October 23, 2010

Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ep4: Lingerie Run

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I totally understand the issues Briefs has with going naked, like him having to carry a massive package everyday and having to keep them away from the jealous eyes of less endowed beings who’d likely go blind if they see it.

Though of course, unlike Briefs, I have no real qualms in letting it loose should the situation warrant it…

The Diet Syndrome

No guts no glory!

A good lot of women probably dread having to step on the weighing scale and slowly seeing the meter tick its way up the scale.  100.  110.  120.  130!  The weight issue isn’t something that only hounds women because men dread it too, though I don’t personally put a lot of focus on my own weight since I’ve been maintaining my status for a good few years now, more or less.  Stocking claims she doesn’t gain any weight from her sweet tooth addiction and derides Panty for having to exercise every morning just to keep her figure.

Then, of course, karma bites her in the ass.


Taking diets too far.

Stocking goes through the entire sequence of weight gain all the way from denial to abject hopelessness, as a parody of the media’s unrelenting portrayal of what women are supposed to do just to keep their ideal figures in check.  Though medically there really are people who can eat all they want and barely gain any weight, eating all those insane amounts of sugars cannot be good for your pancreas, and Stocking learns about this the hard way when she becomes big enough to… blow through their house.


What is that I don't ev

That… big titted ghost has a point, sort of.  Once it’s revealed that miniature ghosts are driving all the sweet-eating women of the city into maximum grade obesity, Stocking goes crazy and seeks to exact her revenge as Panty laughs in the sidelines.  In the end it becomes Panty’s job to fix it because her sister’s too fat to do it herself.

And as a segment about the insanities of crazed dieting… heh I think it did the job well enough.  The facial expressions of a completely desperate Stocking were awesome as they are in any other event.

High School Nudical

The insane awesomeness of this section cannot be justified by mere words, so screenshots can suffice.


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