September 4, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin etc. Ep10: Man Training

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Man training!  Man training!  Man training!

Of course what it means to be a real man is sort of relative, but we can all agree that while Ryoushi is slowly making his way up the testosterone ladder, there are still a lot of things that need some real working on.  Not the least of it all is his phobia which is still getting the better of him especially during important fights.  Nearing the end of the series run it’s pretty much expected that it’s time for him to take that level in badass we’ve been waiting for for a while.

I guess it’s a good thing that it came during the time that the proverbial shit has finally hit the fan.

They're famous!

Trouble is brewing not for the bank’s clientele but for the bank itself.  Someone has apparently made it their mission to slowly peel away at the secrecy behind the bank’s activities and loan repayment plans.  The bank had always had some shady and questionable dealings, with what we don’t know, but we can surmise it’s probably for situations like these.  Considering that someone apparently has it out for the group for whatever reason, the Prez decides that it’s time to expand their influence and assistance network by handling more jobs than they usually do at a discount.  This of course would require them to overstretch their own resources.

A risk worth taking?

Relegated to cleaning duty.

It’s time to consider this the final arc of the series, where the conclusion gets rolling and what we assume is also for the relationship between Ryouko and Ryoushi.  In true Tsundere fashion (and dear god I have to now admit to Ryouko having this quality) her own confusion with him, especially with that dream, makes her go all avoidant and distant with a guy who only a few episodes ago she would gladly trust with watching her back.  This naturally get Ryoushi all depressed and worried that she’s got a lot on her mind, or his capabilities are slowly slipping that she no longer trusts him.  Whatever it is he thinks the problem is, he wants to figure out what he has to do.


Man Training!

The mere design of Ryoushi’s new teacher, the hat, the boots and the way of speaking channels Puss in Boots.  Okay so Puss never really taught anyone anything about being a man, at least not in the stories I’ve read, but if there’s any character in fairy tales who can prove to having and being more than meets the eye then it would be him.  He offers Ryoushi some man training in the form of controlling his fears, at least during the times it really matters, so consider Ryoushi out of action at least until he finishes his training and takes his level in manliness.

While that’s happening of course everyone’s getting into trouble.  Bank members are under attack, getting kidnapped and all.  It’s utter chaos with everyone in trouble.  Is it up to Ryoushi’s job to bail everyone’s asses out of the fire?

Just as keikaku!

Actually I think it would suck is Ryoushi goes all deus ex machina and saves everyone all by himself.  Of course it’s expected that he’s going to be the driving force in getting everyone out safe and sound from this entire ordeal, but so far the show has done a good job in fleshing out its supporting cast and giving them their necessary places within the group that in all honesty, the show is also about them and not just about Ryoushi and Ryouko.  Ryoushi’s going to come and help at some point but he’s not going to do it alone.  He’s got the bank to back him up, and with this cliffhanger ending with Shirou’s plan in motion, it looks like he’s going to need all the help he can get.  Perhaps it is time to dig into the assistance network the bank as so far accumulated?

The trap is set?

Things are moving rather swiftly towards the end of the season.  While the show has had its ups and downs it’s been a very enjoyable and fun ride so far, with pieces of good development and drama here and there.  A rather cliched ending is probably expected at this point, but with a few episodes left, perhaps the show will once again wield some of the magic it has used:  to make the cliche feel fresh again.



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