October 19, 2010

Yosuga no Sora Ep3: The First Girl?

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So… is he going to kiss and romance every girl he’s going to meet?

There are at least 4 viable women here including his sister, all of them almost head over heels for him, all slowly getting reeled in by the charms of an all natural harem lead.  How this will end, should he actually romance all of them, remains to be seen.

The most important question, of course, is what Sora’s eventual response to all this would be.  Much more when she learns that Haru’s pretty much got a girlfriend now that’s… well that’s not her.

Solid Snake, he is not.

Standrad beach episode fare with the romantic undercurrent, of course much to Sora’s suspicions and probable jealousy.  She probably does know that they’re brother ans sister and this isn’t something she can really act upon, but it may as well be natural for her to feel jealous.  He’s after Kazuha, who is the series’ rich girl Ojou type, so you can’t really blame him for wanting to go after her.

What VN story would be complete without a problem that the girl has that needs resolving with an eventual climax (pun not intended)?  It’s confirmed that she and Akira are half sisters and she takes offense at the way their father is treating Akira, so take that as the issue for her “route” in this series.

We could consider that Sora’s route to be the main story but… uh… does that entail romancing every girl along the way?

Too fast!

Whoa ok slow down there young man!

I’m not too sure of Haruka’s thought process right now.  Personally it feels like the first episode where I’m again not seeing a sense of direction in this show.  The show clearly pushing the incest element of the show but now Haruka’s pretty much getting into her pants 3 episodes in, with the other girls practically falling in line.  Like a poster on the animesuki boards mentioned, I’m confused again on what this show is trying to accomplish.  The incest issue was pushed in the previous episode but now it feels like it’s being put into the backseat of Haruka reeling in the harem.

This is all again on the assumption that Sora is the girl of the series, or at least considered the main female lead.  As a VN adaptation the expectations is to cover all the routes to complete the story without having romantic involvement in each one, which is saved (usually) for the female lead, which again is assumed to be Sora.

Standing at home plate...

It’s shocking for most people because the expectations in a VN adaptation is that the romantic plot is saved almost exclusively for the destined girl. People assume that the girl the lead romances must be the girl of destiny.  Then again, we got True Tears, and even though I didn’t like the show, it did portray that the First Girl Wins rule isn’t absolute.

It might be natural for a lot of people to assume that this is a precedent for Haruka to romance every girl along the road towards Sora, but this isn’t necessarily the case in the first place.  First and foremost, is Sora even considered the romantic end point?  We’re all making that assumption based on the story so far, but for all you know that wouldn’t be the case.  The lead female doesn’t have to end up with the lead male, nor does he have to end up with anyone.

Best comparison I can make is to Honey and Clover, specifically to Yuta and Hagu.  Simply put, being the lead male and lead female doesn’t necessarily destine you to live happily ever after.

First Base!

Personally I can’t see him romancing every girl in the series. 2 outside of Sora tops, and befriending everyone else. Having him romance everybody, especially since they all know each other, feels really stupid and convenient for some reason, not to mention all the emotional issues this will bring up, something I highly doubt 13 episodes can even cover.  We did also get a rather… suggestive preview at the end, but again we need to take it with a grain of salt since the series is getting pretty infamous for it’s trolling previews.

We do have to admit that if the siblings are to end up with each other, breakups are to be expected, and breakups are never devoid of drama even if the split is on good terms.  We still have to expect the angsty baggage that would be required as Haru will have to break up with at least one person by now if he’s going to end up with Sora (IF!).  The pressure then falls on the writers to make a breakup we can consider realistic without psycho angst, and to make the incestuous relationship plausible.

... I've run out of witty captions.

My initial comment on how the episode felt like the first one, in feeling a bit directionless and floating around given the drastic change in perspective, was more rooted on the fact that a romance outside the expected pair coming up this early was unforeseen even by me.  At this point I’m willing to admit that it’s because the series decided to use a more unpredictable style than the usual VN approach so I’ll retract my earlier statement, but this again puts more pressure on the studio to make it work in the end.

In that way, we still have 9-10 episodes to see if they’ll make it work.


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