December 10, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep10: When I Think About You I Touch Myself

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I reiterate my previous assertion in Animesuki that they would never have censored Sora’s breasts if they weren’t related.  It’s very plausible to say that they only did it because of the incest theme, otherwise if she was any other girl we’d have seen her in her full naked glory.

That or they’re saving the goods for the DVD release.

It's just the beginning.

Sora’s story starts off in the middle of Nao’s story, just after the two started dating.  Compared to Nao’s arc where we see a rather venomous and fearful Sora, in her arc she is a more… sexually aggressive person.  You can say that in that arc she was being possessive of Haru from a sisterly perspective, but now it’s abundantly clear that she doesn’t want to be just a sister to Haru.  She wants to be something more, blood relations be damned.  We all know what that means.

Okay it actually began much, much earlier.

When the series started we were… uh… treated I guess to these two engaging in some rather un-sibling like behavior in their youth, courtesy of Sora’s mind.  Now that we actually get to see Haru remembering them, we now know that it wasn’t just another of her incestuous fantasies but a real event between the both of them.  The way he blushed after she came back to their apartment after living most of her life in a hospital.  Genetic sexual attraction tends to be a phenomena in adults between kin who have not met each other in years, but in a way the description somewhat applies here.  It’s not exactly unheard of actually.

You’d have to wonder though.  It looks like that Sora’s been entertaining these feelings for a long time, probably magnified by the fact that they had lost their parents, moved back to their home town and subsequently developing a close emotional attachment to him that goes beyond mere sibling affection.  Haru on the other hand looks like he’s tangled with these feelings for years, and has been suppressing them ever since.

He's still clearly troubled by it.

My only real complaint is how they’ve pushed a lot of Haru’s characterization towards the end of the series, for the “core arc”, and leaving him with not so much development for the previous ones.  While it does make the Haru for this arc more fleshed out and characterized, it feels like he is very much a different character than in the previous stories, kind of like Junichi in Amagami.  Not to say that he’s a different person altogether, but more like he’s much more a self-contained character this time around than a simple blank slate for viewers to put themselves in.  This was an eroge after all.  A certain sense of continuity feels absent between the different stories.

She may be sheltered, but she's also manipulative.

There’s bound to be a lot of discussion about Sora’s methods in her arc.  It’s still not easy to try and excuse/justify her actions towards Nao and now towards her own brother.  Her possessive nature has really only been explored in Nao’s story and thus extending to here.  In the same way that Haru didn’t get a lot of characterization in previous arcs, and thus often being compared to an empty shell for the viewer, Sora’s explosive demeanor takes an accelerated stage in these two arcs.

Peeking is rather unbecoming.

People were waiting weeks to see Sora naked, and all they got to see was her fondling censored breasts, sucking on her own fingers while her other hand is where all hands should be in times like these.  Sucks to be them I guess.  Might as well assume that any form of eroticism for the last 2 episodes will be the same.


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