November 10, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Arc Review: Akira’s Heart

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You know… if they’re already going to go that far with what they want to animate, wouldn’t it be better than beating around the proverbial bush and just make it downright hentai?  It’s not like hentai automatically makes things bad because there are some VERY good hentai with actual stories out there.  Yosuga no Sora was based on an eroge anyway so it really doesn’t do much of a difference to go all the way.  The series has a pretty cohesive if standard storyline anyway, and that alone sets it apart from most hentai out there.  They’re already toeing the line, might as well cross it right?

Or maybe I just want to see Sora’s naughty bits eventually.  I don’t know.

We all have skeletons in the closet.

The truth comes out as Haru visits Akira, only to see that she has the notebook containing the events chronicling the birth of Akira and Kazuha.  Guilt, as I have said before, is a pretty gigantic cross to bear.  Akira believes that she exists as nothing more than a nuisance to people around her, further complicated by the possibility that she may not be who she thinks she is, and neither is Kazuha.  The possibility of a mix-up during the post-partum care of their parents hangs as a shadow to her identity.

The pendant was actually Kazuha’s mother’s.  Why did she have it then, if she was the bastard daughter of a woman who died post-partum?

A child shouldn't have to hear these things.

The chemistry felt a lot more closer and cohesive between Haru and Akira than it did with Kazuha, mostly because I find to Akira to be a more likable character over all.  While she is easily classified as something of a Genki girl, she’s genuinely likable and really tries her best to find happiness despite the amount of shit life has thrown her way.  I guess I do have a liking for down to earth and friendly characters like Akira, as opposed to more composed and ice queen-ish characters like Kazuha.

In that way I find their relationship and its development smoother in transition and evolution, even if they did probably have sex out of nowhere.

You can't dislike cuteness. You just can't.

However, just like for Kazuha’s route, and I still can’t help but feel that it ended rather anticlimactically.

It seems like misunderstood relationship between mother and child was repeated here.  Just like in Kazuha’s story, it felt once again like the root of the problem is again based on the fact that both sides of the issue simply have communication issues, that despite the fact that they have the best intentions at heart, it rubs off the wrong way because they simply can’t seem to express themselves properly.  Over the years the gap between Kazuha’s mother and Akira widened because they can’t seem to reconnect the bond that grew between them when she was as baby, even if Kazuha’s mother had come to terms with Akira and does not blame her for her husband having a mistress.  Once again, it feels like the entire basis for the central conflict felt a bit shallow and over-extended, a conflict that didn’t feel difficult or heavy because it could have been resolves if both sides just, you know, talked.  Both had their hearts in the right place.

Reconnecting that bond.

Now if I had to make a comparison, it’s pretty obvious from my previous comments that I liked this arc more than Kazuha’s, because I found the pacing to be better, the conflict a bit more acceptable and the lead heroine more likable.  That still doesn’t really justify a whole lot as to why I’m still finding the central conflict lacking in depth just like the previous one.  I’m not harping too much on that because my personal experiences with VNs tell me that most problems don’t feel like really big problems anyway.

This is the most explicit thing you'll get from me.

The ED since the start has been very suggestive that something happened between Nao and Haru when their parents died, and based on the title of the next episode, our suspicions might even be confirmed.  The first two episodes did successfully show a close yet highly strained relationship between the two, and it might just be the central conflict when Nao’s story starts next week.


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