December 19, 2010

Winter 2011 Anime Lineup (and some other stuffs)

Posted in Anime at 11:39 pm by meotwister5

Cart Driver Winter 2011 Lineup

I was supposed to do this a little earlier but I forgot heh.  Aside from the shows that I was already expecting and shows I was planning to blog, nothing really stood out to me, except maybe the product-tie in shows about corporations and pachinko machines that I really don’t care about.  As for the shows I’m blogging…

1.  Wandering Son

If you haven’t picked up the manga then you definitely should give it a shot.  It takes a delicate approach with a deft writer’s touch to explore rather taboo and closeted themes, and if you’ve seen/read Aoi Hana, you’ll know that the mangaka has these abilities.  Also the PV looks absolutely fantastic.

Wandering Son Official Trailer

Washed out watercolor animation porn courtesy of AIC.  Definitely at the top of my list for this coming season.

2.  Kimi ni Todoke Season 2

It’s cheesy, somewhat cliched and somewhat stock.  On the other hand, extremely likable characters, heartwarming relationships and great animation.  I’m not ashamed to say that I loved the manga and the first season.

3.  Fractale

I’ve only managed to read the first chapter of the manga and it looks sort of promising.  I really should pick up the rest when I have time, but A-1 knows its animation porn like the back of their hands.

Other Stuffs

You’ve probably noticed that I stopped blogging Amagami SS and Panty and Stocking abruptly.  Not to say that I dropped the shows, no, Amagami’s final arc is going (or has gone I should say) well and PSG is still as awesome as ever, but time constraints coupled with the fact that I realized that I can’t handle all those shows at the same time meant I needed to stop some so I could focus on others.  So yes, I’m gonna finish TWGOK, Kuragehime and Yosuga no Sora.

So speaking of Kuragehime, episode 9 post will up tomorrow.


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  1. mevsjapanese said,

    Fractale sounds interesting.
    The world of Fractale seems like the Utopian world of Ar tonelico; also in that the Utopia seems to be ending (at least at the outset).

    Star Driver and Index II are continuing from fall.

    For me, I think I will continue with Star Driver from last season.
    I’ll try Dragon Crisis because I love VA Rie Kugimiya (she is the female lead) and I like fantasy stuff. I’ll also try IS: Infinite Stratos because mechas are cool.

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