August 30, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin etc. Ep9: Sister’s Act

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I find a bit odd that while she’s been presented maybe once or twice before in previous episodes, there hasn’t been any sort of suggestion that Ringo and Himeno shared something in their past.  She took a bit of spotlight as the winner of Miss Otogi contest but other than that it feels a bit manufactured that Ringo’s entire issue with her suddenly came out of left field despite her previous appearances.

Not to say that it’s bad, actually for the most part the drama was done reasonably well, but it came a bit sudden honestly.  In a way it feels like it was made just to let Ringo have an original reason to be in Otogi City.

Oh well.

I'd be in awe too.

A new request comes in for Ryouko, Ryoushi and Ringo to come and help babysit the younger siblings of Himeko as she does her work and chores for her family.  It would seem of that things are less than ideal for her family, and although they aren’t exactly poor, they aren’t well of either.  It just so happens that Ringo refuses, or should I say is afraid, to help with a job which is odd when she’s always serious about bank work.

She would eventually reveal to the two that she and Himeko are half sisters.

Yes.  Long story short her mother was apparently the mistress of her biological father and, after a few years, she managed to work her way into the heart of her daughter’s father so much that she got his old family… literally kicked out into the street.  Naturally she was too young to have really understood it then, but over the years she has grown to feel and empathize with the sister she barely knew, and likewise feel a sense of guilt for being part of getting her thrown out of her own home.

No way you could misinterpret this. Nope.

She carried the guilt of her being party to this problem, but it partly problematic on the account of practically having very little foreshadowing of the sort on Ringo’s part.  As the series progressed, while we did wonder as to why she moved there to Otogi all of a sudden, the only idea we had was her story about her first meeting with Ryouko, which at the very least also revealed that she had deep-seated emotional issues of her own.  It was pretty much absent over the course of the series but it, in a way, suddenly thrust into the spotlight this time.  It’s not that the drama was bad per se, it wasn’t, but the sudden appearance of her issues while having only a few minutes alluding to it beforehand is a bit jarring.

They start off younger and younger these days...

Now if there’s any part of the episode that I felt was really mangled, it would have to be Himeno’s “drowning.”  As if you could call it that anyway.  The sense of absolute urgency in the situation felt very absent.  I mean yes Ryoushi went into MAN mode and dove in to get her out but after that… I was expecting a bit of panic and whatnot with it but… I don’t know it didn’t really feel like an emergency at all.  It felt way too convenient and felt badly planned on the part of the production crew.

As for Ringo, while she’s been there a while watching and stalking as per her usual skill, it was very good for Himeno she knew CPR.  Or very deus ex machina, depending on how you see it.

This never fails to work. Ever.

At least that scene managed to break the ice between Himeno and Ringo, sort of.  I would have rather wanted that they did more to expand on Himeno’s own personal past and feelings regarding that entire chapter in her life, with her getting thrown out and all, so it’s a bit of a letdown that we didn’t get to see deeper into her mind.  She doesn’t blame Ringo at all for for what happened to her because, while she knew that it wasn’t her fault, she also found something even greater through the while experience.

It was never revealed if the kids are really her siblings or not, but from the looks of the flashback it seems that they may be young enough to be her siblings, assuming that her mother had birthed seven kids.  Regardless she found them a blessing despite the new set of circumstances she had to deal with.  Life may have been hard for them, but she was ultimately blessed with 7 bundles of joy.

And now that things have patched up for Ringo, she’s ready to introduce her to her sister.  She wants to be the sister she couldn’t be back then.

He's used to it by now.

The small scene of Ryouko’s own dream might be a preview of sorts, but hey you don’t get those sorts of semi-erotic dreams without the feelings to back them up.  Is she only now really realizing that she also has feelings for him?

We’ll know by next week.  Hopefully.


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