November 5, 2010

New Makoto Shinkai project to be announced!

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There has been some speculation over the last year that the Makoto Shinkai is working on a new project, but only recently has it been revealed.  I usually don’t make it a point to announce work made by specific people, but I hold this man in such high esteem that it must be done.


There’s no official English title for this yet, but that’s not the point.  It’s been a while since one of the brightest rising stars of the anime world has produced something since 5cm per Second.  With Satoshi Kon’s final work about to be released next year, things are looking good.


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  1. hashi said,

    Great news. I guess I consider Shinkai the _brightest_ star in the anime world already, since there is no anime movie I think is as good as 5cm/s, and no anime better. If we translate that title — Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo — it is “Child(ren) Chasing the Stars.” On the page you link to, they have the English: “Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below.” Is that not the official English title? Waiting eagerly for next Tuesday at noon, Japan time, for the video announcement on Yahoo Movies, so maybe here:

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