October 9, 2010

Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ep2: Have Sex Will Travel

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If you’ve ever wondered why high school kids in America need to have sex ed classes, why cheerleaders have strange panties, why having a sex tape makes you famous or why people like to parody Stanley Kubrik’s films, then the second full episode of Panty and Stocking will answer these questions.

Or maybe not.  It’s still insanely fun anyway.

The Clamor of the Beehive


Chemical SeX.


There is a ghost running amok in Danten City High School, and the principal requests the help of our heroines in order to find it for it has been kidnapping students in the school.  So, in order to enter the mysterious world of American teen schools, they dress and enter as students and begin their investigations into the life of the teenager.  The culprit for this episode is a giant queen bee, which I think is a rather obvious symbolism for the hierarchical setup of a school’s social system, and for better or worse it’s actually rather spot on.

The episode is also complete with Sexual Education 101.  A class that distributes condoms.  To students.  Really.


That's... that's not bubblegum.


The theme for this episode is the American high school as (mostly) portrayed in American films.  Yes it’s an exaggeration of how American school probably are, but if all the news I read about the status of the US public education system is correct, making these set of assumptions probably isn’t as far off as I had previously thought.  It has the standard set of characters in these shows:  The jocks, the queen bees, the nerds, the fanboys, etc.  All of them going about doing what they stereotypically do.  P and S obviously crash into this setting, usurping the delicate social balance of this ecosystem and earning the ire of the resident cheerleader squad captain, who as expectantly is at the top of the social pyramid.


I'm sure you know what this is.


Parodies are never really accurate and they shouldn’t be seen as such.  For an attempt to parody American teenagers in their natural environment, well, I’ve seen other shows do it to, and from that standpoint this is standard fare.  The queen bee motif has been used and alluded too before in other shows, and while funny, this episode doesn’t really show anything new for the high school genre.  Except maybe for all the sex in it.

It might be interesting to note that Panty probably didn’t have sex at the start of the episode, which might be odd for some, but she did have a rather… grand one at the end.  For all the school to see.

Sex and the Daten City


Complete with logo!

No ghosts, no coins, no Garterbelt and no transformations.  Still a whole lot of sex though, which really you should be used to by now.  This is an 80%e deviation from the previous episodes.

P and S are movie stars on their way to premier their first film “together”.  I put that quotations because one of them has been in a film before, I know you know who of the two, and you know what kind of film.  If for some damn reason you don’t, it’s Panty in a porno, which isn’t all that surprising, but since Panty is trying to produce an all-ages persona for the world and her fans the existence of this film would prove to be a disaster, so it falls to her and her sister (begrudgingly so) to find the tapes before they go public.  All of it.

In space, in Egypt, in an adult store, in your living room, every single last one of it.


You need to start your career somewhere right?


Aside from the obvious homage (or parody,whichever you prefer), the episode is chock full of current pop culture references to parody and downright lampoon that this is actually where much of the humor lies rather than in all the toilet jokes (which are surprisingly mostly absent here compared to the previous ones).

The first of course is the sex tape porno thing.  I’m sure you’re AAAAAALLLLLL familiar with sex tapes hitting and making previously unknown people famous by virtue of having sex with someone.  Compared to that however, where I sometimes think people have taped sex and post them online for the sole purpose of getting at least 5 minutes of fame.  Here it’s actually being treated as more of a bane than a boon.  It runs counter to Panty’s wholesome image persona, and she’s already famous anyway, so it comes off more as a indictment of despite how much you try to hide your more… shameful activities, all it takes is one slip up to reveal to the world that you’re a sex addict.

Another thing is the viral video phenomenon.  It really only appears once, in the end, where after being stabbed in the back by her sister Stocking decides to save one tape and upload it on a streaming site (which looks a lot like youtube, and I guess intentionally so).  You can’t escape it.  Fuck someone over and they can destroy you with a click of a button.  In this case, she may be a goth lolita with a sugar addiction, but never ever mess with Stocking.



Something will be blown, and no it's not his nose.


It’s a bit surprising for me that for the second part of the episode this week, a good number of the humor doesn’t come from straight out toilet humor but from integrating the sexual theme of the problem with the hilarious nature of what they have to do.  There isn’t too much downright sexual innuendo or situations aside from the porno flick, yet they managed to make the sex funny without making it take full center stage.  Compared to the previous episodes, the sex is much more integrated into the humor and the “plot” that lets the show become funny without being overly sexual.

And I find this a very good attempt from the staff.  Personally if they try to do stuff like this more often, but now with the core premise of ghost hunting, I think the show would be capable of more things than what people have labelled it with.


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