November 6, 2010

Amagami SS Ep18: Friend Zone, Redux

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Another friend, another zone.  It’s been suggested by some that, if we consider the fated Christmas day two years ago as the starting point for every cosmic reset Junichi gets, then it’s likely that Rihoko’s been in love with him ever since in every story and in every reset.  Yes indeed it’s actually kind of sad, even if Rihoko doesn’t show it much, considering now that we’re watching things from her point of view and not Junichi’s.

Also, since we ARE talking about what she believes is unrequited love here, we can’t even really tell if Junichi never really felt anything for her.  In previous arcs we get to see that he does indeed feel for the heroines to some degree even at the start, but we can’t really say the same for sure here.

That man gets to touch more boobies than is legal allowable.

Rihoko has a pretty big and committed support cast that is working directly and behind the scenes to make it work between her and Junichi, even if she’s taking the more cautious approach towards the whole thing.  A best friend and two seniors, all working to get two childhood friends together because the chemistry between them is clear as day.  Every man knows that you should never talk to a woman that you’re not close with about her weight if you really intend to continue living, and no woman normally takes that kind of BS from any man she doesn’t really know.  Between the two of them, she takes Junichi’s jab’s like a real bro, and Junichi actually handles his teasing with an acceptably deft touch.  Kind of like the relationship he and Kaoru have, only for a longer period of time.

As soft as siopao.

It’s… actually fairly possible that Rihoko’s chest might be the biggest in the cast.  Yes, even bigger than Sae’s, and for good measure.  She probably worries too much because it seems rather obvious that the fat she claims to be getting is going to all the right areas, much to Junichi’s delight.

On the other hand, at least it’s been validated that he’s been a pervert even before he reached Tanner Stage II.  It’s not every kid you’ve ever known who enjoys putting ginormous breasts of snow women. Maybe it’s even possible it’s Junichi’s vision of the future for Rihoko?  A rather funny idea when I think about it.

Looking Fiiiiiineeeee.

It makes me curious that the Founder’s Festival was presented this early in the arc, considering it’s usually in the third or start of the fourth.  I think it’ll be because there’s probably going to be more content between that and Christmas day compared to everyone else, or when factoring in the request of her seniors in the Tea Club maybe even beyond Christmas day itself.

If they do either, it’s going to be sort of a first for the series because the Festival is usually an event to signify that their relationship is almost there, yet here it hasn’t moved as much compared to everyone else.  There’s going to be something before Xmas and Xmas itself that will finally push them out of the friend zone for sure, and it makes me believe that Rihoko might be the one to make the first move.

Precocious puberty.

Junichi’s still as dense and perverted as ever, but this incarnation has steadily shown to be the most level headed and most upstanding of his versions so far.  His perversions are probably intrinsic personality factors at this point, but everything else has shown that he’s more in control of his faculties then ever before.  The thing is, the fact that outside of convenient accidents one could say that he’s not actually made a more sexual move on Rihoko compared to everyone else, which does call into question whether he really likes her or not.


The last scene of course may seem rather innocent and par for the course in Junichi’s eyes, but I think any girl in Rihoko’s shoes will interpret it very, very differently.  For this arc, it’s the first direct gesture he’s done for her since their childhood probably, and maybe she sees it as the first sign that maybe she can continue hoping that Junichi will see her as more than a friend.

And based on the next episode preview, it might even look that way.


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