December 21, 2010

Kuragehime Ep9: I Dream Of Jellies

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I guess everyone has their own “world” of sorts.  The kind of place that you like to escape to when you’re feeling down or depressed so you could be alone with yourself, to find a bit of solace in a mad, mad world.  It’s a defense mechanism for some, and a daily facet of life for others.  Sometimes it really is easier to just get away from it all somewhere you can sort out your life, calm yourself and try to go at life once again.  For Tsukimi it’s the ocean of jellies, her favorite animal and best friends.

But what happens when even one’s own paradise is compromised?  Where does one escape to when even their own private places no longer feel private?

And yet so right!

Shuu decides to bring Ms. Molester Developer Lady home under the threat of blackmail, which coincidentally occurs when Kuranosuke decides to bring Tsukimi over for some consultations on her dream of a jellyfish wedding dress.  When their paths cross in front of the house and the old hag parades around claiming she’s done the deed to poor mentally devirginized Shuu, expect Tsukimi to go all depressed and slightly crazy again.  Kuranosuke takes a look her sketchbook that she drops as Tsukimi ends up downing a shot of sweet sake to ease the pain, as most adults do.

Suffice to say this didn’t end up so well, requiring a knight in shining armor (or a shining wig depending on what you think) to come and carry her to her bed.

You don't fuck with his family.

You really have to feel terrible for Shuu.  His single virgin status has really been played up by this woman for her own greedy ends, further deepening his scars and simply just turning his life upside down just because he happens to be the bridge towards reaching the prime minister’s family.  He can’t even connect properly to a woman, much less to cloistered and shy Tsukimi, and now the only person who has claims to having had intimate relations with him is twisting it around against him.  His empty and devoid approach to the situation is almost simply an emotionless reaction.  He probably really doesn’t know what the hell he has to do.  He’s just being led along by this woman.

In a word, practically pussywhipped.

A sea of jellies.

The dream of jellyfish is really something that comforts Tsukimi.  More than that however we now understand that it is also her escapist fantasy, a fantasy she goes to when the troubles and trials of real life prove too much for her to bear.  What is not striking about her fantasies is that it has been invaded by real life in the form of Molester Developer Lady, so perhaps even her own private paradise has been compromised to some extent.  Even in her own bedroom she couldn’t get a wink of sleep without that old hag coming in and spoiling her imagination, forcing her to resort to alcohol to drown her sorrows and get some shut eye.  Her dreams have been her only mode of relief from her pains in real life, even if those things she believes in real life are really just all in her head.  Manufactured angst if you will, that do not really represent real life.

It is arguable that a lot of her problems, especially the way she views herself, are really just constructs of her own mind.  A very dysmorphic and disproportionate sense of self that doesn’t really even project in reality by default.  She only becomes ugly because she wills it and actively embraces it.  Kuranosuke has already proven this to be false.  She really is beautiful, inside and out, and she only becomes ugly because she does it to herself.

What the hell is wrong with this family?

And just when you think even her own fantasies have been invaded, it took one gesture for her to regain some peace of mind, even if she didn’t know it because it was being done in her sleep.  For even a moment after taking that shot of sake, she feels light and fluffy as if she is being carried away by a prince who has come for his jellyfish princess.  Some would say that it’s the alcohol working its magic, yet there is more to it than that.  Kuranosuke doesn’t seem to care much about cross dressing anymore when it comes to Tsukimi, rushing to the apartment half dressed and messy.  The moment he lifts her up, she regains her calmness inside.  She finds peace once again and is able to sleep, away from life’s problems.

She’s always been looking for a prince to take her away, the princess of jellyfish.  So yes, her prince has come.  I think it is only a matter of time before she figures this out.

He has come to take you away.

Now that she has worked her way into the household as Tsukimi’s emotions and senses have come to take a turn for thw worse, it seems the show is now going down towards its final conclusion.  While I still assume that things aren’t reallt concluded since the manga is ongoing, it would still end a terrific run.  Here’s to hoping for an impressive end.


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