October 2, 2010

Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt Pilot Episode: Excremental Assault

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It’s obscene.  It’s profane.  It’s rude.  It’s disgusting.  It’s indecent.  Bizarre.  Ridiculous.  Immoral.  Petulant.  Loose.  Objectionable.  There are much more words you can use to define Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt based on the first 10 minutes alone.

It’s also one of the awesome, sexually charged shows I have ever seen.  Indeed, in Gainax we trust!

Two sister angels coming down to earth, into Daten City, to fight off ghosts and basically any spiritual creature that threatens humanity.  One is a blond who likes to have sex with (multiple) men and shirk off her duties.  One is a gothic lolita with an addiction to sugar.  Their dog is a brainless… thing with a flatulence problem.  Their boss is a black priest with an afro.  Together they fight of ghosts in the city, to collect Heaven Coins, and earn the approval of heaven itself.

I assure you I could never cook this shit up even on a good day.

First and foremost the creators have already admitted long ago that this is heavily influenced by modern American cartoons,most obviously the Powerpuff Girls. Now you’d likely be wondering what the point is in all of this since Japan already has their own version of PPG.  What is this show supposed to be then?

Aside from being an parody and homage at the same time, I have no fucking clue.

Profanity, sex and obscenity everywhere.  An obvious parody of the child friendly shows of weekend US cartoons, and even then said shows aren’t as innocent as you may seem to believe.  What is most shocking with the entire thing, for the pilot episode so far at least, is that all the obvious content doesn’t come off as trashy or disgusting. By God it actually feels… natural!  WTF Gainax?  I am shocked beyond belief that despite all the toilet humor and slightly-less-then-graphic sexual situations, my better senses were not even offended.  At all.  I assume it’s because of the following:

1.  The frenetic pace of the series.  The series goes like it’s high on Speed.  It doesn’t dwell long on any scene, especially the sexual ones, so it doesn’t really even feel like the series is focusing on the sex just to sell.  The sex and obscenities actually felt like a natural part of the world and setting.

2.  Suspension of disbelief?  Normally you’d think that having panties and stockings turn into guns and swords, giant Melena monsters run amok and having the police fire automatic weapons everywhere would stretch your suspension of disbelief beyond the breaking point, but someway and somehow the series manages to make you accept EVERYTHING.  Not once did I question the ridiculousness of it all.  Why?

3.  It’s all super fast and frenetic fun, with foulmouthed fucking on the fringe.

So getting all that out of the way, since the series will have mini-episodes per episode, I’ll break it up by part when I blog this.

Excretion Without Honor or Humanity

As you can see from that gigantic piece of shit that likely has Melena based on the dark stool color, this episode will be all about toilets.  And we’re not just talking about leaky lead pipes.  There are other pipes out there that need a professional to work on.


Literal toilet humor personified, or monsterfied depending on your tastes.  For a series that’s almost purely episodic with no true sense of plot to string it together, it makes for a pretty… interesting introduction for the duo and their support members.  There’s enough manure going around to keep a poop fire burning for a lifetime.  No character gets spared from being covered in said human waste too.  Okay maybe only Panty gets covered in poop (which is sort of one of the functions of underwear).

From here we know that while both of them are slackers, Panty is the laziest one of them and Stocking… well in the same way that Panty will literally drop her panties for sex, Stocking will do what she’s told for any sugar-coated dessert.  As Panty says, she gets her desserts “elsewhere.”

Death Race 2010

An obvious homage to the car carnage movies, it has our duo (or Stocking for the most part) chasing down an automobile-possessing ghost in See Through.  Panty, as we are likely going to have to expect from now on, is off duty having sex with… well she’s always having sex with someone.  This time it’s a biker and she borrows his ride to go after their next target.

More than a simple homage to vehicle on vehicle violence.  The entire chase scene culminating with an 18 wheeler and a train is purely a ripoff of the second Matrix movie. The difference is that Panty and Stocking pull it off much, much more awesome than Keanu Reeves and his single facial expression.  Seeing both of them go all Morpheus was a blast, as the car ghost goes all… orgasmic in his rampage through the Daten City expressways.

What is ironic about this episode is how it flips over the portrayal of the police in PPG.  In PPG pretty much all law enforcement are inept, relying almost exclusively on the girls.  Here… they’re actually pretty competent.  Overly violent and excessive, but competent enough.  They even resorted to a complete massive pileup just to stop the ghost, which failed, but hey can’t blame them for trying right?

This show spares no moral ground or obscene reference for presenting what it wants to present.  From the PPG homage to the ripoff of the Ultraman monster death explosions, it practically lampoons its influences and sources while at the same time creating something completely unexpected and completely unique.  As only Gainax can.

Is this a keeper?  Damn straight it is!


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