September 7, 2010

HotD Ep10: Family Ties

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Mutiny on the Bouty eh?  This reference is also from the source material, and as Takashi puts it bluntly, it’s a very apt description of what’s already happening in the Takagi household.  It’s not simply an issue of adults vs. kids, us vs. them or whatever, but more of complacency.

It’s only been a day since they arrived and they’re already starting to get soft.  While they do know that this sort of peace can’t last forever, it’s a very tempting offer considering the hell that they’ve had to endure up to that point.  Regular people would have dropped from exhaustion but they still manage to keep chugging along.

They’ll need to keep chugging along though, when one considers what is about to transpire.

She looks good in anything. ANYTHING.

The friction and the tension developing in the residence is starting to get so thick you can cut it with a katana.  To some extent Saya has a right to be all bitchy and angry at her parents for putting greater focus on their home, friends and other family members, but at the same time she was also being rather insensitive to the rest of the crew who are also dead worried about their own families while she raged on about her parents who she at least know are alive.

Did Takashi need to grab her by the blouse like that?  Considering Saya’s usual aggressive and rather selfish manner of conversation she probably did, but also considering that she was very much emotional for a very logical and calculating mind she probably didn’t either.  I guess the fact remains that she needed a good shot of reality and humility at that point, and regardless of your opinion on the way Takashi handled the situation, he managed to deliver it in the end.  I don’t think anyone can honestly say what was really right and what was really wrong.

Get ahold of yourself woman!

Then there’s also the issue with Hirano.  It’s indicative of his personality and his demeanor how he’s almost always in control of both himself and the situation whenever he’s holding a gun.  Weapons then come across as a sort of “security blanket” for him: that he identifies himself with his weapons because it gives him a sense of identity, as sense of belonging and most of all, a sense of usefulness.  Without them he feels useless, without a sense of self and without an ounce of self-respect.  As he says so himself, he found a sense of self and his true abilities when he first held those weapons, and thus weapons come to identify him.  Without them he is nothing, just the fat guy in the group.

Takashi and the rest of course would put it into perspective by saying that Hirano is and always had been an integral part of the group, and it’s really true that without him Saya would be a zombie, hell every one of them would be zombies without him.  The same truth can and does apply to everyone else individually, that they only got this far by working together.

His house, his rules.

This all proves just how the coping mechanisms of the characters have begun to crack.  Granted they’ve been cracking for a while already since the start of the series, it really proves to point how the effects of stress really manifest themselves once the characters are actually out of stressful situations.  Once they started to have time to rest and relax a bit and have time to actually think, that’s when the pent up emotions and stress start to pop up.  They’re only human, and all that pent of pressure has to go somewhere.  Survival obviously isn’t some cakewalk.

All for one and one for- ah screw it.

Like most other people I had also wondered how electricity and other services still managed to continue even when the apocalypse had descended.  Saya managed to explain it very well, how electricity and water still managed to keep going because the government secured their vital installations first before dealing with the people.  This may sound like a rather inhumane approach but realistically speaking, vital installations will be needed if you want to continue helping people and to keep society and order running.

And even then, as she points out, keeping the machine well oiled as the rest of the world falls apart comes at a price, and you can’t keep this going indefinitely.  Unless something is done soon, even this will reach its breaking point.

Ugh. It's him again.

As you can see from the above pic, next week sees the return of Mr. Messiah Shidou as he attempts to make his way, and presumably extend his influence, into the Takagi faction household.  He’s bringing his sex cult along for the literal ride, and if post-apocalyptic sex is your thing then he’s accepting members.  If, like the rest of us, think that STDs are still a problem especially when no one will be making condoms anytime soon, stay clear of that group.

Trouble is brewing on the horizon in more ways than one.  With a few episodes left, one can wonder how Madhouse can wrap up this season.


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