December 16, 2010

Kuragehime Ep8: WTB Apartment Complex

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Well if you need to, you’ll do what you have to to save your home.  The apartment is practically ancient, and ancient things tend to be veritable storehouses of old and classic stuff.  Not even the current residents know what’s inside, and if those will save the apartment, they’ll do what they have to.

Save maybe going out into public anyway.

I'll take the one on the right please.

Scrounging through the pile of stuffs inside the storage of the apartment, Kuranosuke finds some old “retro” items he thinks he can sell like old clothes and tea sets.  Recruiting Tsukimi they try to unsuccessfully sell them in a public market.  Lamenting their failure to make anything to save the apartment, Kuranosuke tries to find some other way while Tsukimi makes a few jellyfish dolls from the old fabrics they found.  (Un)suprisingly, the jellyfish dolls are a hit, and with it they spark their attempt at a collectible revolution to save the apartment from Ms. Molester Realty Developer Lady, who at this time is a bit too busy getting Shuu into the palm of her hand.

Anyone would.

Speaking of Shuu, he seems to be handling his situation with controlled calmness that’s almost like a machine.  A robotic reaction probably shouldn’t be surprising considering he’s so unused to situations like this, but he’s handling it with a very deft political flair you’d expect from a politician’s son considering it’s practically blackmail.  I’m sure he understands what would happen should this entire issue explode.  Their father is already so concerned that they have a private eye tailing him to figure out just what the hell is wrong.  It’s actually hard to know if Shuu’s handling of the situation is due to maturity or insecurity.

I guess they wouldn't be surprised since his hair changes everyday.

Kuranosuke is falling ever so slowly for Tsukimi and he has pretty much admitted it.  With every transformation and changes in her Tsukimi, he starts to see just how much different she is from other girls he has ever known.  He’s done a lot for her in trying to match her outer beauty with her inner one, but at this point it’s been generally accepted by viewers and characters alike that Tsukimi is gorgeous when she tries to look the part.  What really remains now is how Kuranosuke can try to affect her inner, self-depreciating self that continues to permeate and take control of personality whenever she is faced with problems she can’t seem to solve on her own.  She’s locked her heart away under the pretense of physical ugliness, and Kuranosuke has to act as the knight in shining armor for this as well.

The above two screenshots in conflict completely encapsulates the completely dysmorphic and altered sense of self that Tsukimi has.  If we can consider the viewers viewpoint to be similar to that of Kuranosuke, then there is no question which of these two screenshots is the real physical profile of Tsukimi.  She has and still is continuing to put herself down, especially every time she feels she is being compared to other girls she thinks to be much prettier than a girl like her.  She has always dreamed about having a wedding dress that resembles a jellyfish, but considers it an impossibility for someone like “her.”  Kuranosuke is the first person to have ever seen her in what she dreamed her jellyfish image would be, and I’d be a fucking liar if denied she looks absolutely stunning in her pretend outfit.  Indeed she does, but yet again her mental image of herself clashes with reality.  As we have already seen, she insists on her own fallacious reality than the one Kuranosuke has been trying to show her.

It would seem that the only person she really believed in was her mother, taking her truth to be real and taking others with a grain of salt.  Losing her has changed her perspective in life definitely, but for her to really change there needs to come to a point when she can trust the words of others that she isn’t what she thinks she is.  She needs to believe that she is better than what she thinks she is.

Taken into context.

How exactly he would achieve that is anyone’s guess, but if there’s anyone who can do it, it would be Kuranosuke.  Yes that goes beyond just me shipping this pair.  At this point he’s pretty much the one who understands her the most, as two people with two radically different lives yet very similar personalities.  I would really like to see this resolved at the end of the run.


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