty no one else really has a say in it.  With this she will continue to what she thinks is best for both of them.

In reality she has also thought this through as much as Haru has, only in a different way.  Haru is more concerned with the social aspect while Sora more on the emotional, private aspect.

And in their solitude...

The most surprising about this arc I believe is just how accepting and tolerating Nao is, even more so when Haru explained his situation and how he’s been struggling with his feelings for years.  Nao perhaps feels some guilt still, but she came out as someone who was almost willing to accept the situation because Haru was being as honest as he could regarding his angst.  With the heartfelt confession like that,especially how he tried his damned best to leave it behind and find non-taboo love with Nao, it takes a very understanding individual to accept what has just been revealed to them.  I have gained a lot more respect for Nao, not just for this, but also for her discretion and willingness to treat Haru and Sora just as they were before.  She would not let these sort of feelings get in the way of their friendship, as long as she knows that the feelings between the brother and sister are true.

Kozue on the other hand… well I can’t exactly blame her for her anger.  Yes part of it is because society deems this taboo, but her emotional state is also the result of her feelings for Haru.  It’s not that she’s a narrow minded bigot, but while part of that is there, her own emotional feelings of betrayal also clouds her sentiments.  She cannot accept this not only because it is incestuous, but also because she feels she has lost not just to another woman but to the man’s sister of all people.  I’m sure a lot of people would feel the same way in that situation.

... They are least alone.

It’s bitter irony that the only way they can be together is in death, because life would not approve of them.  Reversal of “Til death do we part” I suppose.

Yes I do find myself convinced that both are dead. Poetic effect or whatever you wanna call it.  Symbolic gesture of how it takes more extreme measures to achieve something you know society might never approve of.  This may as well be the only way they can get a “happy” ending, because from what I see they won’t be able to get that while alive.  Happy ending for them at least, bittersweet for the rest of us.

So in a way, it does justice to the line “In Solitude, where we are least alone”, because death IS their solitude, and here they are not alone for they have each other.

Whether or not you approve of their relationship is up to you.  It’s not my place to tell you what to believe.  It’s also up to you to decide if they died or not.  An animesuki poster had suggested that there are perhaps two endings occurring at the same time, one where they died and found liberation in death, and another where they survived and left to find a place to nurture their relationship.  That is, perhaps, the best explanation for the series’ ending I can ever hope to find.



  1. Kameruka said,

    Like I already said in Animesuki forums, the tunnel in the train scene is earth while the sky and clouds, like Sora’s namesake, is the heaven. The tunnel is dark which represent their lives on earth but the sky is bright and beautiful, which they will later enjoy in heaven. The makeout scene between the siblings is a farewell gift to the viewers, especially to Haru x Sora fans.

    What I hate is how people hate this idea. While they can accept School Days (in)famous ending as “happy” one(especially to Kotonoha fans) but why not this one, which is executed far better. Just because it don’t have bloodbath and psycho yandere that cut off someone’s head, I don’t think it can be justified.

    • meotwister5 said,

      I do believe it’s mostly because of their aversion to a afterlife and how one could even be considered remotely happy. For the rest of us who can believe that such a place exists, and such a place can be happy, are content that they have finally found their solitude in another plane of existence. =)

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