September 25, 2010

Amagami SS Ep13: In The Palm of Her Hand

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To answer why I didn’t blog Sae’s arc is because, aside from watching it almost solely for completion’s sake, I didn’t like Sae’s arc.  At all.  Mostly because while Sae was likable enough, Junichi was a completely perverted and single minded dumbass who thought more with his penis than with his brain.  He may have single-handedly ruined the arc for me, as all the ridiculous events including the excess fanservicing were essentially his fault to begin with.

This is why this new arc really had my hopes up because I was expecting a lot for the new storyline, as well as the more intriguing prospects behind Nanasaki Ai.

And frankly, thank God, I wasn’t dissapoint.

What a sly smile!

First episode in I already find Ai to be much more interesting, if not downright intriguing, than the previous heroines combined.  She’s got bits and pieces of the first three girls aside from her own core personality.  She’s unique and slightly eccentric without the lunacy, playful and teasing without being too physical, accommodating and accepting without being a doormat.   Likewise I find her to be very much in control and very self-aware, which are signs of a strong character personality.

Much more though is that she isn’t as much an open book as the previous girls.  While she did open up a lot to Junichi in the arc pilot, she still maintains a bit of an impenetrable mystery about her.  She definitely acts as less of a cliched character type than the other girls, which makes watching her move and act a lot more interesting than the usual anime heroine you’ve seen before.

What a teasing smile!

Junichi on the other hand is a far different creature than he was in his Sae arc incarnation.  In simpler terms, less penis and more brains.  Of course he isn’t completely free of perversity because every human male in existence is a pervert (this is the truth we men tend to deny) in some degree or another, but the best thing about it is that he isn’t thinking with his man parts all the time like in the last arc.  The Junichi we know to be caring, understanding if goofy and misunderstood is back for the Nanasaki Ai arc, and in good time too.  There’s really nothing new with this Junichi to tell the truth, but after the Junichi is the previous arc, this Junichi is like a breath of fresh air.

Fresh air uplifting skirts anyway.

What a CUTE smile!

I am quite interested in her rather… passive aggressive approach to Junichi.  Coincidentally she’s the first girl to make it obvious to the viewer that she has taken a liking to Junichi from the get-go, but her directly indirect approach to him by taking the initiative yet not making her intentions up front makes for an interesting dynamic between the two.  Especially not that she’s currently in the driver’s seat, it would be interesting to see where she’ll try to steer it before Junichi realizes and, if ever, tries to take some control over the relationship.

So far he’s… how you say… pussy whipped.  Which in itself is a rather fun watch.

What an observant smile!

Junichi was, for the greater part, the one in the driver’s seat for the previous three arcs, so watching Ai be the one wearing the pants so far makes this a more unique and actually enjoyable viewing experience that breaks from the norm that the previous stories stuck to.  As I have said before Ai seems to be a more level-headed and straight-arrowish character than the last three girls, and while this may be branded as more dull and flat characterization, these type of characters without in-your-face flaws and emotional baggage are becoming a rare breed in anime, and hell maybe in the creative mode in general.  To see someone who doesn’t have to hide some inner turmoil or some such can easily become a much deeper and interesting character than those previously mentioned.

What a mysterious smile!

Ai’s smiles aside, I think we may be in for a treat for this arc of hers for the next 3 weeks.  After the general disappointment that was Sae’s arc, I have high hopes for this arc to do what the previous one failed to do.


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