November 11, 2010

The World God Only Knows Flag 6: A Matter of Identity

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As I said in the previous blog post on episode 5, I can only presume that the Japanese idol industry is a cutthroat business even for girls so young and still sort of innocent.  Kanon may seem a bit naive but she does try her best to perform in stride.  This is further fleshed out by this episode focusing more on her back story and relationship with Keima than even the manga, going so far as to add anime-only original content (I think) to further explain the mind behind the pink-haired idol.

Whether this will pay off in the end,and if they’ll do it for other girls too, remains to be seen.

A sacrifice we must make!

The stresses of everyday idol life and trying to get Keima to “notice” her is proving to be very taxing for Kanon.  Her performances are slipping, her singles aren’t doing as much as she hoped for and Keima still isn’t “seeing” her.  This all goes to change of course when Keima shifts his plans after learning what the deal is with her, given her past with her previous group.  What he doesn’t know is that Kanon’s issues run deeper, that of a girlwho was too timid and shy when she was a kid, feeling invisible not only to her classmates but even her teachers and other adults.

If you can make a comparison, you might notice that this is sort of similar to Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4.

Not enough sneaking skill.

If you’re a manga reader then you’d notice that a lot of the stuff here is anime-original material.  You might ask why there seems to be the need for original content when the anime had been very faithful to the original material. I was thinking the same thing myself, but I then realized that it does make a lot of sense to do this to further flesh out the characters when considering the current arc the manga is in right now.  I won’t mention it for the sake of the anime-only viewers reading this post, but suffice to say that it’ll help with the transitions later on.

So yes, I find myself perfectly fine with what the anime chose to do.  It does, in fact, manage to flesh out Kanon’s character more than the manga did.


While it’s been made clear that Kanon’s issues deal a lot with her feelings of being invisible and unattended, it seems to no go beyond just that.  The scene of her freaking out when he sees the guy checking his phone in the crowd, as well as literally going transparent when Keima rejected her, have been attributed as manifestations of the demon within her, exaggerating emotions and physically transforming the bearer based on these emotions.  On the other hand, she has become very much reliant on Keima, much to his annoyance, that seems to now go beyond simple identity and affection issues.  Unlike before when Keima was the one making the solid moves in getting close, now she’s taking the initiative beyond mere acceptance.

Love perhaps?

She demands your full attention.

While I never liked Kanon’s voice actress so much when she first started on this series, I think I’m warming up to her a bit on her job and Kanon.  Who knows, maybe she’d do good in the Voice Acting business.  She did manage to bring out Kanon’s level of hopelessness and despair in this episode, as she finally disappears before her concert despite her desire for Keima to praise her when it’s all over.

He can already see the ending.

He should already be seeing the ending, even if the PV seems to be suggestive of otherwise.  Even though I do respect them for expanding on Kanon for this episode, stretching it out for one more with more original material would, IMHO, not be a good idea.


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