October 20, 2010

Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ep3: The Battle for Bartholin

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Usually when a friend of mine tries to make a sex joke, I roll my eyes.  I roll them even farther back when he tries to really, really extend the joke beyond a sound mind.  I’ve heard a lot of sex jokes in my life as a man, which is almost 26 years at this point, so really for the most part most sexy and risque comedy is old news to me.  That was until this show came along.

So really, how long can a someone extend a sexy joke gone far, far beyond it’s intention?  Waaaaay far?

That’s apparently what the second part was trying to do, and actually, it did it well.

All in a day's work.

Catfight Club

I’m not a girl so I can’t say I know, or even seen, a catfight between sisters.  I’ve fought with my brothers a lot though so I surmise it’s sort of the same, just with more slapping and less punching.  And probably a lot more gender specific cussing.  I’ll assume that minus the katanas and the guns, Panty and Stocking’s arguments are no different from sibbling squabbles.  Of course for added drama, it entails the pair having the typical split after a big argument over special pudding, which leads each one fending for themselves as they fight off the ghosts in the town solo rather than as a team.

You can clearly see where that would lead.

... Okay maybe not.

It really wouldn’t have been complete is the ghosts they’d be after for this segment wasn’t an actual pair who cooperated in taking the souls of humans to put some cliched perspective in the sisters’ own strained relationship.  Then again, you clearly aren’t watching this for the pathos and the humanity, so while it’s there, it’s not really that much important.  The important thing is, besides watching Stocking get roped up, is watching them get back together again and kick some ghost ass with all the stripping and the innuendos that go with it.

Now this is how ass should be kicked.

It’s only natural they’d get back together nearing the end, and it’s actually rather funny how they can still put up a fight even when fighting solo.  Of course they can’t succeed doing it alone since it sort of defeats the entire point of the segment, so the only way for them to defeat a tag team duo is to become the tag team we all know and (presumably) love.  At the conclusion Panty gives back a jar of pudding to her sister, which has a bit of spice that Stocking dislikes, to which both of them just end up laughing at it as they drive away into the sunset.  It was actually a bit touching, strangely.

Pulp Addiction

That’s actually food on her.

An obvious reference to Pulp Fiction, even if the segment has nothing to do with the movie.  On the other hand, it probably has one of the funniest reusing of the oldest sexy symbolism for the battle between the sperm and the ova I have ever seen.  I assume it’s really, really hard to extend a penis and ejaculation joke this long but… well… the battle for reproductive success is a war.

And war?  War never changes.

The angst of non-release.

Daten City has a problem.  A big one:  The tissue paper factory has been taken over by ghosts!  Without tissue paper, the men of Daten City have nothing to wipe their business with, and I’m not talking about the stuff that comes out of the anus.  With even good old Garterbelt filled to the brim with unreleased tension (those are gay magazines most likely), it’s up the girls to liberate the shackled men of Daten City from their woes and their stress.

Yes, they’re taking back the tissue paper factory.  What the hell did you think I was talking about?


The lives of soldiers are short lived.  Even if you do penetrate the front lines, the enemy (or should I say your own commanders) have undermined all your efforts to finally reach your goal.  Try as they might these soldiers of the white, white and white will pay the price for their bravery and courage in the battle for Bartholin and Mount Venus.  The mere fact that they lasted this long, even after death, is representative of every man’s battle for success.

Even if the tissues are gone.


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