October 19, 2010

Amagami SS Ep15: Swings are Romantic?

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It might be sort of fitting that the very place they first met would be the very same place that they would have their first kiss.  Of course once again the first move was done by Ai who’s been firmly in the lead ever since this arc began, so it’s a bit annoying that ol’ perverted Junichi still can’t quite grasp the situation in front of him.  Ai’s been a very straight forward person even at this point, so it shouldn’t be that surprising.

Still, given the expectation that men should take the lead, I guess he would be surprised.  She may be straight forward, but she’s still a general mystery for him.

What a face.

Ai telling Junichi that her brother being sick and not being able to go with them is pretty much an obvious lie.  Really would you want your kid brother with you on a date?  Obviously she wants Junichi for herself on this with no side distractions.  For their first date they end up going to the amusement park, which is sort of typical in itself since it’s a typical date spot for Japanese teens in anime.  The others being the water park, the beach and a love hotel.

This probably isn’t a typical amusement park though…

Dude this is some grade A shit!

They must be pumping some high grade inhalant-type LSD that only work on men in that house of horrors place because Junichi’s seeing a lot of kooky stuff, ranging from the pasts of classmates to Egyptian gods.  Whatever it is it works really well on him, culminating in him thinking of Ai as a bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen that he wants to… ahem… *eat*.  Complete with a floating naked form of Ai getting eaten.  Cue sexual associations.

That of course doesn’t mean that I approve of it.  Whatever shit Junichi’s smoking makes the entire first half completely absurd, which while sort of fleshing out the more liberal relationship the two of them have, really undermines what could have been a nice if generic date for the two of them.  At least we get a few laughs out of it.

Swings are apparently romantic.

At the very least the second half makes up for whatever absurd point the first half had.  Watching them go back and forth on the swing while Ai stands on top of him was fun to watch, kind of like in the previous episode of her going all Kamen Rider, since it’s always fun to see the usually calm and calculating Nanasaki Ai let loose for a Junichi who’s used to a serious girl.  It’s partly because this is a side of Ai she really only shows to Junichi.  Sae and Miya are probably really only used to the more composed Ai, so consider this something she’d only do for Junichi.  I could go off tangent on how ridiculously dangerous it is to do that in tandem on the swings but hey, he got a kiss in the end, and it’s worth any sort of injury he could have gotten if he fell.


As silly as jumping into the water fully clothed to get to a girl who can swim better than you when you could have just run over to the other side of the pool when she got up, this sort of action is as par for the course as you can get.  Thoughtful it might be, it still made me roll my eyes a bit seeing Junichi’s classic impulsiveness, even if the gesture was pure.  One wouldn’t have counted Ai to be the type to break down so easily, though it shows just how important swimming is to her.  Like the swings, it is again likely a side of her she wouldn’t even show to her friends.  Given how she tried to hide her tears from the team captain but willfully ended up breaking down in Junichi’s arms, it again shows how much she’s much more willing to be honest and open with Junichi than with anyone else.

Now that's the Ai we all know and love!

Next week is Christmas Day episode, and now it’s actually Ai who asks Junichi if he’s free.  It’s probably still suggestive of how she’s been on the reigns of this relationship practically from day one, but I guess I do want that for at least once in this episode he’d take charge for moment to assert his part in all this.  I’m not complaining about the female taking the lead, but I do wish he’d take a more active role in this story.  He did show it by asking her out tot the park, but it had her brother as part of the request in that.

Maybe we’ll see in the arc’s finale?


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