September 17, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin etc. Ep11: A Man is (Re)born

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Say what you want about Ryoushi, even at this point nearing the conclusion of the series.  He might still be sort of a coward but he tries his damn best every time he needs to.  Manliness isn’t something you feel the need to perpetually show every moment of everyday, but a quality that shines forth from you when it is required of you.  Ryoushi managed to show how important this is, as the only person capable of saving Ryouko.

And of course he’d succeed.  He’s the lead male after all!

Man of action.

One could already see the fixation Hitsujikai has developed on Ryoushi the moment they met again on that rainy day.  He’s now completely obsessed with him and not only Ryouko, specifically in that bond that the two leads share.  It fascinates him apparently, and he himself says that such bonds are the most enthralling and exciting to break and twist in his grip.

Ryoushi already knows of course that this is as much about him as it is about Ryouko.  It’s obvious enough that Hitsujikai sadism relishes on imposing pain than causing death and destruction.  After all, death is final, but if still alive then he can cause all the pain his heart desires.

Hell hath no fury than a woman's jealousy.

As a given ending to the Hitsujikai problem, at least for now, it is actually rather anticlimactic and lame to say the least.  One has to wonder why the Prez even let him off the hook so easily when it’s so obvious that Hitsujikai’s insatiable sadistic streak will make him stage a comeback when he has a new scheme in place.  His fixation with Ryouko and Ryoushi has only just grown even more now that he has seen the interaction between them, and this to me puts both of them in even more danger than before.

It’s been theorized that this act of letting go has more to do with the artificial social structure of Onagi City than a of the Prez’s own discretion.  I assume to an extent that he let Hitsujikai off the hook for reasons that are far bigger than a series of kidnappings.  What this is, we don’t know, and given that there is only one episode left, only a second season can explain what the real deal is.

Don't mess with the piggies.

You have to hand it to the Bank for reacting as quick as they did.  With majority of their members spread and/or captured you’d think they’d be in a pretty bad pickle, but I guess these are the situations where the debt repayment really comes in handy.  Or maybe the nameless delinquent mooks are really bad at their jobs.  It might even be that Hitsujikai purposely knew and made sure that the other members would escape eventually in order to force a confrontation with Ryoyshi at their school.

Of course as someone who finds joy at the suffering of others, I’d guess he wasn’t really expecting Ryoushi to put up a real fight, much less actually land a hit on him.  When the punch connected you could see that it seems to have actually enthralled him even more.  Ryoushi’s change from a wussy to a knight in shining armor has captivated his attention.

That punch has been a long time coming.

Hitsujikai isn’t even the deepest of villains, but I find his motivations rather intriguing if not outright fascinating.  Sadistic people that are pretty much masochists aren’t like that for no reason, and I for one am interested in knowing why he has such a profound obsession with Ryouko, Ryoushi and the simply the entire notion of social bonds in general.  He claims to finding greater joy in crushing the deepest of human bonds, and frankly I want to know why. I want to know why severing human ties with deceit and manipulation pleasures him so.

The results are outstanding.

With this the battle with Hitsujikai is done, but the war with him and his sadist ideals are far from over.  It’s essentially guaranteed that true closure to this plot thread isn’t going to be given any time soon, as the finale is apparently not even related to him at all.  This again begs for a second season, considering that there are still a lot of plot threads in need of resolution.

It all depends on how the season finale is presented of course.  Whether it will be a lead in to the second season or some sort of true closure is anyone’s guess.


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