November 3, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep5: A Forgotten Memory

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Kids born out of wedlock probably have it tough, especially in highly conservative societies where such children are frowned upon if not outright scorned.  You do have to feel a bit of pity for them; it wasn’t their choice to be born into such a condition, yet they are the ones who have to suffer the burden of such a predicament.  Life doesn’t always give the Win Card to everyone, like Kazuha.  Like Akira, it’s the Suck Card.

It’s an entirely different matter the way some are able to face it and live on, despite the fact that there will always be those who will scorn you and throw you aside for what you are:  a bastard child.

For that reason, you have to respect the amount of effort Akira gives just to live life in a positive way.

He sees more panties on a daily basis than the average daily requirement.

This episode confirms the series’ use of the omnibus format, putting us back to the suggestive scene outside the female locker room where he overhears Kazuha calling Akira her older sister.  Instead of her maid coming in to tease him for his supposed perversions, Akira comes out of the locker room where he returns Kazuha’s phone and asks about the truth of their relationship.

From a VN standpoint it’s likely to be the choice scene that splits their story.  I assume the choices would be to stay and meet Akira when she comes out, or leave and meet the maid who talks about Kazuha.  Whatever the case, the omnibus format usually restarts from the beginning of the story, so it’s pretty interesting to have a story reset down a different road from a split path, though Clannad After Story did sort of do that.

Men will do anything for the girl. Even looking like a complete idiot.

The pace of this episode is insane.  I guess it’s easy to do Akira a disservice by concluding she’d been in love with Haru for YEARS that she’d jump his junk on the earliest possible convenience, but we do get some rather compressed character and relationship development between the two of them.  She might qualify as the childhood friend type but most likely not, at least based on Haru’s piecemeal memories of her.  The willingness of Haru to go beyond the call of duty to find her pendant and to help identify her mother gives it away that he likes her a lot, and Akira’s feelings were obvious from episode one.

And it's not his hand.

Whether or not they did it in the bath is no longer an issue I guess.  I assume they did it.  With only 2 episodes, you have a highly compressed romance that has to feel adequate enough to make it believable, even if it does not conclude itself completely.  Kazuha’s story never really did have a true sense of finality and it’s acceptable to a degree that Akira’s tale will not have one either.

Considering that both Akira’s and Kazuha’s stories are linked, it did manage to save us some time, though I do have to wonder if they can make a satisfying conclusion since it feels like Akira’s story feels heavier and possibly with more angst, as it seems to deal with issues of abandonment and loneliness.  Her loneliness, of course, is beyond question.  It’s pretty obvious that she is.

Her face says everything we need to know about her predicament.  That does not look like the face of embarrassment and shame, but the face like that of abject fear.  She probably does fear Kazuha’s mother, given her own knowledge that she is a bastard child, but the look on her face suggests that she was almost expecting to get hit bu Kazuha’s mother.  This might suggest a less than civil past between her and her father’s official family (Kazuha’s of course), and maybe during those times, before or after her mother died, she might have even been on the receiving end of things that are more physical than children should go through.

So is Kazuha’s mother a cruel woman?  Hell hath no greater fury than a woman scorned, and she obviously treats Akira with contempt as an extension of the one she gave her mother.  Treating Akira as less than human is nothing I would be surprised of if it were true.

Some more crazy ending shit.

One more episode for Akira’s story, so a compressed conclusion is to be expected.  If they resolve anything, it’s likely to be Akira’s central problem and nothing else, but with what we’re getting I guess that’s expected and probably acceptable.

Then again, they’re giving a heck lot of time for Sora’s route, so we know she’s going to receive the best of care from the production crew.  I guess it’s just a wee bit unfair the same can’t be given to every heroine.


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