October 30, 2010

Kuragehime Ep2: Awkward Fear

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Does their fear of the Stylish stem from an almost intrinsic psychological fear, or an irrational phobia?  It would seem that out of everyone, only Tsukimi seems “immune” to this issue they all share.  Mitsuki’s happy-go-lucky and positive approach is apparently a toxin to their own happy existence in their own special world where, for them, nothing can touch them.

How then would this affect them now that a Stylish has entered their world?

The female imagination.

There is really the possibility that Tsukimi has some personal issue with people she regards as Stylish in the past, which is indicated by how she seems so afraid now of the the things Mitsuki touched in her room.  When she looks at them she remembers him and the other Stylish they regard as alien beings to be afraid of.  I have to wonder if really, something about the stylish members puts her off, as if to suggest she may have had a trauma involving them.  Clearly enough she came here to the apartments for a reason most likely related to them and a probable past event.

Might it be related to her parents?  There are a lot of indications that her mother might really have “moved on” so to speak, and she might have moved to the apartments for reasons related to this, probably her father and most likely for a shared issue of Stylish with the rest of the tenants.  Perhaps it’s not as irrational as it sounds.

Women need their meat.

I guess everyone else has their own problems regarding their fringe-like existence in that apartment.  Nearing the end of the episode though I’m assuming their issues might be more of reactionary and due to misunderstanding since they were… very accommodating of Mitsuki now when he brings high quality beef with him.  This still doesn’t really justify the way they treated her in their apartment earlier that episode.  They still clearly fear the Stylish ones for each of their own reasons, but it’s something tasty meat can at least temporary solve.

Kind of like real life yeah?

Feeling small.

Again, Hanazawa Kana is really carrying the show on her paranoid, neurotic shoulders.  Tsukimi’s a very lively girl inside that reserved shell, and this is most evident after Mitsuki tells her that he came here to their apartments just to be with her again.  With the face flushing and panic, am I seeing the starts of a possible friendship or romance?  While it is a typically expected reaction for a girl when a guy says a similar thing, it might be indicative that maybe he really does want to be with her, even if it’s purely platonic.

But is he gay?  Probably not.  Very effeminate maybe, but I don’t see any homosexual tendencies from him.  His transvestite tendencies might even be attributable to his family life.  The TV shows that he’s a member of a political family in the region, and thus a member of the upper crust expected to act and dress properly, something that probably wouldn’t agree with him looking like a glamorous woman every night.  An aim to rebel or an aim for identity, it is much too early to tell.  Clearly though he seems to enjoy it to some degree.

The typical female reaction?

Taking into account their past histories, their final conversation in the episode walking back to his mansion really puts into perspective how very different yet very similar their lives are.  Tsukimi seems perfectly fine with her private life choices while Mitsuki has to hide it from her family.  Tsukimi has problems dealing with the outside world given her self imposed feelings of unattractiveness while Mitsuki flaunts his cross dressing style.  Tsukimi is very open at home but very isolated outside the world while Mitsuki feels more at home in the public than in his own house.  Both come from very different backgrounds and different attitudes, yet both have the very same issues of personal identity that they have to grapple with on a daily basis.

Perhaps being at the apartments gives Mitsuki a chance to have a life he couldn’t at home.  At the same time, it gives Tsukimi and the rest of the group a chance to learn and grapple with their fear issues with the Stylish, even if he does have to bribe them with tasty beef at times.  A win-win situation, no?

From that, perhaps this show is really about the clashing of two different lifestyles as portrayed by two very different yet very similar individuals.  That might really also symbolize that in truth, there is not so much oppositions between both ways of life that society otherwise portrays.

Very different, yet very similar, lives.

With the tenants warming up to him, it will be interesting to see the clashing dynamic of of a Stylish now barging into their sheltered and independent lives.  Mitsuki probably isn’t the stereotype shallow fashionista that we tend to see in other shows, so I really want to see how much they can learn from him, and how much he can learn from them in return.



  1. Liddo said,

    “But is he gay?”

    In the first episode he cleary said he was “normal”, which is often used in Japan to mean straight.

    And why are you calling him Mitsuki?? He’s called Kuranosuke!!

  2. RobertKM said,

    Hmm, Kuranosuke is voiced by the great Mitsuki Saiga… (I love her voice, love it!)

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