November 1, 2010

Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt: Epistaxis and Emesis

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If nose picking becomes a fad… consider me first in line?  As someone who tends to have a hypersecreting nasal cavity I do sometimes find it hard to get a private place where I can… pick to my heart’s content when blowing my nose just doesn’t do it anymore.  Whether the inside of the nares is considered an erogenous zone is another matter entirely.

Also, the animation head for the second segment is Kobayashi Osamu, so if you recognize the shift in art style it’s because he worked on Paradise Kiss, BECK and some Studio 4C works.

The third hole.

The Runny

It was only a matter of time before we saw booger demons make their appearance in this series.  Daten City is overrun with a new nose-picking fad that’s slowly forcing people to keep their fingers in their noses the entire time.  A booger ghost feeds on this… this collection of snot to fuel his ambition of going to the moon. With even Panty and Stocking up to their noses in fingers and mucous, who will save Daten City?

If I were the moon I'd be scared too.

One thing I noticed the entire episode was how fluid the animation and the action was.  As it has been pointed out, the running frames per second in Japanese animation is less than in Western production, and as a mimicry of the latter the relative choppiness becomes more apparent.  In this episode however much of this gap is absent.  The fight on top of the giant flying booger ghost was very fluid, well executed and a joy to watch.  Props as well for Tomokazu Sugita, which most will know as Kyon from Haruhi, for an impressive performance as the ghost.


While western shows use booger and nose-picking for jokes all the time, you never really see it being mixed with sexual undertones often, if at all.  The nasal cavity might be considered erogenous for all medical science knows, but seeing people get off of picking their noses was hilarious, and perhaps even a vindication for people who actually do pick their noses when they need to.

The break room of hopelessness.

Vomiting Point

In a section of Tokyo known for it’s depressive urban mood, an old salaryman named Tarao struggles to make ends meet as a less-than-stellar salesman.  He’s stuck at an entry level job with poor performance, shuffling about work in a hunched back and a dark cloud hovering above his head.  We’re not too sure as to why he’s like this even if he has a family to support, but what we do know is that he feels the pressures of everyday life weighing down on his shoulders, making him a primary target for ghosts with nothing better to do than torment people.  A ghost that manifests as vomit when Tarao is forced to drink with his coworkers.

And to think all he ever wanted was to give his daughter a nice birthday gift.  Too bad the gift she wants is a souvenir from Panty and Stocking.

I couldn't even do half of that.

The second half of each PSG episode could easily be considered experimentation time, so far as the second of of the episodes ventured more into different and more risque avenues of animation to present themselves.  If this looks like a Studio 4C work, it’s likely Kobayashi Osamu’s influence.  Tunnel-like perspectives, intentionally skewed facial expressions and the dirty and dark settings almost make it look like an arthouse work but it’s not.  This is still Gainax believe it or not.

This fact alone amazes me.  With a excellent key animator, they managed to create a brooding and oppressive atmosphere to Tarao’s downtrodden world to clash with Panty and Stockings more upbeat and colorful one, which is much more awesome when you consider how these are two sections of the same city.  Actually realizing the fact that Tarao and the pair are animated completely different highlights just how different their worlds are.

But just because their worlds are different doesn’t mean they can’t coexist.  As they clean up the vomitus monster, Tarao makes his request, and we then see the bit of humanity this pair of profane angels still possess.  Sure they can’t go to his daughter’s birthday party, but they got here the next best thing, which she wanted all along.

Makes you Dawwwww....

The last half is one of, if not the, best episodes of the series normally considered shallow and meaningless.  Even in a world where casual, unsafe sex and sweet gluttony prevail, the show manages to pull off some touching moments of humanity that arguably still exist in their insane and twisted world.  I hope to see more heartfelt episodes, even without the animation shifts, mixed in with the toilet humor for episodes to come.


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