November 13, 2010

Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ep6: Angels vs. Demons

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Yes I know I didn’t forget to blog last week.  Just had been busy with school stuff so I decided to wait it off until episode 7 aired, so I might as well do it now.

Gonna be a short post because I’m running out of brain cells lol.


Some of you probably never thought that we’d get an episode that covers the entire 20+ minutes of the playing time, much some overarching plot line that would extend through most of the season, but hey I was wrong on it too.  This episode played through the entire airing time as two demons take over the school where P and S are considered the campus queens.  As the two heroines fight off fake ghosts who don’t even carry coins, they investigate the school to discover where these fake spirits are coming from, eating cake and fucking guys along the way.  There they meet two control-freak demons who become their archrivals with their desire to take over not just the school but the city itself.

Demons can be sexy too!

We now have a semblance of plot that will probable extend through the rest of the season, to tie up the episodes together.  It does seem a little late for the plot to come in but hey, it does make a very amazing and explosive entrance.  One thing’s for sure, fantastic fights all around with dual-pistol wielding Panty versus dual-revolver wielding Scanty and dual-katana wielding Stocking versus Scythe-wielding Kneesocks.  Name wise it’s a perfect combination when you think about it.  The series has been raising it’s personal standards of action quality with each episode, but consider my mind blown with some of the fight scenes in this episode.

One thing the episode makes clear though is just how different the angel and demon sisters are, for probably all the wrong reasons.  Our angels and gluttonous, lusty and selfish.  The demons are orderly, disciplined and sort of ascetic.  It’s ironic since you’d usually associate them the other way around, yet it’s the angels who are act more like devils and vice versa.

So the town mayor is apparently evil, and the demon sisters serve him in his attempt to probably take over the city in more than just being a mayor.  For the sisters though it’s become more than a mission but a rivalry and a vendetta, and no doubt our angels see it the same way.  We are obviously going to see more of their rivalry and fights that will ultimately determine the fate of the city (doesn’t it always?), so while a bit late, it’s going to be awesome to see how they duke it out for the fate of the citizenry.


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